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Written by Matt   
Monday, 19 October 2009

Something a bit different for this set of contributions - the artist's work appearing on human canvasses for a change! Since receiving our first set of tattoo pictures, others have submitted their own, highly personal body art for the rest of the Floyd community to enjoy. If you are reading this, and have one or more Floyd tattoos, do please let us know - and don't forget the photos to prove it!

As with the other pictures in the gallery, please click the thumbnails for the full image.


Otis Watts was so inspired by the 1994 concert performance by Pink Floyd that he saw, he was compelled to mark the occasion with this tattoo, unifying The Dark Side of the Moon with Wish You Were Here.

Otis said: "I was so in awe of their performance at Death Valley football stadium in Clemson SC that I had [the] tattoo made. I would love to share it with all the fans worldwide..."

Otis Watts' 1994 tattoo

This tattoo is the latest addition for Jean-Claude Gagné. It's a nice, original design!

Jean-Claude's Pink Floyd tattoo


The following tattoo comes from Kevin Sequeira. Here, he tells the story behind it:

"I totally am crazy about Pink Floyd - hence the tattoo. But it was a spontaneous decision.

"I never thought that I would get any tattoo done. One day whilst hanging out with my friend (a tattoo artist) he just asked me if I would ever get a tattoo done on me. I said I am not sure. He told me whatever or whenever I do it to make sure that it really means something to me. I had only one thing on my mind then.

"And I got it done 20 minutes later..."

Kevin Sequeira

The tattoo here appears proudly on the ankle of Alain Azar, who suspects that it is the only Pink Floyd tattoo to be found in Lebanon! However, if you know different, do let us know... Thanks for sending this in, Alain.

Alain Azar's Pink Floyd tattoo


This incredible piece adorns the back of Amie Askew-Bertolini who lives in West Yorkshire, England. The tattoo artist was Mark Preston from Wakefield, and he's done a great job. Must've taken ages...


These three pictures show what Neil Davenhill calls a "work in progress". Nicely done so far, Neil!

Neil's tattoo Neil's tattoo Neil's tattoo

Our friend Sami Virtanen has also shared his latest tattoos here. The artist's name is Outi, she works at Omenart Tattoo in Finland...

Sami's tattoo Sami's tattoo

The following, quite incredible tattoo adorns Tina Dobravec and makes for an absorbing and eye- catching sight. We'll just let the picture of each side of her torso speak for on the picture to see it in more detail:


For the first of our latest tattoos, over to the canvas himself! "I am Manish Mattawar from India and currently working in the USA. Pink Floyd has been one of the most favorite bands and their music is heavenly beautiful to me. Comfortably Numb is the most meaningful and beautiful phrase I have ever heard and it suits me so well. This is my 2nd tattoo, 1st being Led Zep's Zoso.

"I spend quite a lot hours designing it because I wanted it to be something different. I also analyzed all the tattoos on Brain Damage's gallery to see if I can get inspired by something and I definitely did by Matt's tattoo with The Dark Side Of The Moon's cover, inside the wall. I started designing my own in something similar way except to write Comfortably Numb in the broken wall. I chose the Floydian font to write the words Comfortably Numb, this definitely added more beauty to the words. The artist Andrew in Pueblo CO did an awesome job by adding those cracks inside the wall and making it look so real."

Manish's Pink Floyd inspired tattoo
Manish's Pink Floyd inspired tattoo


This addition to the gallery is from Elliot Harris. He tells us that "the words are Latin and mean 'there is no dark side'". An interesting addition to the iconic prism...

Elliot Harris - Pink Floyd tattoo


The following, rather intricate tattoo is worn by Luke Thompson. Luke tells us that the artist is Jose Carlos from Terceira, Azores, Portugal.


Luke Thompson tattoo


The following tattoo comes from our friend, Sami Virtanen, who lives in Finland. He told us: "I was so impressed by Roger's The Wall shows that I had to get a new tattoo!" The tattoo can be found on his arm...

Sami Virtanen's Pink Floyd The Wall tattoo

This tattoo is worn proudly on the arm of Ted from the UK...

Ted's Pink Floyd tattoo

The following tattoo comes courtesy of Mathew Williams:

Mathew Williams tattoo

Matt said: "This is my first tattoo, at the age of 20. It combines The Wall with The Dark Side of the Moon album cover breaking through it. I've loved and will forever love and support my favourite band Pink Floyd. I got it done by Ami Williams at State of Art in Swansea."

The following, very striking tattoo comes courtesy of the forearm of Katie Osborne:

Katie Osborne tattoo

She told us: "I got Comfortably Numb on my forearm because it is one of my favorite Pink Floyd songs and I feel that it defines me well."

A nice, simple, but effective design!

The following has been submitted by Tracy Rose, who wanted to share her tattoo "for others' viewing pleasures, as I enjoyed theirs!" The excellent, and finely detailed design was done by Pennsylvania ink artist Justin Bolonski, formerly from Wizard's World Of Tattoos. He was able to open his own shop and now runs Integrity Tattoo.

Tracy's choice of tattoo was inspired by her love of a particular track. "Shine On You Crazy Diamond is my all time favorite song (you can see the lyrics within the tattoo) and I love the diving man. I hope the world enjoys some good art."

Tattoo - Tracy Rose


Pink Floyd tattoos - 1
Pink Floyd tattoos - 2
Pink Floyd tattoos - 3 Pink Floyd tattoos - 4

Pink Floyd fan Paul Szczypka was spotted by our friend Mark Cunningham while he was at a community event, and Mark was taken by the incredible tattoos that Paul was sporting.

We asked Paul about the tattoos - why he had them, how long they took, and where he got them done: "Glad you liked the tatts. The reason for having them done is quite simple really - I am a life-long Floyd fan, I bought Dark Side Of The Moon when it was released aged 11 and never looked back. I've seen them on every tour since The Wall through to Live 8, including David and Roger's solo tours.

"The choice of albums was a mainly down to what would fit in with the basic Wall design; originally it was just an upper sleeve but extended onto my chest and back. They took about 35/40 hours altogether. I need one more on my chest and back, but haven't decided what yet.

"I have to mention the artist and studio: Iain Parry at Shamanics Tattoos in Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex."





The tattoo below is a wonderful example of how effective some nice, detailed black ink artwork can be. Adorning Charles Gray's back is the adaptation of the Shine On boxset design, bringing in the iconic Wall hammers, the DSOTM prism, and an eyeball from PULSE:

Charles Gray tattoo

Turning now to Ernie Tedesco's back, we find a fine example of a highly imaginative, and boldly coloured, montage of classic Floyd imagery. This must've taken some time to complete!

Ernie's tattoo

The tattoo artist's name is Brian Donovan, from Davidian Tattoo in PA, USA. More details at

Floyd fan Liz Scinta from Buffalo, NY sent us the following. "My tat isn't a big one like the others you've received so far, but out of my 5 tats, this one is by far my favorite. It's of 'Pink' from the wall. It was a birthday present from my boyfriend who is also a huge Floyd fan. Was done by Cat at Strange Brew which is in Buffalo, NY. I had taken the design from one of the pictures that was in the guitar tab book we have for The Wall."

Thanks Liz - it's a nice, different Floyd tattoo, that works well.

Liz Scinta's Pink Floyd tattoo

The following is a really nicely done, Wish You Were Here themed tattoo that belongs on the arm of Derek G:

Derek G's Pink Floyd tattoo

The following is a Wall-themed tattoo, that Noel had done on his shoulder/at the top of his right arm:

Noel's Pink Floyd tattoo

BD visitor Harry has been in touch; he's had a tremendous number of tattoos done, and it's well worth going over to his website which is

If YOU have one or more Floyd tattoos, we'd love to see them! Please contact us via the normal email address.

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