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Pink Floyd The Black Strat book by Phil Taylor
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Personal Histories and Thoughts - Pink Floyd at Live 8
Pink Floyd at Live 8 - a retrospective look
Live 8 - International TV/Radio/Internet broadcasts
Live 8 - BBC TV/Radio/Internet broadcasts
Live8 - Pink Floyd rehearsal pictures, July 1st 2005
Live 8 pictures: Breathe/Breathe Reprise
Live 8 pictures: Money
Live 8 pictures: Money, WYWH, Comfortably Numb
Live 8 pictures: Comfortably Numb/stage farewells
Live 8 pictures: exclusive, pro-shot Pink Floyd set
Concert review by BD's Matt Johns
Concert review by BD's Paul Powell Jr
Concert review by BD's Dave Carlin
Concert review by BD's Jack Nicholson
Concert review by BD reader Matthew Dickson
Concert review by BD reader Rob Peets
Concert review by BD reader Michael Mason
Concert review by BD reader Ralf Holzer
Concert review by BD reader James Arnott
Assorted BD reader comments - part 1
Assorted BD reader comments - part 2
Assorted BD reader comments - part 3
Assorted BD reader comments - part 4
Live8 Reunion - two months on, some thoughts
Live8 - One year on: a look back, and forward
  • Pink Floyd concert pictures - from 1966 onwards  ( 18 items )
    This section contains some great vintage shots of the band in action. Also check out The Wall section as there are pictures from those shows there, and also check out the 2006/7 tour rooms, as you will find more shots there. This part of the site gathers together all the shots that don't really fit anywhere else!
  • Interstellar exhibition  ( 5 items )
    In October 2003, a specialist music museum in Paris, France hosted the Pink Floyd Interstellar exhibition. This was designed by Storm Thorgerson, and organised by Paula Webb, to showcase the band's history, with rare posters, pictures, their instruments, and more...
  • Dark Side Of The Moon SACD  ( 6 items )
    In 2003, the first of Pink Floyd's back catalogue was given the modern multi-channel treatment. DSOTM was released on Sony's then emerging Super Audio CD format, which gives stunning sound but requires dedicated equipment to play it back. This section gives background on the release, including artwork designs and considerations.
  • Live At Pompeii  ( 5 items )
    This covers the development of the Floyd's concert movie with a difference - no audience, and a stunning, eerie location in the ruins of Pompeii. Here you'll find in depth analysis, and an exclusive, fascinating interview with the director of the project, Adrian Maben.
  • The Wall  ( 9 items )
    This section covers all aspects of the project - from the initial conception and recording, through the live shows, the movie, and even looking into the future with details of The Wall On Broadway.
  • Echoes "Best Of Pink Floyd" release  ( 4 items )
    2001 saw the release of a special "Best Of" compilation, looking at the history of Pink Floyd. With fantastic, multilayered Storm Thorgerson artwork, it looks as good as it sounds. Here's where you'll find various articles about the project, the press release, details of the artwork, and more.
  • Hall of Fame induction reports  ( 3 items )
    Reports from the US 1996, and UK 2006 Hall of Fame induction ceremonies, where Pink Floyd were triumphant. Both ceremonies were held by completely seperate organisations with no links between them.
  • David Gilmour - In Concert DVD  ( 2 items )
  • David Gilmour - On An Island  ( 3 items )
  • Roger Waters - Flickering Flame  ( 1 items )
  • Roger Waters - Ca Ira opera  ( 3 items )
  • Miscellaneous Articles  ( 46 items )
    A bizarre collection of antiques and curios... as someone once said. This gathers all the things that either sit in their own category, or defy categorization! Enjoy...
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