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Concert review by BD reader James Arnott Print E-mail

Well, after the biggest queue I have ever been in we finally entered Hyde Park and didn't get a bad spot. It wasn't long before Live8 kicked off with an epic line up - most of which I have to admit wasn't really my kind of thing - however we got into the spirit of things and clapped merrily along to Snoop Dog's heartfelt and, err... poetic lyrics.

After quite a long time THE moment approached! Even though we knew it was coming I don't think any of us were prepared for it. The only good thing about Robbie Williams performance from my point of view is that a lot of his fans left with him, and allowed us Floydies to get closer to the action.

Now suitably nearer the heartbeats began which signalled the imminent arrival of THE PINK FLOYD WITH ROGER!! The classic 70's hey-day line up: I am most definitely not worthy! I had seen the Division Bell tour but this had a different feel all together.

The heartbeats flowed into the wailing intro to Breathe and OH MY GOD! They sounded like they had been sent in a time machine straight from 1974, they were using all the classic Dark Side era sounds which gave it a gloriously classic feel, after all the other acts that day they sounded smooth and way more professional.

I knew this was actually happening but it felt like a dream that I might wake up from any moment.

After they had stunned us with Breathe they launched into Money with Roger - yes Roger! Giving it all he had as he played the opening riff on his bass I never thought I would witness this as long as I lived. Money was excellent: great vocals and guitar from Dave, I also notice Dave was using his late 70's era black strat - a very nice touch.

Money finished all too soon and the acoustic guitars came out - this could only mean Wish You Were Here. Roger said a few words about how moving it was to play with the guys again, and he wasn't alone - I managed to take a few pictures in between blubbing like a baby, not easy too take pictures with tear filled eyes so they didn't come out as well as I would have liked. When David and Roger sang together on Wish You Were Here I couldn't help thinking of all those years they could have been creating more great music together.

Also I wish they had shown more of Nick and Rick on the big screens.

After WYWH came Comfortably Numb - time to cry again as Dave slammed into the first solo. What a performance from the guys - made me realise what we have been missing all these years. Despite their obvious emotional state they more than held it together: it felt indescribable.

Gilmour bought CN to a close with one of the most emotionally charged solos I have ever heard him play - I was nearly ON MY KNEES begging for mercy by the end.

This is a night I will NEVER forget only four numbers but I have fulfilled a seemingly impossible dream to see the four of them together again it was NOT a disappointment! Thank you Pink Floyd - you will live forever in your fans hearts.

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