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Brain Damage and A Fleeting Glimpse

Welcome to the Brain Damage gallery!

Within this section, you will find various contributions from talented members of the Brain Damage community, who have a particular artistic flair. As with any art, not all of what you'll find in here might be to your taste, but all of it has been crafted with a lot of effort and dedication, and above all, a respect for Pink Floyd and its constituent past and present members.

We welcome other contributions for possible inclusion here. Not all artwork can be used, for copyright and other reasons, and it might be that we need to reduce the size (physically, or by using a little careful image compression to reduce the overall file size without visually compromising the piece) of contributions should they be used.

David Gilmour and Richard Wright portraits Print E-mail
Echoes by Ian Goodall David Gilmour through the years

To go with his Syd Barrett portrait, Ian Goodall has been hard at work completing a couple of other artworks, which he wanted to share with the Floyd community. The first, Echoes, he started painting as a tribute to Richard Wright on hearing the very sad news of his passing.

The second is a look at David Gilmour, again looking at the man through the years.

As with the other pictures in the gallery, please click the thumbnails for the full images.

Pink Floyd stained glass panel Print E-mail

Pink Floyd design stained glass panelBrain Damage regular Rob Djordjevic is a huge Floyd fan, and makes custom stained glass panels. He therefore thought he'd combine his skills, with his love of the band, and created himself a lovely tribute to the band for his own pleasure.

As you can see, it combines two of the band's iconic images in one neat panel. Later this year, he's intending to compliment this with a panel depicting David Gilmour. He has already done one of Jimi Hendrix, and this calls to mind stained glass depictions found in churches and the like, albeit with a legendary guitarist as its subject!

As with other entries in the gallery, click the thumbnail to the right to see the image in greater detail.

Pink Floyd tattoos Print E-mail

Something a bit different for this set of contributions - the artist's work appearing on human canvasses for a change! Since receiving our first set of tattoo pictures, others have submitted their own, highly personal body art for the rest of the Floyd community to enjoy. If you are reading this, and have one or more Floyd tattoos, do please let us know - and don't forget the photos to prove it!

As with the other pictures in the gallery, please click the thumbnails for the full image.


Artwork based on ABITW Print E-mail

Another Brick In The Wall, Part IIIThe following contribution was submitted by Todd Buehlig. The design is an imaginative take on Another Brick In The Wall (Part 3) inspired by Todd's own experiences. Todd: "I have rendered a digital image representing my successful withdrawal from he long term use of psychotropic (psyche) meds. I was inspired to create this image by The Wall's Another Brick In The Wall Part III and, notably, I was likely influenced to pursue liberty from the meds by Pink's declaration of "I don't need no drugs to calm me." I appreciate the personal style lyric writing of Roger Waters. I would like to share this particular image freely in hopes that it may help to inspire many or if even one to consider drug detox."

As with the other pictures in the gallery, please click the thumbnail for the full image, but please note it is quite a large image (approximately 552KB).

Syd Barrett portraits Print E-mail
Syd Barrett - acrylic, by Eric Watson Syd Barrett - watercolour, by Eric Watson

These two portraits of Syd Barrett are by This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it , who lives in the UK. Eric isn't a commercial artist, but a big Syd/Floyd fan who wanted to turn his artistic talents to representations of Syd.

He tells us: "[They are] a watercolour and an acrylic; they are not brilliant photographs, my camera isn't so good, but hopefully you will get the idea."

The acrylic is an interesting take on a classic Barrett shot (most recently, and prominently, used on the cover of the Pink Floyd & Syd Barrett Story DVD) which uses graduated dots to make up the image. The other portrait takes a completely different approach, with a delicate touch in watercolour drawing out a soulful look from Barrett.

As with the other pictures in the gallery, please click the thumbnails for the full image.

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