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Written by Matt   
Sunday, 03 July 2005

Pink Floyd's highly acclaimed reunion at the Live 8 concert in London's Hyde Park on Saturday, has drawn a huge amount of coverage in the press. In this wrap-up, we bring you some of the news, information, and quotes of interest.

Firstly, the BBC have given the show, and Pink Floyd's involvement, a lot of coverage, fitting as they were the host broadcaster for the London show. They are currently running a poll asking for the public's opinion as to the best act of the show.

At time of writing, they had received in excess of 50,000 votes. Pink Floyd were topping the chart, with 29% of the votes cast. In second place is Madonna, with 22%, and in third, Robbie Williams with 12%. Help keep the Floyd at the top of the tree by visiting the BBC's Live 8 voting page!

During the day, the BBC's Chris Evans interviewed, separately, David Gilmour and Nick Mason. They have made both of these interviews available to hear online. Both are in Real Audio format.

To the right, you will see a picture that they have turned into computer desktop wallpaper, for download in three screen sizes: 1600 x 1200, 800 x 600, and 1024 x 768. Go to for these, and for a gallery of onstage shots.

Elsewhere on their pages, they note how sales, the first real shopping day after Live 8, have rocketed for a lot of the artists on the bill of the concert. Pink Floyd are well ahead of the rest, with sales of Echoes: The Best Of soaring by 1343% today. The Who's Then and Now has been boosted by 863%, the Eurythmics Greatest Hits by 500%, and Dido's Life For Rent by 412%. The store who compiled these figures - HMV - expect the trend to continue to build this week. Whilst some might carp that an appearance at the show has been good for people's careers, without the big names the show wouldn't have attracted the attention that Bob Geldof was after, and of course, many of these artists have gained a big new fan base.

There have also been various reports on the BBC website covering the event. Here's a typical extract:

      There are 5,000 people involved in making this event happen and amidst all the talk of this being "the World's biggest cultural event" the stars look as though it's just another day's work. But one man who looked as though he was truly moved was Pink Floyd's drummer, Nick Mason.
      The band is famous for its long-running disputes and the line-up that created it's most successful records has not played together since the early 1980s. They are now back on stage at Live 8. Mason said they were doing it for political reasons.
      "The idea is to make people think about the issues," he said. "If you look at a rather elderly band getting back together after years of squabbling then it's likely to make you think."

Elsewhere on the BBC site, Roger Waters commented that: "It seemed like a good opportunity for reconciliation to have a small victory over rancour. Life's too short otherwise."

One of the presenters on the show, Jo Wiley, posed a few questions to Nick:

Jo Wiley: So, tonight's performance will be the first time in 24 years, that you've performed together. What were the rehersals like, when you first all got back together again?

Nick Mason: Remarkably civilised! I think we were actually all really pleased to be doing this, and we, um, all seemed to remember the songs!

JW: No bitterness, any tears, any emotion?

NM: Certainly no tears, we're English, remember that, so we don't do that sort of thing! No, I think we were really pleased to be there.

JW: OK, and will there be... Is this kind of the beginning of a new era for Pink Floyd?

NM: Um (pauses) I have no's certainly not... it's not intended to be.

The UK's Daily Mirror newspaper has also been covering the band's reunion at various points. In one article, they note that 'after the Macca-U2 opening, another high point for Geldof was the sight of Pink Floyd back together after 24 years. He had phoned Dave Gilmour and Roger Waters to persuade them to patch up their bitter differences. Geldof said: "There's something about the Floyd that always makes you question your life. Seeing them together was one of the greatest moments of the evening."'

Elsewhere, they noted that Roger and David 'have ended their feud after barely speaking for 18 years. The pair have been joking while rehearsing for tonight's Live 8 8 reunion - and they were all smiles yesterday as they toasted the gig in London's Hyde Park. Drummer Nick Mason said: "There has been a lot of reminiscing. The same old rehearsal jokes have come up again."'

The ContactMusic website talk about the band refusing to make a comeback. According to their site, Mason said, "Why did we reform? It's a damn good way of spending a weekend." 'But when asked if the reunion was a once-in-a-lifetime event, Gilmour replied, "Yes."'

The final word goes to who report that Pink Floyd would not hesitate to reunite for a concert supporting the Israeli-Palestinian peace efforts. "If a concert like that was organized, I would be there tomorrow morning," Nick Mason told Yedioth Ahronoth.

They note that, when told of the hundreds of thousands of Israeli fans of the band, Mason said he was sorry there were some countries Pink Floyd never got to tour, including Israel and South American nations.

      When asked whether there were any plans for more than a one-time reunion, however, Mason said no such plans were being discussed at this time. "On the other hand, if you would have asked me 20 years ago whether we'd ever reunite in the future, I would tell you with certainty that 'No,' and today I'm not saying that," Mason said.
      Last summer, Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters, however, joined causes with a pro-Palestinian group dedicated to removing the security barrier between Israel and Palestinian territories. The hook, of course, was Floyd's hit album, "The Wall."
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