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Nick Mason: "Pink Floyd still exist!" Print E-mail
Written by Matt   
Friday, 22 April 2005

"As far as I'm concerned, we still exist," Nick Mason tells the Toronto Star today, in a fascinating interview that looks at his new book, and the future of Pink Floyd. His desire to record and tour again is clear, as Nick talks of how the latest technologies would contribute to a live show that could "knock the socks off" peers such as the Rolling Stones and Paul McCartney.

The interview starts with a look at how Nick can blend into a crowd, unnoticed and unbothered. "If I wanted to be a rock star, I'd have done something about it years and years ago, you know?" he says. "I'm not a famous pop star, I'm someone who is in a famous band. And there is a difference. I think that's how we always played it. We settled absolutely into that (anonymous) groove, and we thought we were lucky to do it. And what does it matter? The only time I would ever describe myself as `Nick Mason of Pink Floyd' is when I'm doing a radio gig. The rest of the time it's just `Nick Mason, Boy Drummer.'"

The interview looks at the creation of the book, and how Nick developed the text. However, some of the more interesting comments concern his regrets - which include the few times that The Wall was performed live - and "the current inertia of Pink Floyd, which for the past decade has simply contented itself to put out greatest hits collections and reissues of back catalogue, rather than record new material or tour like a rock band should."

The article continues:

It's clear from listening to Mason in the interview, and from the questions he's received from fans during months of bookstore meet-and-greets for Inside Out (Toronto isn't on the itinerary yet; maybe later this year), that he's restless and raring to go.

He refuses to think of Pink Floyd in the past tense, even though many people seem to assume the group is finished.

"As far as I'm concerned, we still exist," Mason says firmly.

"If there's some sort of official recognition that we don't, if Dave says, `Right, never again,' then maybe it's never again. But we are still active in terms of revitalizing some of the old stuff." (Watch for a DVD release of PULSE - a concert recording released on VHS in 1995 - soon and a rarities anthology further down the road.)

"I suppose the truth of the matter is that I live in hope. I'm definitely not going to be the one that declares no sign of life."

Hardest of all is trying to persuade Gilmour to get out of his luxury houseboat and hit the road. "Dave does not like being pushed. The line I've used on this tour is you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink - and Dave you can't even get to the water."

But Mason is keeping his fingers crossed that Pink Floyd might yet make new music and yet again tour - maybe in a year or so, after Gilmour finishes a solo project he's working on. The quiet man has heard that the Rolling Stones and Paul McCartney are planning to hit the road this year.

"I'd love to go out and compete with them. Because I think we could do really well. The technology exists now to do fantastic shows. And I think also, particularly as some of the other (bands) are beginning to pull away from the big show, I think we could actually get in there and knock their socks off."

The full, fascinating interview can be seen at the Toronto Star website. Our thanks to Cyberpop01 for letting us know about this interview.

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