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May 20th 2003 - Crisis homelessness charity Print E-mail

With Crisis, homelessness charity, 20th May 2003

Our thanks to our friends at Crisis for providing us with this exclusive interview with David.

David Gilmour helping Crisis search for a suitable site for the urban villageCrisis: Why did you decide to sell your house and give away the proceeds?

David Gilmour: There’s nothing quite like having a large house that you don’t need to focus your mind on those who have no house at all. Giving the money from the sale of the house to help the homeless was a natural progression of those thoughts.

Crisis: What do you hope your donation will achieve - what difference will it make?

David Gilmour: I want the donation to kick start the project to build the urban village so it can happen quickly. I hope it means that Crisis will be able to achieve the total needed earlier, and that it will inspire other people to give the project the backing it needs.

Crisis: Why give to charity at all? Was there one particular event/experience that suddenly made you want to give?

David Gilmour: No one particular event, just a general feeling of unease at my good fortune and many other people’s lack of it.

There are a number of causes that have been important to me for a long time and I have supported particular charities over many years including Crisis. Through my charitable trust I give support throughout the year and this area of work will always be important to me.

Crisis: Why is homelessness an important issue for you? Do you know of anyone with personal experience of homelessness?

David Gilmour: I know the effect of homelessness can be so damaging and debilitating to individuals - health, job prospects, relationships and even life expectancy itself are all severely affected. The crises and traumas in some people’s lives are severe and I believe they need support and understanding. Homelessness can happen to anyone and once people are robbed of the stability and self-esteem they’ve had, it can be a tough struggle to regain those things and live an independent life again.

Crisis: When and how did you become involved with Crisis?

David Gilmour: Through my charitable trust I’d supported Crisis for some time and was very keen to give the money from my house to a large scale project which would give some real benefits to homeless people. I learned about the New York Common Ground project through Crisis and felt very inspired by that and wanted to give support to help establish something similar in the UK.

Crisis: Why this particular project?

David Gilmour: I was impressed and inspired by what was achieved in New York and the way a real community life has been established there in a very natural way. The Crisis project takes a long-term, sustainable view towards tackling homelessness and the most important thing about the community is going to be that it will offer a home for life to those people that live there.

I like the idea of people gaining a community and through that community their dignity.

Crisis: In what other ways do you support Crisis?

David Gilmour: Through my charitable trust I continue to give support particularly to the Crisis Open Christmas. I've also just become Vice President.

Crisis: How do you feel about being a Crisis VP? What does it involve?

David Gilmour: It’s about cementing a relationship which stretches back over many years. It’s going to be an ambassadorial role, promoting Crisis through opportunities that arise and I hope to encourage others to back the urban village project in whatever way they can.

We at Brain Damage echo that - please visit Crisis and pledge your support to this excellent scheme.

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