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Assorted BD reader comments - part 1 Print E-mail

This page collects together some of the comments Brain Damage has received from its visitors, about the band's Live 8 reunion on 2nd July, 2005, at London's Hyde Park. Our thanks to everyone who wrote in with their views; we only wish we could post them all! All pictures taken by Andy Whitworth.

--  Gary Moore

Absolutely brilliant performance from the masters playing as if they have never been away; seeing them play again together after 20 odd years only makes my heart hurt thinking about what they could have done if they had stayed together. My son who is 27 said it brought a tear to his eye to finally see them as a complete unit for the first time. Please, please don't let this be the last time.
--  Frank

Cranked it up and basically wept openly whilst wife looked on in horror during Wish You Were Here. Hope I wasn't the only one to notice the big smile David gave Nick halfway through the set, it said so much (to me at least). MTV cutting to the commentators right before the second solo in Comfortably Numb was absolutely gut-wrenching to say the least.
--  Chris in Pennsylvania

What a performance it was! Altho I have seen Pink Floyd in concert twice, I never did see the classic lineup, and thought I never would. It was almost overwhelming to see the 4 of them performing together, and so well, after so many years. It actually loked like they were having fun up there playing together. We can only hope that the feeling was real, that things can be forgiven and forgotten, and the genius that was and is Pink Floyd will be re-ignited.
--  Guy Bastien, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

What an amazing emotional experience - even at 8.00 am on a very cold Melbourne, Australia morning! Everything about the performance was just right. The joy of seeing Roger on stage and smiling, the stripped back band, no wiz bang special effects, the great choice of songs and the musicianship - it was all perfect. There was such heart in the performance. I would love to hear a detailed inside story of how it all came about and the feelings of each of them when they met together again as a group for rehearsals. If nothing further happens and Roger and the band go their own way again, I'll still be happy to have experienced this reunion.
--  Martin Kennedy, Brunswick, Australia

I waited 24 years for this and it was so emotional I just couldn't stop the tears of joy. An overwhelming experience and I can't believe how well they played.
--  Jason Emery, Sydney, Australia

Hallelujah! All I have to say is this... If I drop dead tomorrow, I shall go to The Great Beyond in PEACE! Thank You Sir Bob Geldof.... or should I say... SAINT Bob Geldof!
--  [email protected]

Did you see that
did you hear that
It was like
and now, here are the big boys
I hope, REALLY hope they stay together and do more music
--  Jim

Tears, tears and more tears!! Photos rubbish, near the back, out of sync sound - BUT SO WHAT!!? The GREATEST 25 minutes ever, perfect in every way - how I've missed these guys and how great are they? Hope they continue of course, but will never forget Saturday 2nd July - thanks guys.
--  Kev (Kent, UK)

Live 8Seeing Roger Waters playing with Pink Floyd, sporting that enormous grin and belting out the words off-mic, was cathartic for me in a way that I would have never expected. In a small way, perhaps, it was like seeing your parents reuinted after a bitter divorce. I couldn't stop grinning, either. Roger's reading of "Wish You Were Here" was sweeter and more plaintive than I've ever heard him sing. A huge crack in the wall, indeed. I feel -- better.
--  Marc Campbell

I don't know the email address of Pink Floyd, so please post the following words:
Dear members of Pink Floyd,
I just want to say thank you for this exceptional performance yesterday night at Live8!
I simply have no words, it was breathtaking... I have seen the three of you in Cologne during the Momentary Lapse Of Reason Tour, then in '94 in Cologne and Gelsenkirchen, and then finally Roger two years ago in Cologne. I never have seen you all together in person, until yesterday.
As for many others, your music is a big part of my live, it gives me inspiration, relaxation and energy.
I'm born in 1974, I never had the chance to see you all together, but yesterday night I had tears in my eyes.
You might not be aware of the meaning you have for many people out there in the world, but I can tell you, from my heart, millions of fans who saw you back together giving a perfect performance, felt more than great.
The four of you did the only right thing, reunite for this big aim, to get the leaders of the industial countries of the world to change their mind...
Pink Floyd created a unique style of music, Nick's sophisticated drums, Roger's humming bass, David's spheric way of playing guitar and Rick's magic on the keyboard...millions of people watched you and knew each tune, each word by heart!
Just be aware of your power. Yesterday night you contributed to a more than honorable aim, to influence the world leaders to make a change in politics. Thank you from all my heart!
And maybe Pink Floyd can overcome these silly squabbles that stood between you, maybe you understand your responsibilty you got and maybe you will dedicate the future to a reunited group, finding a way to create *again* never heard sounds and lyrics.... Every one of you can do exceptional solo projects but only all of you together give tunes and lyrics this unique spirit. Face your history, face your squabbles and listen...With kind regards,
--  Alex Thurley, Germany

Goose bumps all over, mate.... I do not know what to say.... and I have been on this addiction since 1968... maybe the best time ever and most surely the final cut!
--  Hervé Denoyelle

I just want to say:
--  Carlos, Calgary, AB, Canada

Not bad for some old geezers eh? A truly brilliant way to end what was the greatest show on earth. It was also good to see the Who again just a shame the Ox didn't make it.
--  Julie Thomas

I was there... and like most people I would have waited even longer for Floyd to hit the stage. We were not disappointed and Floyd were the highlight of the evening. There was no-one who came on to introduce them to the crowd, it wasn't needed. The moment the background sounds from DSOM came over the speakers a hush decended over the crowd. They played like they had never been apart and to be hugging each other at the end had the big bloke next to me in tears. Well done Roger, Dave, Nick and Rick... you stole the show.
--  Richard Inwards

Ever since I viewed Elvis on the Ed Sullivan Show as a 14 year old, rock and roll has been the truest message in my life. You cannot trust the news, the T.V., but you can always trust rock and roll. At the current age of 64 I watched part of the G8 concert yesterday expecting little. I must say that Pink Floyd's performance at Live 8 had me weeping with joy at their amazing performance.
Rock on men, rock on.
You are simply the best.
--  Ruth Dignan, Fallbrook, Ca USA

If I'm being honest, I was convinced Pink Floyd were going to mess up, there would be a major technical hitch, they would just look too damn miserable or they would have to shorten their set due to the show overrunning. However, I was ecstatic to be proved completely wrong on all of these counts. Roger Waters was having a great time, Nick Mason and Rick Wright were playing like it was a re-run of Live at Pompeii and David Gilmour was as cool as ever with some great guitar playing (yet again). I did get a bit stressed (well we have waited 24 years for this) when the TV transmission went down for a few seconds during Wish You Were Here.
The highlight of Live 8 for me was witnessing what was probably the best live version of Comfortably Numb we're ever likely to hear (ONLY David Gilmour and Roger Waters together can sing that song properly). As soon as Pink Floyd finished, my sister rang me from the States, as she saw their set too and was as moved as my wife and I were by their performance. Whilst it is highly unlikely that Pink Floyd will ever reform as a foursome, surely a charity stint (as they did in 1994 at Earls Court) would be a fitting way to capitalise on their superb performance at Live 8 and the enthusiasm for the band that has been created by it.
--  Ian McKenzie

That performance brought tears to my eyes. But it was all too brief, too fleeting. The guys showed that they still have it.
I think fans need to mount some kind of organized pressure on these guys. I think most fans are wanting a CD of new material much more than a new tour. The prospect of a full-fledged “Floyd-sized” tour must be naturally worrying for these 60+ foggies, but I don’t see why they cannot get into the studio for one last creative marathon and give us two (or three!) CDs worth of great material. That should see all of us (I’m in my mid-50s) through for the rest of our time.
It’s petition and pressure time, methinks. Enlist Tony Blair, who I’m sure is a huge fan. Get Paul McCartney to press his buddy and sometime guitarist Gilmour. Get Clapton on Waters’ case. Come to think of it, wouldn’t it be a great idea to get these (and other star Floyd fans) to guest on the new material?
Call it the Great Gig for a Goodbye or something. Let’s get some momentum behind this thing.
--  Bachan Rai

Having been an avid Floyd fan for more than thirty years I was literally reduced to tears when I heard Roger Waters and Dave Gilmour sharing the lyrics of Wish You Were Here at the performance. Twenty-odd years sure is a long time between drinks! Here in Australia the performance was only available live on cable TV and a single FM radio station (which was how I heard it initially). Had to get hold of a tape of the concert before I saw the whole Floyd gig... and our free-to-air station had edited highlights only later (not even airing Comfortably Numb!). Anyway, if that really is the end of Floyd I can honestly say that it was a fitting way to go out.
--  Mike Ball, Brisbane, Australia

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