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OUT NOW is the quite staggering Pink Floyd The Early Years 1965-1972, a 27-disc box set of rarities! As you'll see from our review, there are countless gems and surprises throughout and a VERY worthy investment... Each 'year' pack was released separately on March 24th if you can't stretch to the full box set.

NOW OPEN is the quite remarkable The Pink Floyd Exhibition: Their Mortal Remains at London's V&A from May 2017 until October that year. The V&A are now talking about plans to tour it. More on that as it is announced.

Roger Waters is performing a number of 2017 dates in North America - more than 50 shows have been announced... and these start this month. Hopefully there'll be some shows in European and the rest of the world; in an interview he suggested there would be around 200 shows all in all. Oh, and confirmed for June 2nd, is the new album from Roger Waters: Is This The Life We Really Want?

We'd love to know what you think might be on the horizon. Join the conversations over at our Facebook page.

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Most recent articles:
Roger Waters: Us + Them Production Rehearsal, Meadowlands, May 21, 2017
Written by Elliot Tayman & Ed Lopez-Reyes   
Monday, 22 May 2017
Roger Waters - Meadowlands, 21st May 2017 ticket

With the blessings and help of Roger's camp, the following is a look at the first proper show - a 'dress' or final production, rehearsal, in front of a reasonable audience - of the Us + Them tour which starts on May 26th. As the review (by BD's Elliot Tayman and Ed Lopez-Reyes) goes on, there are pictures, as well as the set list performed during the show at the foot of the page. Needless to say, if you want to keep away from hearing such things, do not read further...

Last evening (May 21st) Roger Waters, just five days away from embarking on his massive North American Us + Them concert tour, staged a production rehearsal concert at the Meadowlands Arena located at the Meadowlands Sports Complex in East Rutherford, New Jersey. This venue, formerly known as the Brendan Byrne Arena, Continental Airlines Arena, and Izod Center, has capacity for around 19,000. This concert was performed in front of a smaller audience of some 1,000 invited guests and radio station contest winners. Some of you Brain Damage readers might recall that Waters, back in September 2010, staged a similar rehearsal concert prior to the start of his massive 4-year worldwide Wall concert tour – and it took place inside this same venue.

The concert was set to commence at 5:45PM EST sharp. I made arrangements to meet-up with fellow Brain Damage correspondent Ed Lopez-Reyes. After locating each other, proper introductions followed. Until last evening, he and I had never met before. Ed was accompanied by his wife Marie. After chatting for a few minutes, we made our way over to the line of people which had begun to form outside of the arena's lobby entrance. Adjacent to the entrance was a large white inflatable pig with graphics on it promoting Waters' forthcoming album Is This The Life We Really Want? Within a short time the doors had opened and the line began to move. We were minutes away from picking up our tickets at the Will Call window.

Now let's turn things over to Ed who'll take you through the first half of the concert...

New Roger Waters video released - The Last Refugee
Written by Matt   
Friday, 19 May 2017

Following on from Déjà Vu, another new track from Roger Waters' forthcoming album, Is This The Life We Really Want?, has today been released to hear on streaming platforms including Spotify, and as you'll see below, as an atmospheric and touching video created by Sean Evans and Roger.

The song is very poignant, heightened by the accompanying video, and further develops the feel and focus of his new album, which is now just two weeks away.

If this song, or the previously released Smell The Roses and Déjà Vu, has whet your appetite for the album, we list here the dedicated ordering links for the vinyl and the CD editions - using these will give a small but vital contribution to the running costs of Brain Damage, without costing you a penny/cent extra, and we really appreciate it!

IS THIS THE LIFE WE REALLY WANT? CD:  Amazon UK  Canada  Germany  France  Italy  Spain 
IS THIS THE LIFE WE REALLY WANT? 180g 2LP VINYL:  Amazon UK  Canada  Germany  France  Italy  Spain 
Roger Waters interview and Pink Floyd exhibition feature in Uncut
Written by Matt   
Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Uncut magazine, cover date July 2017The new issue of the UK's Uncut magazine (cover date July 2017) arrives in UK shops on Thursday, and in due course will be available in selected outlets in Europe and elsewhere, and features Roger Waters on the cover.

Uncut have previewed the magazine thus: 'The small matter of 25 years after his last rock album, an urgent, raging Waters has returned, with much he needs to say. Is This The Life We Really Want?, according to producer Nigel Godrich, gives Waters a "reboot in the same way The Force Awakens gave Star Wars back to the fans." And in our exclusive interview, Waters elucidates. "It's not much of a leap from 'Is This The Life We Really Want?' to 'Money', 'Us And Them' or 'Welcome To The Machine'," he says. "They're all interconnected in ways that are… unsubtle."

'There’s plenty to talk about, of course, as Pink Floyd's retrospective exhibition opens at the V&A in London and Waters plots his imminent Us + Them live extravaganza. In a wide-ranging conversation with Michael Bonner, Waters touches on Floyd and The Beatles, 9/11, Brexit ("All through my youth I fought the Farages of this world"), Bernie Sanders and, of course, Donald Trump. "There’s a resistance everywhere," he says. "I want people who come to the show, particularly in the United States Of America, to understand that what I'm doing is symbolic of the general resistance to the absolute inhumanity of the status quo."'

The magazine can be purchased online through although not right now; this new issue will be shown there shortly, so we suggest you give it a few days before trying.

The Pink Floyd Exhibition: Their Mortal Remains - a first look
Written by Matt   
Thursday, 11 May 2017

The Pink Floyd Exhibition: Their Mortal RemainsOn Saturday, May 13th, a landmark event in the world of Pink Floyd takes place. At London’s historic Victoria & Albert Museum (V&A), The Pink Floyd Exhibition: Their Mortal Remains opens to the public, bringing the world of the band to fan and casual observer alike. As with any such exhibition, the creators have to ensure they are not just preaching to the converted, but providing an absorbing, illuminating and compelling experience to all audiences. Covering 50 years or so of a band with the richness of Pink Floyd’s music, staging and design was never going to be easy, so the opening of TMR, finally, has come at the end of what seems quite a development process. A few hiccups along the way (not least, the aborted opening of the exhibition in Milan, three years ago) but thanks to much persistence and effort, it is now here. Brain Damage was very fortunate to attend on Tuesday this week for a preview of the exhibition, and our initial report follows below.

Stepping through the doors into Their Mortal Remains provided a real feeling of wonder and intrigue, and we know many of you will be travelling (some from far flung corners of the planet) to attend the exhibition. At this stage, we really don’t want to spoil the experience you should be able to have, walking around and exploring. The mainstream media have covered some aspects of the exhibition quite well, and some of it has been shown off on TV, on websites, and in newspapers. For now, though, we will hold back our extensive photo selection of the exhibition so that visitors to this site at least go in pretty fresh to the exhibition. It is a balance though, as we know some of you won’t be able to attend (at least the London staging; the V&A are saying in interviews they hope to tour it), or want to know more about it before committing to tickets, travel arrangements, and suchlike.

So, without giving too much away, what should you expect from the exhibition? First off, the official catalogue of The Pink Floyd Exhibition: Their Mortal Remains has been available to order for a while now; for those wishing to get this, we would urge you to consider ordering online, as the paperback (only available from the V&A online and on site) and the hardback (available from all Amazon stores, and featuring a rather wonderful lenticular 3D cover) are heavy items, and you won’t necessarily want to carry them around, and also risk getting them damaged on the way home. We will cover the book in more detail shortly on this site, but briefly, it includes pictures of a fair amount of the exhibits, but many items on display AREN’T in the book. There are also a number of pictures in the book that aren’t on display. It also features extensive text, essays about the Floyd, and more. It’s a fascinating look at the band in a much wider sense than a dry catalogue ever would be, and a definite recommended purchase. You can find more details through this link.

OK, let’s now give you a rough guide to the exhibition, again without hopefully giving too much away, or spoiling surprises…

New Roger Waters track released today - Déjà Vu
Written by Matt   
Monday, 08 May 2017

Déjà Vu, another new track from Roger Waters' forthcoming album, Is This The Life We Really Want?, has today been released to hear on streaming platforms including Spotify, and as you'll see below, as an audio only video clip.

If that, or the previously released track Smell The Roses, has whet your appetite for the album, we list here the dedicated ordering links for the vinyl AND the CD editions - using these will give a small but vital contribution to the running costs of Brain Damage, without costing you a penny/cent extra, and we really appreciate it!

IS THIS THE LIFE WE REALLY WANT? CD:  Amazon UK  Canada  Germany  France  Italy  Spain 
IS THIS THE LIFE WE REALLY WANT? 180g 2LP VINYL:  Amazon UK  Canada  Germany  France  Italy  Spain 

NOTE: Some of the stores above are yet to list the releases as available to buy but the pages are there for when they do. If your chosen store doesn't have it yet, please keep trying, or consider an alternate store - Amazon ship vinyl worldwide.

Latest issue of Italian Floyd fanzine Heyou published
Written by Matt   
Saturday, 06 May 2017
Heyou issue 29

Just published is the latest issue (number 29 - cover date April 2017) of the Pink Floyd fanzine "Heyou" run by our friends over at the Italian website of the same name.

The 52-page dual language magazine (in Italian and English), which is published every six months or so, catches up with things in the Floyd world this year. The major focus for this issue is the 40th anniversary of Animals.

The magazine starts with the final part (looking at Animals) of the Capital Radio interview with the band from 1976/77 which they have used my transcription of - all six parts of this fascinating interview can be seen in full here on BD. There's plenty of coverage of the Animals tour, and press coverage, too.

As with most issues of Heyou, there's a chronological look at things that have happened in the last few months in the news pages, ranging from various magazines published with Floyd content, to exhibitions and more. Finally, there's a tribute to the late Gianluigi Soldi, an Italian fan familiar to at least some of you, and a key member of the Floydseum group of enthusiasts.

More details of the Heyou fanzine can be found at, where you can get individual copies, and subscription enquiries (four issues costing 30 euros within Europe, and 40 euros outside Europe) should go to  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it  - make sure you mention Brain Damage when you write!

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