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Written by Matt   
Thursday, 04 August 2005

Just over a month after the headline-making reunion of Pink Floyd with Roger Waters, we have a couple of Live 8-related news items for you.

Firstly, specialist amp manufacturer Hiwatt have got some interesting coverage of their performance, with particular focus on the custom amp (the DG-103 signature head) that David Gilmour used during the performance. They also use one of our pictures on their home page. Check out

We've also been contacted by our friends over at They received a lot of thanks for their excellent Live 8 coverage, and have asked us to remind you all that you can still view the Floyd's four songs - Breathe/Breathe Reprise, Money, Wish You Were Here and Comfortably Numb - on demand by going to until the end of August. There are also all the other performances available too. Each song can be selected individually, and with a fast connection, can be viewed successfully full-screen in pretty good quality.

This should keep people going until the official DVD arrives in November from EMI.

AOL news also has some remarks from the various members of the band:

Although the band's performance [at Live 8] was undeniably strong, guitarist David Gilmour admits that, at least initially, he said no to reforming for the show. "Bob Geldof came down to visit me in the country and tried to persuade me that this was something I should do, and I sent him away and said no," he recalls. "He rang everyone else up. Roger [Waters] eventually rang me up and then I thought, 'Well, in the end, I'll probably kick myself if I don't do it.' It's a very important thing to do for the welfare of Africa and the world."

Drummer Nick Mason agrees that the cause to help stop world poverty was the ultimate catalyst for the reunion. "The band came together to do this one thing. One of the things that Bob particularly wanted was to get people to recognize the problem, and I think something like reforming of a band was in some ways actually really useful. I keep referring to it as sort of novelty act -- and so I felt it a really worthwhile thing to do."

Is this a one-off reunion? "I have no idea, actually," Mason confesses. "It would be great to re-form just to do good work. I think that what we're doing is this one specific show for Bob and for this cause, and that's it. It's not a way of launching our next world tour."

David Gilmour says the reunion has provided the band with a sense of closure. "It's nice to put things to bed -- have a happy ending, put some old squabbles to rest."

Mason says that preparing for the Hyde Park performance was reasonably straightforward. "We had one meeting to decide what we'd play and that was very easy. I mean, it's a fairly limited spot, not an entire show -- just a matter of doing a few songs. And then we went into the rehearsal studio for three days. We worked out that between us, we've got about 300 years of rock 'n' roll experience in the studio, but funnily enough, it's the technical stuff that takes time -- just making sure that everyone can hear what they need to, that the monitors work, that sort of thing."

The full article can be read through this link.

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