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Pink Floyd & Syd Barrett Story DVD - artist explains cover Print E-mail
Written by Matt   
Monday, 11 October 2004

We recently reported that the US and Canadian Region 1 release of the "Pink Floyd & Syd Barrett Story" DVD, would be out next month. The DVD, which includes an extra bonus chapter not included on the European/Australian versions, also features wonderful all-new cover art, the current version of which is shown to the right.

The cover was designed by acclaimed British artist Mark Wilkinson (who produced covers for the likes of Marillion, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and many others), and we got in contact with Mark over the weekend, to find out more about the artwork and his inspiration for the piece...

"I've had wholehearted approval on the cover painting, and am just waiting for final approval on the other elements of the package. Basically the back of cover is a montage of memorabilia and press cuttings with at least one item of my own that didn't disappear from those times... a newsletter from the first Pink Floyd fanclub that I belonged to in 1967/8, the one run by Carol Oliver.

"I had to do some minor changes to the artwork, mainly on the eyes, to make them slightly more 'vulnerable' which I hope I achieved... John Edginton, who made the film, was certainly happy after I'd tweaked it a bit anyway. He wants to send this package to Syd; that apocryphal story about him just saying it was "too loud" is not entirely accurate... Syd in fact enjoyed the programme and it put him in a good mood for a few weeks after seeing it apparently.

"John feels that the cover is celebratory which was the brief I set myself. The last thing I wanted was to be contentious, and upset Syd or his family... that 'Madcap' period has been seen so often now in relation to him and I felt perhaps it was time to portray Syd from an earlier time, reigning back a little glory rather than pushing that vacant look onto the public every time there's a mention of him.

"It was that glory, after all, which was the most important part of his story, in my opinion, not the fall from grace... this stunning looking guy who was an innovator as well as a musician and songwriter that galvanised the Floyd to success after he joined. Yes, what happened afterwards was sad, but to keep dwelling on that sadness ever since, at the expense of what he achieved in little over a year, is a shame I feel. But hey... who am I to say anything... I wasn't there, I didn't know him... but as an artist I can celebrate the good times of my subject as well as the bad!

"It was great to be given an opportunity to pay homage to this man who really was a hero of mine, and to that band who jump-started my passion about music and art over 35 years ago."

Mark Wilkinson will be present during two forthcoming exhibitions to explain all about this artwork. The first exhibition is on November 19th at the Luise-Albertz-Halle in Oberhausen, Germany. The second exhibition is at the Mega Record Fair in Utrecht, The Netherlands, on November 20th and 21st. Mark said:

"I'm planning to produce a series of limited edition Giclée prints of the painting, each complete with a certificate of authenticity which will have an explanation of the ideas behind the picture. I will take the original painting to show at an exhibition in Germany next month, together with the prints, and on to the Record Fair in Utrecht at the weekend of the November 20/21."

We should have more information on this DVD, along with ordering info, shortly. Many thanks to Mark Wilkinson for his time...

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