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February 10th 2003 - VH1 Classic, USA Print E-mail
Despite being promoted as an hour long presentation, with rare videos such as Arnold Layne, what was broadcast in the event turned out to be just 30 minutes long. Most of the footage came from the Delicate Sound Of Thunder video, with the exception of the Wish You Were Here film and Another Brick film (more of which below). 

David looked relaxed, and dressed smartly, with an open-necked blue shirt. One irritating thing about VH1's presentation of David's interview segments was the way that they kept on swapping between the correct image of his face, to a mirror image. Why? It only served to most people's faces are not symmetrical, you naturally find yourself concentrating more on the face rather than what's being said. Our huge thanks to Jon who so kindly helped out Brain Damage with this interview.

Programme start:

    "I found the voice of mine that I liked many, many years ago. And while one always struggles to improve, its good to recognize your limitations, but always try to push it on constantly."

Opening titles for "Headline Act" follow, then:

    "That first moment that you find something that you think has got that little touch of magic to it, it's wonderful. And the moment that you sort of get close to realizing it in the studio, when it's all done, and you hear back things, you know, harmonies, and voices, and guitars that you're proud of."

"Wish You Were Here" performance from Delicate Sound... is played, then:

    "I don't feel, particularly at the time, that this is a way that I am expressing emotion when I'm playing the guitar, just think of it bending old bits of wire and stuff. But sometimes afterwards I can see, in the better bits of guitar playing that I have done, that there is a successful transmission of emotion in that."

"On The Turning Away", Delicate Sound... is played, then:

    "The music business, industry, whatever you want to call form, is lots of different businesses all sort of running parallel, which often have very little to do with each other. And there are still bands who are coming up the way that we came up, who's life blood is to is the making the records and touring and playing gigs all over the world to people and gradually building up a following."

The "Welcome To The Machine" animation film is played in full, accompanied by the studio recording of the track, then:

    "Regaling the world with the words "We don't need no education," unless it's for the ones who understand a double negative, is probably not the greatest message to put across. Within the context of the film and the album, anyone would understand that it is actually a plea for better education."

The Another Brick sequence from The Wall movie is played with abysmal sound - it runs from the railway tunnel segment, through the mincer part, the school riot, and ends on Pink blowing on his sore knuckles, then:

    "One is never satisfied, I think...I don't, yeah, if you live some sort of an artistic life, I don't think you ever think you've quite achieved what you wanted to, or that you maybe should have done. But overall one couldn't be too discontent!"

A fairly short interview then, and a disappointing selection of videos to accompany it. With the exception of the Wall sequence, none of the video clips relate to what David is saying...nice to see the Wish You Were Here animation in full though.

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