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OUT NOW is Pink Floyd The Early Years 1965-1972, a 27-disc box set of rarities, which we're happy to report is staggering! As you'll see from our upcoming review, going indepth into the box set, there are countless gems and surprises throughout and a VERY worthy investment...

Coming next year is The Pink Floyd Exhibition: Their Mortal Remains at London's V&A from May 2017 until October that year. Also, Roger Waters is performing a number of 2017 dates in North America - more than 40 shows so far, with at least a couple more to add. Hopefully some shows in European and the rest of the world will also be on the schedule at some an interview he suggested there would be around 200 shows all in all.

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Most recent articles:
Pink Floyd - The Early Years 1965-1972 box set
Written by Matt   
Sunday, 20 November 2016
Pink Floyd The Early Years 1965-1972 box set

Released on November 11th, 2016, is Pink Floyd The Early Years 1965-1972, officially a 27-disc box set, which also has a bonus disc included due to reasons we discuss below. It is a truly wonderful, unexpected treat from a band who have traditionally always been very guarded about releasing unfinished or alternate versions, live material, radio and television material and so on. You got the finished versions of the albums, and little else, with the mantra that there wasn't really anything in the vaults; it all ended up being released. With the Why Pink Floyd campaign which began in 2011, material started to be found, the vaults started to open, with the Immersion sets of Wish You Were Here, The Dark Side of The Moon, and The Wall all featuring previously unreleased goodies. The Early Years has the band going far further than any of us would have hoped or imagined, and fans have a treasure trove of material which will take everyone quite some time to go through. For those who want to digest the full track listing, maybe whilst going through this article, it can be seen here - all six pages of it.

With the wealth of material inside the box, it would take a long time to cover everything in detail. Also, one of the joys of this box set is the discovery element - whether it is the gradual unboxing, revealing each of the items in turn, or seeing/hearing the mass of incredible, previously unreleased (or only available on the odd bootleg) material, restored to the highest possible quality using current technology and some of the finest hands on the controls. Yes, there are the odd things which exist on bootleg which haven't been included on the set, and yes, there are items on all our wish lists that aren't here - but then some of those items were probably on the band's own wish list but no longer exist/could not be found/could not be found in time for release on this box set; with so much material, there would have to be certain cut-off dates for preparation and also band member approvals. It was never going to be 100% complete so let's celebrate what IS there, rather than what's not. Anyway, what follows is more a quick look through, picking out highlights as we go, rather than detail on everything. An in depth overview if you like! It is still quite a lengthy review so make yourself comfortable and let's have a year-by-year wander through the entire box set...

Nick Mason NYC Visit: Filming Speakeasy & live Build Series AOL Broadcast
Written by Ed Lopez-Reyes   
Saturday, 19 November 2016
Nick Mason at AOL's BUILD Studio in New York City

Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason addressed historical points familiar to most fans in greater and fresher depth than usual during this New York City visit. Anecdotal items, including whether there could have been a Jeff Beck Pink Floyd mark, how shockingly close all surviving band members have come to a post-Live 8 reunion, and specifying recorded content that may finally see the light of day will cement this week’s interviews as robust resources for music historians. Mason’s quiet dignity, humour, wit, and warmth toward fans underscores the importance of his unofficial role as the band historian and archivist. His New York City interviews are a reminder that in the debate over the Barrett, Waters, and Gilmour eras the mytharc belongs to Mason.

This week Nick Mason participated in two public events in New York City: public television's 'Speakeasy' (reported on separately by BD contributor Jacqueline Bilello here), which was actually recorded for a 2017 broadcast, and AOL's 'Build Series' interview, which was broadcast via live stream on Wednesday and can now be watched here. Although the release of The Early Years anchored both events, the Build Series interview was more focused on that campaign and allowed for audience questions; the Speakeasy show cast a wider net that may fit its broadcast next year more topically.

Our latest report, below, encompasses both events, as a follow-up and companion to Jacqueline's article...

Nick Mason's New York City Speakeasy event
Written by Jacqueline Bilello   
Thursday, 17 November 2016
Nick Mason event - Lincoln Center, New York City, November 2016

On Monday (November 14th), Nick Mason took part in a conversation with David Fricke, senior editor of Rolling Stone magazine, for the Speakeasy television series - the interview will be aired on PBS in the United States at some point next year. The event took place at the Lincoln Center, in New York City, and Jacqueline Bilello was on hand to report back on it. Our thanks to Jacqueline for this, and for the pictures seen here too.

The interview location at Lincoln Center took place in a very atmospheric penthouse loft with a spectacular view of New York City. David Fricke is known for his articles in Rolling Stone magazine and for conducting one of Kurt Cobain’s final interviews. David's commentary in various rockumenteries, as well as his vast knowledge of rock and roll makes him very suitable, in my opinion, to interview Nick Mason. No further introduction is needed as we all know who Nick Mason is.

We arrived at 7:30p.m. for the 8:00p.m. start time. After exiting the elevator on the 10th floor we were met with strategically placed Pink Floyd photo posters on easels showing Pink Floyd in their various incarnations along with several older publicity shots.

We were politely greeted by various staff members and camera crew, and as we stepped inside there was a small group of approximately 35 to 40 people. It took some time for them to set up their cameras and equipment. We were led to our seats, which were arranged in horseshoe formation around the two interview chairs, which looked like thrones by the way.

Nick Mason visits AOL's New York City studio for interview and Q&A
Written by Matt   
Wednesday, 16 November 2016

As we told you on Friday, this morning Nick Mason visited the AOL BUILD Studio in New York City, to discuss the newly released Pink Floyd: The Early Years 1965-1972 box set, and you can view the interview, with the accompanying Q&A with the audience members (including Brain Damage's own Ed Lopez-Reyes), here:

Two new Nick Mason interviews to listen to
Written by Matt   
Saturday, 12 November 2016

US public radio station NPR have just published a half-hour interview with Nick Mason about the newly released Pink Floyd The Early Years 1965-1972 box set. They talk with drummer Nick about his years with Pink Floyd — especially those early years that inspired the box set. Nick also plays DJ and picks music he loves that isn't Pink Floyd. They begin by discussing his role in putting this mammoth 27-disc collection together, and you can hear the show in full here:

There's also another interview with Nick, also on public radio, and this lasts for an hour. You can hear it through this link.

Pink Floyd The Early Years 1965-1972 YouTube Q&A and unveiling event
Written by Matt   
Friday, 11 November 2016

As many of you will know - and will have seen, either in the flesh or via the live worldwide stream (which is also available below to watch on demand) - to tie in with the release of the rather incredible Pink Floyd - The Early Years 1965-1972, which came out today, Nick Mason was in London on Wednesday night.

Pink Floyd The Early Years box set unveiling and Q&A - Andy Jackson Pink Floyd The Early Years box set unveiling and Q&A - Andy Jackson Pink Floyd The Early Years box set unveiling and Q&A - Nick Mason and Matt Everitt
Pink Floyd The Early Years box set unveiling and Q&A - Nick Mason Pink Floyd The Early Years box set unveiling and Q&A - Nick Mason and Matt Everitt Pink Floyd The Early Years box set unveiling and Q&A - Nick Mason

At YouTube Space London, a select bunch of lucky ticket winners joined the likes of the band's management and record company representatives for the launch event, which consisted of an unboxing, rare audio and video clips, and Q&As with Andy Jackson and Nick Mason, in the snug basement studio. The inside of the building featured massive reproductions of the box set/2CD set artwork, as well as multiple video screens showing all manner of Floyd footage, from different eras. All nicely done.

Hosted by BBC Radio 6 presenter Matt Everitt, the audience (local and global) were treated to a number of insights from Andy Jackson, responsible for the audio wizardry in the box set, before Nick Mason joined Matt on stage for his Q&A. Nick was at his typical witty best, and you can enjoy his answers in the following video of the night:

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