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The following entries, in date order, give brief details of what's recently arrived, or on the horizon - DVDs, CDs, books, television appearances, talks and more. Click each for more details, or place your orders through the direct links below to the likes of, Amazon UK etc., to help Brain Damage, at no extra cost to you!

For concert appearances, check out our Gig Calendar.

White of the Eye DVD/Blu-rayWHITE OF THE EYE - DVD/Blu-ray
OUT NOW - released March 24th, 2014

Coming on March 24th, 2014, is White of the Eye, on Dual Format DVD & Blu-ray. Described by the distinguished critic David Thomson as "one of the great secret works in cinema", White of the Eye is one of the most bizarre and unforgettable thrillers ever made.

Of principal interest to Pink Floyd fans is the soundtrack of this film from 1987, which was created by Nick Mason and Rick Fenn. This duo, of course, also recorded the album Profiles, which came out in 1985. Officially, the soundtrack consists of 26 pieces of music, and the film itself has long been unavailable. This new release will prove popular as it has become a cult classic.

The story is as follows. A serial killer is on the loose in and around the small community of Globe, Arizona, and housewife Joan White (Cathy Moriarty) gradually comes to suspect that her opera-loving hi-fi engineer husband Paul (David Keith) might know more than he's letting on...

So far so familiar, but in the hands of British visionary Donald Cammell (who wrote and co-directed Performance with Nicolas Roeg), the film becomes a dazzling kaleidoscope of images and ideas, spanning everything from Apache folklore, desert landscapes and stylish murder set-pieces that recall Dario Argento to a painfully vivid dissection of the emotional fissures undermining a modern marriage. It's all set to an equally eclectic score co-written by Mason and Fenn.

The 18 certificate release comes on 2 discs. The DVD is PAL encoded, but the Blu-ray of course isn't encoded to NTSC or PAL. It might be region locked though, and at this stage we cannot say for any certainty whether it will or not. Our thanks to Kees Nijpels for his help with this information. At present, the DVD/Blu-ray set can be pre-ordered through this direct link at Amazon UK.

Syd Barrett - BarrettTHE MADCAP LAUGHS, BARRETT and OPEL - Syd Barrett SHM-CDs (Japan)
April 23rd, 2014

On April 23rd, 2014, three Syd Barrett albums are being released on the enhanced SHM-CD format. SHM-CD refers to Super High Material CD, an enhanced audio CD format developed by JVC and Universal Music Japan. A SHM-CD is made of an enhanced transparency polycarbonate material developed for use in LCD screens, which allows for better manufacturing quality and more accurate reading of the CD surface by a CD player laser, so promise better sound and audio resolution. SHM-CDs are compatible with standard CD players.

The three Syd Barrett albums - debut album The Madcap Laughs, the follow-up Barrett, and the compilation Opel (which featured previously unreleased material and alternate takes) - are being released in a limited pressing. They all come in cardboard sleeves, replicas of the original vinyl releases, and benefit from 2014 remastering, so should sound particularly good.

They can all be pre-ordered through Amazon Japan for worldwide shipping. Other Japanese CD retailers will also have these on offer.

Ben Watt - Hendra (including David Gilmour)Ben Watt - HENDRA CD (with David Gilmour guest appearance)
April 29th, 2014

After twenty years in Everything But The Girl, and ten years as a respected DJ and record label boss of Buzzin' Fly, Ben Watt announced last year he was putting everything on hold to complete two long-planned creative solo projects.

The first - published in February by Bloomsbury in the UK - is his long-awaited second book, 'Romany and Tom'. The second, which will be of great interest to Floyd fans, is Hendra, his first solo album for over thirty years, released on his own new imprint, Unmade Road through Caroline International on April 29th. It is, in Ben's words, "simply a folk-rock record in an electronic age".

"I had come to a plateau with the labels and clubland", he says. "I had a need to go back to words and music, not just beats and other people's work. Once I made some space, a lot of ideas just tumbled out".

Now to that Pink Floyd connection... the album includes a very special guest - David Gilmour, who adds plangent slide guitar and backing vocals on the track The Levels.

"We met by chance in London just before the album", Ben told the Rough Trade website. "We didn't know each other. He invited me to hear his demos. I thought he was joking, but two days later he texted me and invited me down to his studio and we got on well. During my album, The Levels seemed like a perfect track for him. I rang him up and he loved the song and he did it the same weekend. Wish everything was that simple sometimes!"

You can currently pre-order the CD from Amazon UK as a standard or deluxe edition, (US), Amazon CanadaAmazon Germany, and Amazon Espana.

Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett Story - 2DVD release, 2014THE PINK FLOYD & SYD BARRETT STORY - 2DVD
May 19th, 2014

On May 19th, 2014, a reissue of the 2 disc Pink Floyd & Syd Barrett Story DVD is being released, by Eagle Rock.

The release seems to be a straight repackage of the 2006 DVDisc "definitive edition" which our review reveals a release well deserving of your attention. Other than the 2001 BBC documentary which is the main focus - and worth the price on its own, there are some great extras, particularly the interviews with David Gilmour (36 minutes), Nick Mason (28 minutes), Richard Wright (26 minutes) and a 55 minute interview with Roger Waters.

The interview finds Roger, sitting in a studio, refreshingly honest, and at times, forgetful - which comes as a surprise. It provides a fascinating trawl through Roger's memories, looking at his earliest interactions with Syd, through the many experiences and problems, up to the final time he saw Syd.

The questioning elicits some good responses from Roger, with some unusual lines of attack. He even responds in the positive to a searching question basically positing that his empathy with Syd and his decline had elements of "there but for the grace of God, go I". He relates a situation at Abbey Road Studios where he experienced a shocking, almost out-of-body episode, which he equated to a nervous breakdown. At the time he thought he was "going crazy", and it seemed to give him fresh insight into Syd's condition.

If you haven't already got this in one of its previous iterations, we really recommend it. You can order through these direct links: Amazon UK, Amazon France, Amazon Germany, Amazon Espana and Amazon Italy, who all run a pre-order price guarantee, which means if they price match any other retailer between now and release, or indeed drop the price further, you automatically pay the lowest price. It is an NTSC format release, it seems, so those of you in North America who want this, should be fine with it on your equipment.

The Pink Floyd Exhibition - Their Mortal RemainsTHE PINK FLOYD EXHIBITION - THEIR MORTAL REMAINS
Opens in Milan, Italy, September 19th, 2014

Details have been announced for The Pink Floyd Exhibition - Their Mortal Remains, which opens in Italy on September 19th, 2014. With Roger Waters, David Gilmour and Nick Mason all involved, along with Aubrey 'Po' Powell from the Hipgnosis team, and the exhibition being designed by none other than Stufish, the world's most respected stage and entertainment designers, it all sounds rather wonderful. Without further ado, here's what the announcement has revealed.

Fran Tomasi, Pink Floyd's Italian promoter, has announced plans for The Pink Floyd Exhibition – Their Mortal Remains which will open in Milan's La Fabbrica Del Vapore on September 19th 2014. This vast and innovative exhibition will take the visitor on a surreal, multi-sensory journey through Pink Floyd's extraordinary worlds, chronicling the music and art of Pink Floyd, from their debut album The Piper At The Gates of Dawn to the present. The Pink Floyd Exhibition is a major international retrospective of one of the world's most pioneering and influential bands and the active involvement and collaboration of the three band members in all planning aspects has been crucial to the execution of it. Tickets for the four week residency in Milan will be priced at 15 euros, and are on sale from Thursday, February 27th, via

Po, who with his late partner Storm Thorgerson, designed many of the Floyd's revolutionary album art, is the exhibition's curator and creative director, Paula Stainton is the co-creative director. Powell has worked in close consultation with Roger Waters, David Gilmour and Nick Mason on the content of the exhibition, which will feature over 300 artefacts from the band's four decades. The Pink Floyd Exhibition - Their Mortal Remains is being designed by Stufish, the world's most successful entertainment architects, and longtime stage designers for Pink Floyd. Stufish is the company founded by Mark Fisher who died in 2013.

Enveloping visitors in Pink Floyd's art and music, the trip will start with the psychedelia of the early years, moving through landscapes populated by the iconic images and sounds associated with the towering concept albums of the 1970's and beyond. The exhibition, housed in an old Milanese factory and covering 2,500 square metres, will show Pink Floyd's pioneering use of special effects, sonic experimentation and powerful imagery. It will explore the narrative arc of a band that began in London's 'swinging sixties' and whose influence continues today. The visitor can expect an 'interstellar' experience, befitting a band that always defied artistic boundaries. The organisers state that more details about the exhibition contents will be announced over the coming weeks.

Roger Waters - Amused To Death 2014Roger Waters - AMUSED TO DEATH - SACD and vinyl edition
September 23rd, 2014 (subject to change)

Analogue Productions, who were responsible for the superb SACD of Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here, will be issuing a double LP and SACD of Roger Waters' 1992 epic Amused to Death, first released on vinyl in 1992 in a very limited double LP edition.

Analogue Productions have sent out a mailer about it, but have also been in touch with us. They told us that "it will be done in the highest quality possible with a team of Doug Sax and James Guthrie and using the original analog master tapes with vinyl pressed at Quality Record Pressings". One of the things uppermost in most minds is when we might see the releases. "We do not have an exact release date. At this point, six to 12 months from now is a good guess, though we're hoping it will be closer to six months". For the time being, they have gone for a new provisional release date of September 23rd, 2014.

The mailer notes that the double LP will be on 200-gram vinyl, and that the SACD will be a stereo hybrid (so, will play on non-SACD capable standard CD players). The Q Sound virtual surround sound will be preserved in its 3D glory for these new editions of what we consider one of Roger's best works. As soon as we have more information on this eagerly anticipated release we will let you know.

Pink Floyd: A Live Sound History - Mark CunninghamPINK FLOYD: A LIVE SOUND HISTORY
Exact publication date to be confirmed, but will be 2014

Next year, a new book will be published that should prove a fascinating insight into the audio side of Pink Floyd's development. Written by music industry expert Mark Cunningham, who used to run the magazine Total Production International, Pink Floyd: A Live Sound History is due at some point in 2014 but to whet your appetites, Mark has given us a sneak preview of what's to come.

The book will tell the story of how Pink Floyd pioneered live sound and how equipment manufacturers fought to keep up with the band's demands for better, bigger and higher quality, in tandem with their equally adventurous touring stage productions. It will feature rare images and exclusive interviews conducted by me with key touring personnel and industry figures including Robbie Williams, Phil Taylor, Mick Kluczynski, Andy Jackson, James Guthrie, Buford Jones, Charlie Watkins (WEM), Alan Parsons, Seth Goldman, Bryan Grant and more.

A large portion of the manuscript was actually proof-read by Roger Waters who made comments that have informed the content.

Solo tours up to and including The Wall Live will also feature, as a way of highlighting the further progression of live sound influenced by the Floyd.

At this stage, a firm date isn't available, nor are pre-orders being invited. As soon as more information is available, we will of course update you...

Possibly in 2014:

  • Roger Waters - NEW ALBUM - as Roger confirmed, this is currently being worked on and the demo is complete. No date of release yet though.
  • David Gilmour - NEW ALBUM - various people have been talking about working on this, not least David Crosby & Graham Nash in recent interviews. Nothing official yet though.
  • Roger Waters - The Wall Live tour film
    With footage shot in July 2011 in Athens, Greece, and more recently in Buenos Aires, Argentina this year, Roger and his team are hard at work preparing a DVD and Blu-ray of this stunning show. As yet, no details are forthcoming on what will be included on the disc(s) and also no indication has been given as to a release date. We would think though that it might be around March/April. More details as we get them.
  • Roger Waters - The Dark Side Of The Moon tour film
    We have had confirmation from Roger's manager, Mark Fenwick, that Roger is still working on a film of TDSOTM live show, but until it is finished there will be no release scheduled. As soon as we have more details of what this release (will it be a cinema release, or in DVD and hopefully Bluray format?) will involve, we will let you know. It is encouraging though to get official word on this, which we know from the feedback we've had will be incredibly popular!
  • Syd Barrett documentary
    Work has been ongoing since 2011 on a documentary about the late Syd Barrett. In June 2013, StormStudios talked about the project in an email newsletter: "Since the end of 2011 Storm had been very busy filming a documentary with Rupert about Pink Floyd's founder member, Syd Barrett. They filmed many interviews including old school friends, flat mates, girlfriends, fellow musicians and all the surviving members of Pink Floyd. So far it's proved a very enlightening experience. The film itself is at the editing stage right now and it's a thrill to see it all coming together. Watch this space, as they say, for more news coming soon."
  • The Wall 1980/81 DVD release
    One thing that has caused tidal waves of anticipation within the Floyd community is the growing talk that the original Pink Floyd Wall concerts from 1980/81 may well get a DVD release soon. Roger has been alluding to this in various interviews recently so the thought is gathering pace...
  • Official film about Pink Floyd
    In an interview with Rhythm Magazine published at the end of August 2010, Nick talks about a film that is in the works about Pink Floyd that he has been working on...
  • A Momentary Lapse Of Reason - new edition
    In the works, it seems, is a new edition with at the very least a new drum track, according to an interview with Andy Jackson at, noting that "We have started this process a while ago, doing new drums with Nick". More on this, as we get it.
  • Roger Waters - vinyl remasters
    Doug Sax, mastering engineer for Roger Waters, David Gilmour, Richard Wright and Pink Floyd since 1983, is interviewed at length in the 2011 edition of "The Absolute Sound" Guide to Vinyl Playback, and confirms that "I'm going to be doing the Roger Waters albums on vinyl and they have extraordinary low end, requiring an astonishing amount of vertical modulation. We use up the full depth available on a lacquer master. You can't do anything like that on DMM. It's very thin; you can't go deep. For that kind of thing it could be an absolute joke." As work is yet to start on them, it will be some time before there's any release information, but sounds good that Sax is taking his customary care to ensure these sound as good as they can.

As and when we hear anything else, we will update this page.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 09 April 2014 )
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