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November 5th 1989 - with Brain Damage Print E-mail

With Matt Johns, Brain Damage, in Brighton, 5th November 1989

A chilly but bright November morning in 1989 saw Nick Mason finishing a very close third in the annual London to Brighton Veteran Car Run, arriving around 11:30am. Brief introductions kicked off the conversation ("Brain Damage? Oh yes! I've heard of you...!" said a smiling Nick, who grabbed a few back issues of the magazine...). Here are the edited highlights:

Matt Johns: So, did you enjoy the run today?

Nick Mason: Yes thanks - got caught by the traffic lights though - PAH!

Matt: How many times have you done the London to Brighton run now?

Nick Mason: The car's done five. I've done four! I missed last year...[in fact, he missed the 1987 run, not the 1988, which he completed quite well]

The conversation then moved to music...

Matt: I've just heard about the Knebworth gig next year - I understand you're involved.

Nick Mason: Yes that's right. Mmmmm....

Matt: Obviously it's probably a little early, but do you know what'll be happening there yet?

Nick Mason: Well, to be honest none of us have really thought about it yet... maybe in a couple of months or so... [smiles]

Matt: I take it there won't be such an elaborate stage set up!

Nick Mason: That's right - it'll probably be very basic - not much in the way of lighting or effects.

Matt: Any ideas yet of what you might play?

Nick Mason: Well, I think we've got about thirty minutes to do our thing, so we'll probably end up doing about three or four tracks, I suppose...

Matt: Any possibility of any of that being new stuff?

Nick Mason: Absolutely not! [both laugh] No chance!

Matt: Well, say you had roughly fortyfive minutes (the announced stage time of each act) what is the... is there an outside possibility of "Dark Side" being played in its entirety?

Nick Mason: Oooo... [big smiles, shakes head]

Matt and Nick in unison: It's highly unlikely! [both laugh]

Matt: What is the current status of Floyd?

Nick Mason: At the moment we're all taking a bit of a sabbatical.

Matt: So there's no chance of anything new in the forseeable future?

Nick Mason: No, nothing new... we're having a bit of a rest for a while.

Matt: How about your solo career?

Nick Mason: Well, I'd really like to do some more film scores, etc..

Matt: Oh yeah, I've heard that you're doing the music to "Tank Malling"...

Nick Mason: [Surprised] Mmm yes! We've just finished it... unfortunately it's a very average film! [laughs] SUppose I shouldn't have said that! [laughs]

Matt: I enjoyed the music you did for "White Of The Eye". I thought it was most effective...

Nick Mason: Thanks.

Matt: It's really a pity there wasn't a soundtrack LP, or more music in the film.

Nick Mason: Well it's tricky doing such an album - when it came down to it, we mainly had just little bits and pieces - nothing really substantial that could've been used.

Matt: That's a shame - I really enjoy your two solo albums...

Nick Mason: Really? [genuine surprise] Thanks!

Matt: I won't keep you any longer, thanks a lot for your time, and for answering my questions, it's been a pleasure chatting with you.

Nick Mason: That's OK.

Matt: And thanks for all the great music - it's given me and many others a lot of pleasure!

Nick Mason: Aw shucks!

Matt: Have you any message for the readers of Brain Damage?

Nick Mason: No!!! [smiles, then laughs, unable to keep a straight face!]

Matt: Thanks Nick!

Nick Mason: Thanks!

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