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New Pink Floyd inspired album "Technology Analogy" Print E-mail
Written by Matt   
Sunday, 16 November 2008

truth movement cover Well-known actor, producer, and director Corey Feldman is, quite sensibly, a massive Pink Floyd fan, and has met and worked with various members of the band over the years.

So it comes as no surprise that his new album, Truth Movement's "Technology Analogy", not only sounds in places quite a lot like the music we all love, but also interestingly enough involves a number of people who have been instrumental in the Pink Floyd story over the years. The album, released on his own new label, Cifi Records, gets its release on November 25th, and we've recently been taking a good, long listen to it...

The band’s aim is to be a Pink Floyd inspired homage to classic rock. Fronted by Corey as vocalist, guitarist, percussionist and songwriter, Truth Movement is comprised of a group of veteran Los Angeles musicians: Rob Heskin (guitars/writer) Chuck Irwin (drums/writer) and Randy Morris (bass), and features contributions by Mark Karan of the Grateful Dead sub band Rat Dog.

corey and robert vosgien Alongside them on the album, which is dedicated to the late Richard Wright, are Scotty Page, who performed sax duties for Pink Floyd between 1987 and 1989 (having first worked with David Gilmour in 1985 on a Supertramp session) and the highly regarded, multi-instrumentalist Jon Carin, who has been an essential part of Pink Floyd since 1987, and more recently a cornerstone of both David Gilmour's, and Roger Waters', bands.

Their influence on the music is easy to hear, with Jon in particular making a major contribution to the overall sound and feel of the music.

The Floyd connections don't end there. The album was mastered at Capitol Records on the exact same board Dark Side of the Moon was created on [see picture above left; Corey with Capitol's Robert Vosgien]. Also, the legendary Storm Thorgerson designed the cover artwork, giving the listener some fascinating images to ponder whilst hearing the music. The apple (forbidden fruit?) proffered on the cover by the robotic hand clearly undergoes a serious munching - in typical Storm style, the remainder of the apple core shown on the rear of the album cleverly reveals a new image, if you look carefully...

truth movement back cover With a fusion of different styles, the album takes a look at the pros and cons of computer technology and how it is integrated into today's society; it also covers relationships and human interaction, and environmental concerns too. Corey takes note of his own impact on the world with the release of the album, and it was made with special 100% biodegradable materials - even a corn plastic disc tray. As they point out, "essentially you could throw it in the ocean and it will just go back to nature"!

There are plenty of songs on the album which quickly grab your attention; particular highlights for me included Ezekiel's Wheels, Me Not You (with its Hammondesque keyboard swells), Coming Back Around, Trust No One, and the pastoral, and suitably titled, Green Is The Colour which features Jon Carin heavily. This is the band's first single, a song about the environment that can be heard as a free listen on Corey's website. Some environmental groups are apparently already adopting it as their theme song.

The album is now available to order through Corey's web site - and will also be available through all the normal legal MP3 download sites such as iTunes. It will be available in stores in due course, and we'll update you when the date is announced.

In the meantime, here are some special pictures [all thumbnails; click to enlarge] from the recording sessions:

1_tune 2_scotty_page
3_jon_corey_andrew_studio 4_jon_carin
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