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Roger Waters - Is This The Life We Really Want? new album 2017 (photo: Alex Fishlock)WELCOME TO BRAIN DAMAGE, YOUR PINK FLOYD, DAVID GILMOUR AND ROGER WATERS NEWS RESOURCE!

NOW OPEN is the quite remarkable The Pink Floyd Exhibition: Their Mortal Remains at London's V&A running until October 2017. The V&A are now talking about plans to tour it. More on that as it is announced.

Roger Waters has started performing a number of 2017 dates in North America - more than 60 shows have been announced... Hopefully there'll be some shows in European and the rest of the world; in an interview he suggested there would be around 200 shows all in all. Finally, released June 2nd, the new album from Roger Waters: Is This The Life We Really Want?

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Most recent articles:
The Pink Floyd Exhibition: Their Mortal Remains - German exhibition catalogue
Written by Matt   
Saturday, 24 June 2017
The Pink Floyd Exhibition: Their Mortal Remains - Official companion book (German language edition)

Another bit of news for our German friends - the German edition of Pink Floyd: Their Mortal Remains, the official companion book to accompany the exhibition of the same name is scheduled for publication on July 6th 2017.

It's the first book ever produced with full access to the Pink Floyd archive. Published to accompany the V&A's major summer exhibition, Pink Floyd: Their Mortal Remains celebrates 50 years of one of the greatest bands of all time. Five essays tackle different aspects of their far-reaching legacy in music and the visual arts.

Authors including Jon Savage, Howard Goodall and Rob Young examine what makes the band truly special, from the mythology underpinning their output, through to their experimentation with technology to create new sounds. Their epic staging and performance impact is also explored, along with the anti-authoritarianism that infuses their lyrics.

The book is heavily illustrated throughout, emphasizing the essential role that visual material played in supporting the music and creating the lasting Pink Floyd phenomenon. Obviously, we really recommend it to those who are going to see the exhibition, AND to those who won't be. It doesn't really spoil things for those who are, as it more complements the exhibition rather than repeats what you'll see there. Details of the English version of Pink Floyd: Their Mortal Remains can be seen here. We suspect the German edition - like the English language hardback - will also feature a spectacular lenticular cover which has to be seen in the flesh.

You can place your order now for this German edition of the book directly from Amazon Germany. Our thanks to Michael Nickel for info about another German publication.

Roger Waters - new interview in German 'Eclipsed' magazine
Written by Matt   
Saturday, 24 June 2017
Eclipsed magazine - June 2017 - Roger Waters special

One for our German friends - the new issue (cover date June 2017, issue number 191) of the distinctly Floydian titled eclipsed magazine is a Roger Waters special.

Featuring a suitably redacted picture of Roger on the cover (his eyes covered), the publication includes an exclusive interview with him, conducted in New York on the day after the NY Times talk.

Amongst the themes of the interview are his thoughts on the state of the world, and the criticism he still receives regarding his role in, and departure from, Pink Floyd. Elsewhere in the magazine, there are features on Aerosmith, Jethro Tull and a look at the 50th anniversary of The Beatles' Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

The magazine is available now in German stores, and online via Our thanks to Michael Nickel for the info about this publication.

Pink Floyd - were you there?
Written by Matt   
Sunday, 18 June 2017

Music writer Richard Houghton is researching a book about Pink Floyd and is asking for fans who saw them perform live in the late 1960s and early 1970s to get in touch with their memories.

Houghton has written 'people's histories' of The Beatles, the Rolling Stones and The Who, and is now looking to do the same with Pink Floyd in order to tell their story in the words of the fans who were there.

Houghton said: "I'm interested in capturing people's memories for posterity and hopefully telling the band's story in a slightly different way via first hand account of their earliest shows."

Houghton's recently published The Who: I Was There shows the concept, and it is an interesting one. Organised chronologically, it has recollections from those who attended the shows - some just a couple of lines, others providing much more lengthy trips down memory lane. The book is peppered with black and white pictures - ticket scans, photos of the band in action, posters, and suchlike. With over 400 contributors, there's a wide variety of memories and experiences, and makes for an interesting read.

Richard can be reached at  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it  and his book, Pink Floyd - I Was There is scheduled for publication by Red Planet Books in 2018. From our perspective, it would be great to see contributions from the Brain Damage readership within the book...

Commemorative plaque for Syd Barrett unveiled tomorrow
Written by Matt   
Wednesday, 14 June 2017
BBC Music Day

For BBC Music Day tomorrow (Thursday June 15th) BBC Local Radio has teamed up with the British Plaque Trust to unveil 47 historic Blue Plaques celebrating iconic musicians and venues. Amongst those to be honoured is Syd Barrett, who will have a plaque in his name unveiled outside the city's Cambridge School of Art at Anglia Ruskin University - Barrett was a student there.

Syd's plaque will be unveiled by members of his family including his sister and brothers, and will be broadcast live on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire between 12 noon and 3pm BST. There will also be a live interview with members of Syd's family on the Cambridge News Facebook page tomorrow lunchtime.

David Harvey, editor of BBC Radio Cambridgeshire, said: "Syd Barrett is one of the UK's most iconic musicians of our time. It's a real privilege to be honouring a true music legend and we're going to do it in style, with a live broadcast from Anglia Ruskin University. We'll hear from a singer-songwriter who, like Syd, studies at the School of Art and from a former band member who played with him at his last ever gig at the Corn Exchange in Cambridge.

"It will be a fantastic tribute to Cambridgeshire's 'Crazy Diamond'. There will also be musicians placed across Cambridge in key places who will play at the timed moment. It's going to be a brilliant day."

David Gilmour-produced/guested Unicorn albums get new CD releases
Written by Matt   
Sunday, 11 June 2017
Unicorn 2017 CD reissues

One of David Gilmour's early side projects was working with UK country rock band Unicorn. Three of the band's albums, produced by David and featuring musical contributions from him too, have just been released by Cherry Red/Esoteric in remastered and expanded editions - 'One More Tomorrow', 'Blue Pine Trees' and 'Too Many Crooks'. They come with extensive liner notes and bonus tracks.

As the following attests, the coming together of Unicorn (possibly the godfathers of the country rock genre) and David Gilmour is an interesting story...

Early in 1973 Unicorn played at the wedding reception for Transatlantic publicist Ricky Hopper. One of the guests was David Gilmour, who at the end of the evening got up and jammed with Unicorn on Neil Young's "Heart of Gold". Afterwards Gilmour told the band that he really liked Country Rock. A week later the Pink Floyd guitarist phoned the band to say that he had just installed a studio at his country retreat and asked if they wanted to demo some songs there. The band immediately accepted. A few days later they travelled up to Essex to Gilmour's estate. He showed them into the studio and said there was no need to bring any of their gear in from the van. Hanging on the walls was his collection of vintage Fender, Gibson, Rickenbacker and Martin guitars and underneath them Fender amplifiers and a Premier drum kit. They recorded three songs and David added some Fender Pedal Steel Guitar which he had just bought on his last American tour and was learning to play. They were invited back on several occasions to record.

"Unicorn were playing at the wedding reception of an old friend of mine, Rick Hopper," related David Gilmour, "when I first saw them and while I was impressed by their vocal harmonies, their tightness and the fact that it was the drummer that sang the lead vocals, it was the songs themselves that I liked the best. Ken Baker's songs, while firmly seated in the American country rock genre had a very original and unusual wry English feel in the stories he told. The one that really made me notice was 'Sleep Song', about a trip to the dentist. Not a common subject for the popular song. Largely on the strength of this I invited them to my tiny home studio in Essex to record some demos. This was the start of an association that was to cover two and a half albums over the next couple of years."

"Up In Smoke: The Failed Dreams of Battersea Power Station" - Peter Watts
Written by Matt   
Tuesday, 06 June 2017

Battersea Power Station seems a constant with Pink Floyd fans. First brought into the Floydian world in December 1976 as the cover shoot for the band's album, Animals, went "slightly" wrong as Algie escaped and flew off to Kent farmland, this iconic London landmark instantly grabbed fans worldwide. Its enduring power and impact are evident with the recently started Roger Waters Us + Them tour, which has a recreation of the building at a key point. The Pink Floyd Exhibition: Their Mortal Remains also includes a large representation of the building which is home for rare pictures, instruments and videos relating to the 1977 album and tour.

Toward the end of last year, Up In Smoke: The Failed Dreams of Battersea Power Station, by Peter Watts, was published by Paradise Road. The book covers the entire history of the building to date - from the very early days and disparate electricity suppliers in London (some of whom were generating their own power, and then supplying to some of their neighbours in what was a very unregulated world), a rise in power usage necessitating large scale generating facilities, through the various plans (including theme parks) for the building once the electricity side of things ceased there, through to the troubled development into housing, retail and office space.

Whilst this doesn't necessarily sound particularly interesting, the author has managed to write a compelling tale of the various problems faced (some of them as huge as the building) and of the ideas for later use, some of which were quite bizarre. Of principal interest to Pink Floyd fans is the chapter looking at the photo shoot with Algie, and this is well paced and researched, drawing interviews with some of the main protagonists in to explain what took place.

As books go, this is not a standard one for the Floydian bookshelf, but this story about the monolythic, power generating building is definitely worth checking out. It never strays into overly technical detail, and keeps the narrative lively and absorbing. You can order the book using these direct links: Amazon UK,, Amazon Canada, Amazon France, Amazon Germany, Amazon Spain and Amazon Italy. Using our Amazon links also helps us hugely with ongoing site running costs and we really appreciate it!

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