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Brain Damage visitors share their 2021 Floydian hopes and dreams! Print E-mail
Written by Matt   
Thursday, 28 January 2021

Earlier this month we asked you for your hopes and dreams of what 2021 might bring us on the Floyd front. We've had a lot of interesting emails - some serious, some not-so serious - with suggestions ranging from entirely possible to pie-in-the-sky "wish list" things which many would love to see, but most are realistic enough to know would never happen!

Read on to find out what a selection of BD visitors suggested, and feel free to send in your own thoughts!

First up is Gustavo, from Brazil: "What I'd love to see released this year is the original The Wall concert on DVD. I've read on the AFG forum that Roger has the entire concert restored ('The Happiest Days Of Our Lives' footage included on the The Wall immersion set would come from that)."

Carl Jacobs has a decent list of things he's hoping for:

  • A rerelease of David Gilmour's first two albums as a box set including vinyl
  • A box set of Rick Wright's solo albums including vinyl
  • Someone to bang Roger's and David's heads together and get the Animals box set and 5.1 released including a live show and also the 8 track cartridge version Snowy guitar solo interlude on POTW
  • A legitimate 5.1 of Meddle
  • Echoes box set rereleased
  • Vinyl version of Is There Anybody Out There
  • Film of above
  • The SACD repackage rerelease of DSOTM

Thanks Carl - hopefully food for thought for future releases! Next up, Luke Sanderson, who says: "It recently occurred to me that the 1992 La Carrera Panamericana special which was originally released on VHS and included some new band music was conspicuously absent from the Later Years box set. Do you know if there are any plans to at least get a stand alone DVD remaster? I have my old VHS converted to DVD and always enjoy a watch now and then - it would be great to see it brought up to date." Good suggestion, Luke!

Another interesting list of items, this time from Dan Vacek in Minnesota, USA. "First the fantasy: Comprehensive releasing of live shows Grateful Dead-style, like the Dick's Picks/Road Trips/Dave's Picks series.

Dan continues: "Realistically expecting in 2021:
1. Most likely we'll see multi-format stand-alone and deluxe editions of the new PULSE, like Delicate Sound of Thunder was treated, from the Later Years box.
2. Isn't it past due time for a 21-album, 26-disc The Pink Floyd Complete Library? The last one of that sort was Discovery. It didn't include The Endless River."

"And hoping, in the coming decade:

  • The Middle Years, Volume One - Covering roughly the period including Meddle & The Dark Side of The Moon, following the style of The Early Years box.
  • The Middle Years, Volume Two - Covering roughly the period including Wish You Were Here & Animals, following a style between The Early Years and The Later Years sets.
  • The Middle Years, Volume Three - Covering roughly the period including The Wall & The Final Cut, following much the same style as The Later Years box.

Dan concludes that he is "above all, looking forward to The Saucers being back on the road. I think Live at the Roundhouse is the most exceptional thing that I've seen and heard in a really long time! I hope for more."

Finally, Jonathan Webb is mulling over what 2021 might bring from a Roger Waters perspective: "I reckon that it’s going to be an interesting year for Roger Waters. This is all speculation of course, but I have found some evidence across the web that may point down some intriguing roads!

"On Waters' US shop website, he's released a new set of t-shirts, one for Pros & Cons, KAOS, In The Flesh Tour, The Wall tour and the DSOTM Tour. At $40 USD they’re quite pricey (not including the cost of shipping to the UK!) but nevertheless it comes as a surprise that this back catalogue of sometimes overlooked albums is suddenly coming to light, especially in wearable form.

"At the time of writing, the entire Pros & Cons Of Hitchhiking album (spare Every Stranger’s Eyes) has been made unavailable on Spotify, a major streaming platform. Luckily for me I have the CD, but why would Roger create a new t-shirt of the album, only to take it away from those who want to listen? Bizarre!

"I struggle to find the link for it, but a while back I saw an EPK for Waters’ This Is Not A Drill tour. The band could be heard playing The Powers That Be, a track from radio KAOS, so it’s possible that this will end up on the setlist. I remember Roger talking about KAOS though, I believe he said he should never have made it. Thank goodness he did of course, it's an amazing record, but it's been a long time since he did anything with it… Why bring it back up now?

"My theory is that a remaster and reissue of Pros & Cons and / or KAOS is due, much like what happened to Amused To Death. Possibly deluxe editions, especially for KAOS as there's quite a bit of music floating around that didn't make it to the album.

"Picture this, a boxset including Pros & Cons, KAOS, the soundtrack to When The Wind Blows, Amused To Death, In The Flesh, the DSOTM tour (finally on audio and visual!), The Wall tour, Is The Life We Really Want? & Us + Them. Maybe a few other little things can be thrown in like the lockdown recordings of Mother etc., and of course it’s all remastered or redone in some way (save the most recent ones).

"Ca Ira and The Soldier's Tale could be fit in as well if he wanted to. I imagine there’d be a highlights disc as well, like what Flickering Flame was previously.

"I've probably done nothing but describe my ultimate fantasy here, Roger has always been my favourite and I love his solo works so maybe my brain is leading me in that direction. I'd like to think though that while it’d be mega expensive, it will be done, if not this year then sometime in the future. Fingers crossed!"

Nothing wrong with fantasising, Jonathan, particularly with many people in lockdown, or unable to do many of their normal activities due to the pandemic! Our thanks to everyone who took the time to share their thoughts with's going to be interesting to see how many of the suggestions or wishes above come true over the coming months (and years)!

UPDATE: Since we posted this article, Lars Normann from Denmark has been in touch with his thoughts. Lars said: "2020 was a strange and claustrophobic year and we all hope that 2021 will be better!

  • One of the things I missed the most was going to my third Mason + The Saucers show (I saw them in 2018 in Copenhagen and 2019 in Cambridge). I really hope to see them this year!! I'm very curious to know if they've changed the setlist, it's very likely that they will include Echoes!!!
  • I also hope to hear more music from Gilmour! I love his new single "Yes I Have Ghosts" and I have a strong feeling that it will be part of a new album in the near future, hopefully this year.
  • I've long dreamt of a Gilmour box set and it would be a great release for 2021. It could look like this more or less:
    • All 4 studio albums included in stereo and 5.1 (new 5.1 mixes for the first two)
    • CD/DVD/Blu-ray: Complete and restored Hammersmith Odeon 1984 show. I love this show and think it's a shame it's never been released in complete form.
    • CD/DVD/Blu-ray: The Meltdown concert 2001
    • CD/DVD/Blu-ray: Complete Gdansk concert
    • CD/DVD/Blu-ray: Remember That Night
    • CD/DVD/Blu-ray: Live at Pompeii
    • Bonus DVD/Blu-ray: Live footage, music videos, interviews, rehearsal footage, documentaries etc. from 1978 - 2016
    • Bonus CD: Live, demos, outtakes etc. from 1978 - 2016
    • A complete show from 2015 would be amazing too, Pompeii was sadly not the best show on the tour (I was there)
  • Roger Waters: Dark Side of the Moon tour DVD/Blu-ray!!! It was such a great tour and it's a let-down it was never officially released in any form.
  • Another user suggested a Roger Waters box-set, and I'm all in 🙂 I'd especially love 5.1 mixes of Pros & Cons and KAOS with bonus songs included.

"I'd better stop myself now, I could go on and on 😉 Hopefully we will get something from the Floyd/solo archives this year!"

We've also had a number of people asking if there's going to be a Richard Wright reissue/remaster campaign or box set - with his albums now hard to track down, and the recently launched website dedicated to Richard coming online, it would seem the perfect time!

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