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Although Nick Mason's Saucerful Of Secrets tour of the UK and Europe in September last year is just a happy memory for many of us, some tickets are still available for their five UK shows in May this year as well as the full North American tour during March/April 2019, and the newly announced European dates in July! Full details here. 

The Pink Floyd Exhibition: Their Mortal Remains in Dortmund, Germany has now closed. Hopefully the next destination for this wonderful presentation of Floyd goodies will be announced soon... 

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Most recent articles:
Nick Mason's Saucerful Of Secrets adds further shows in Europe, July 2019
Written by Matt   
Friday, 08 February 2019

Nick Mason's Saucerful Of Secrets 2019 tourSome hopefully excellent news for our friends in Europe - Nick Mason's Saucerful Of Secrets have added another 8 shows to their summer tour this year, including five concerts in Italy, plus Malta, France, and The Netherlands. These are in addition to the other European shows, already announced, in Germany, Switzerland and France.

Tickets for these new shows go on sale on Monday, February 11th, at 10am CET, with the exception of the Lyon concert which is March 15th, at 3pm CET, and the addition of these dates means the July 2019 schedule now looks like this:

Some great venues there - historic, picturesque, and should be very memorable shows!

As normal, we have been busy setting up a dedicated page for each of these three concerts which, with your assistance, will have all sorts of useful information, pictures, reviews and more. The pages can be found in the Nick Mason's Saucerful Of Secrets 2019 Tour Zone.

Pink Floyd singles rarities - details sought for second edition of book
Written by Matt   
Tuesday, 05 February 2019
Pink Floyd on Forty-Five book (1st edition)

Just over 10 years ago, at the end of 2008, Charles Beterams published the excellent book "Pink Floyd On Forty-Five" which detailed all the then-known Pink Floyd 7inch singles in the world.

Enlisting the help of other major PF singles collectors, such as BD's friend Hervé Denoyelle, this incredible book was the result of their relentless hard work, their research, and the many years some of them have spent in dusty record shops in far-flung corners of the globe. In the book are entries from some unexpected countries, as well as extensive discographies of 7inch singles from Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, and the USA.

The most visually interesting items tend to be concentrated in Japan and also around Northern Europe - Belgium, Denmark, The Netherlands, Germany and France, with the dramatically varied picture sleeves the different countries offered. The original book is full of high quality, well-printed images (well over 1,200 of them!) on glossy paper, showing two singles per page (including the single's cover, if appropriate, and both sides of the single/both labels).

However... since then not only have we seen some interesting new releases such as the 1965: Their First Recordings double pack 7inch, but also quite a number of previously 'lost' or 'unknown' old, original releases have been discovered. All the new entries - nearing 75 so far - will be included in a second edition of this definite guide, to be published in due course.

Here's where YOU can possibly help: Charles is looking for additional information on any singles that are not in the first book, which he can include in the new edition, scheduled for Springtime. If you have any Floyd group or solo singles that you think might be slightly unusual (particularly if you have the first edition of the book, and know that the item(s) in question isn't in it), please send details to him at  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Pink Floyd singles spread 

Exhibition touring Germany: "Hipgnosis. Daring to Dream."
Written by Matt   
Tuesday, 05 February 2019
Hipgnosis. Dare to Dream exhibition

Five years after the passing of Storm Thorgerson, Aubrey "Po" Powell was approached by a gallery with a wish to stage an exhibition of the work of Hipgnosis. Po agree after some initial hesitation, and the result - "Hipgnosis. Daring to Dream" - which celebrates 50 years of their design work, is currently touring Germany. Back in September it was held in Berlin; it is now (until February 24th, 2019) at the Kunsthalle Lüneburg. From March 15th, it can be found at the Küstenmuseum Wilhelmshaven.

Our thanks to Michael Nickel for his help in bringing the following information and translation of the exhibition synopsis to you:

The revolution of the cover design:
The British graphics agency Hipgnosis created record covers in the 1970s that became museum masterpieces. From 19th January to 24th February 2019, the Kunsthalle Lüneburg will be showing a selection of the most important record covers in the history of music by the legendary graphics studio of Aubrey Powell in large screen prints as well as numerous photographs by the founder of Hipgnosis.

1968 is considered the core year of the cultural revolution. It is also the year of birth of Hipgnosis, the legendary British photo design studio founded by Aubrey Powell and Storm Thorgerson.

Powell and Thorgerson worked together for fifteen years (1968-1983) under the umbrella of Hipgnosis. At this time, they designed more than 350 record covers, including some of the most famous in music history: The Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, Houses of the Holy, The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway and Scratch.

With creative, often surreal visual concepts, subversive humour and radically innovative photo design approaches, Powell and Thorgerson created a whole new way of album cover design. Instead of classical musician portrait photos, their complex photographic compositions creatively leaned creatively on the musical ideas contained in the case. Or they were pursuing an entirely independent image idea that would cause a stir and make the album known - like the cover to Atom Heart Mother showing only a cow in a pasture. These works, described by Powell and Thorgerson as anti-cover, did not refer to the bands or the content of the music. In part, the covers were proposed to several bands at the same time, which Robert Plant took with humour: "What a bunch of daring gamblers you are."

Powell and Thorgerson had both studied photography and film at art colleges, revered Duchamps, Magritte, Man Ray, and Dali. Their surreal pictorial concepts and often epic photo landscapes testify to these elective affinities. With their uncompromising visionary ideas, they turned album cover design into popular art that outlasted time, inspired millions of people worldwide, and influenced generations of photo designers in their work.

The exhibition shows a selection of the most famous Hipgnosis album covers in large screen prints that were previously shown in Berlin and San Francisco. There's also a series of black and white shots of Syd Barrett, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, Foreigner and Paul McCartney.

German television station NDR did a short piece on the exhibition, which can be viewed through this direct link. Po is interviewed, although much of his conversation is obscured with a German translation, rather than subtitles.

There's also the following piece, which concentrates on an introduction by Po to their work, conducted during the Berlin staging toward the end of last year:

David Gilmour talks about the upcoming guitar auction
Written by Matt   
Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Following on from yesterday's news that David Gilmour is auctioning off over 120 of his guitars at Christie's, New York, to raise money for charitable causes, he has been talking about the reasons behind his decision, and about the significance of the instruments.

First, he has been speaking to about the auction. In the interview, he mentions that he'll still keep hold of around 20 guitars, but the process of getting rid of the bulk of them is something he has been intending to do for quite some time. The raising of a decent amount for charity is something key to the endeavour for him.

"These guitars have been very good to me," he told Rolling Stone. "They're my friends. They have given me lots of music. I just think it's time that they went off and served someone else. I have had my time with them. And of course the money that they will raise will do an enormous amount of good in the world, and that is my intention."

As Rolling Stone points out, the auction’s proceeds will benefit Gilmour's charitable foundation, which he's been running for decades. He said: "The money will be going to the larger needs of famine relief, homelessness and displacement of people throughout the world. We are going to work on the best way and the best balance of making what this raises do as much good on this planet as it can."

Read the whole interview here, and below is a video in which he talks about certain key instruments:

David Gilmour guitar auction - own a historic instrument!
Written by Matt   
Tuesday, 29 January 2019
Selection of David Gilmour's guitars in upcoming Christie's auction

Some announcements aren't that unusual, or unexpected. Some, though, come along and take your breath away! Today brought one that firmly falls into the latter category.

Christie's Auction House in New York is auctioning highlights from the personal guitar collection of David Gilmour this year, on 20th June. Comprising more than 120 guitars, Gilmour's collection focuses on a selection of his preferred Fender models including Broadcasters, Esquires, Telecasters and Stratocasters, led by a guitar as iconic and recognisable as the historic performances for which it was used - the 1969 Black Strat.

Detailing the musical history of one of the world's most influential guitarists, the sale will be the largest and most comprehensive collection of guitars to be offered at auction. All sale proceeds will benefit charitable causes. Estimates range from $300 to $150,000, appealing to a wide spectrum of guitar aficionados, fans and collectors alike, but we suspect these estimates are fairly modest in a number of instances.

Thankfully, and in an excellent gesture to David's fans, a global tour of the collection will launch in London at Christie's (London, United Kingdom) in King Street from March 27th-31st where the full collection will be on display, followed by a display of highlights of the collection in Los Angeles May 7th-11th, and then there will be the New York sale preview (ahead of the auction itself) from June 14th-19th. During the exhibitions, the sound experience will be provided by Sennheiser.

David explained: "These guitars have been very good to me and many of them have given me pieces of music over the years. They have paid for themselves many times over, but it's now time that they moved on. Guitars were made to be played and it is my wish that wherever they end up, they continue to give their owners the gift of music. By auctioning these guitars I hope that I can give some help where it is really needed and through my charitable foundation do some good in this world. It will be a wrench to see them go and perhaps one day I'll have to track one or two of them down and buy them back!"

More details, including the tour of the exhibition, can be found at

Nick Mason - a very happy birthday to you!
Written by Matt   
Sunday, 27 January 2019

Pink Floyd The Early Years box set unveiling and Q&A - Nick Mason and Matt EverittAll of us here at Brain Damage offer our very best wishes to Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason, who celebrates the very special occasion of his birthday today (January 27th). We all trust you are having a great day, Nick!

The cornerstone of the band, he had his first drum kit at the tender age of 13. A member of Pink Floyd since the earliest iterations, he is the only one to have appeared on every one of their albums. Thanks to his late father Bill, he has been a "petrol head" from a young boy, and cars have been - and remain - one of his major passions in life. His most recent book, Passion for Speed, is worth checking out, as is the DVD of the same name focusing on his Ferrari Enzo car (with Nick heavily involved). Of course, for those who haven't read it, Inside Out: A Personal History of Pink Floyd is an absolute essential read, and available in a variety of editions: hardback, softback (paperback) and audiobook, read by Nick himself...

Nick has contributed to a number of magazines on motoring issues over the years (including a fascinating monthly column in Octane Magazine), and also became president of the Guild of Motoring Writers. He is a trustee of the Beaulieu National Motor Museum, and a life member and Guardian of the BRDC (British Racing Drivers Club). He has been involved in motor racing since the early 1970s and has entered Le Mans five times.

Musically, of course, the big news last year was the launch of his new band, Nick Mason's Saucerful Of Secrets. The four initial, small gigs in May 2018 held in London lead to a very successful and critically acclaimed European tour in September. This year, of course, the tour continues with dates in the US, Canada, and more dates in the UK and Europe.

Many happy returns, Nick, and see you on the road!

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