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July 28th - GROTE MARKT, TIENEN, BELGIUM Print E-mail
Grote Markt, Tienen, Belgium
David Gilmour - Tienen, Belgium ticket

Capacity: 8,000

Concert starts: 9pm (to be confirmed)

Address of venue: Grote Markt, 3300 Tienen, Belgium. MAP




Another unusual venue, which concludes the mainland Europe tour undertaken by David in 2016. Playing in the historic market square of Tienen, these two concerts are the final shows on his tour, with the exception of the four nights at London's Royal Albert Hall in September.

Tickets for this concert went on sale on Friday, February 5th, at 10am CET. Tickets are restricted to 4 per person. You can order tickets through or

Our thanks to Flemming from Copenhagen, Denmark, for sending in the picture of his ticket for this concert - just click the thumbnail if you wish to see it in more detail.

SET LIST - highlight the following with your mouse to read...
FIRST HALF: 5am, Rattle That Lock, Faces Of Stone, What Do You Want From Me, The Blue, The Great Gig In The Sky, A Boat Lies Waiting, Wish You Were Here, Money, In Any Tongue, High Hopes.
Astronomy Domine, Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Fat Old Sun, Dancing Right In Front Of Me, Coming Back To Life, On An Island, The Girl In The Yellow Dress, Today, Sorrow, Run Like Hell ENCORE: Time / Breathe (reprise), Comfortably Numb.


Do not read on if you don't want surprises to be spoilt, regarding what the band played!

And so the summer tour of Europe concludes, with the open air concert held in Belgium.

A few changes to the set in the second half, with One Of These Days moving over for the return of Astronomy Domine and Dancing Right In Front Of Me respectively. The latter has only rarely been played on the tour and is an interesting one to hear from the recent album.

We hear that rain was falling during Comfortably Numb, the concert closing epic, and this made for even more atmospheric lights and lasers - akin to the effect the rain had during the Knebworth 1990 show that the Floyd headlined. As ever, we'd love to know in more detail how the concert went from people in the best position to report back. So, did you go? Let us know what YOU thought!

David Gilmour - Tienen, Belgium, 28th July 2016


When I heard that Gilmour would be touring later this year I immediately started looking for tickets as I didn't want to lose out again. Think I first ordered the Chantilly tickets before finding that Tienen was also on the list. Must say I do not regret having purchase tickets for both venues.

While the Chantilly concert was badly organised and David I have to admit made a few mistakes, the Tienen set was much better in just about every aspect. It was a small scale affair meaning no long lines waiting to get in and since we arrived early we managed to secure a good spot at the front barrier in the General Admission section, funny thing was that we had a better view instead of many others who had purchased a Golden Circle ticket.

The concert started after only a 15 minute delay which was an improvement of the 30 minutes in Chantilly but still the wait from 6pm till 9.45pm was very long.

The concert itself was awesome, it was obvious that this was the last concert until Royal Albert Hall because the entire band seemed more at ease. They obviously enjoyed themselves and that resulted in a much better performance from nearly every member, the only part I still did not like was the solo during The Great Gig In The Sky performed by Lucita Jules, pretty sure they could/should have left that to Louise Marshall.

My only regret is that Echoes was not on the setlist but Astronomy Domine and Fat Old Sun almost made up for that, all in all it was a wonderful and almost magical experience to finally hear him live and I just wish I had tickets for next month as well.

Still can't figure out the crowds at these concerts though, I'm not a regular visitor at concerts but there is such a huge diversity. A lot of the crowd seemed to be in the 40's to 70's age range but there is also an unexpected compliment of teenagers, were these drawn in by the newer Gilmour material or by daddy sharing his musical legacy with his off-spring?

David Gilmour - Tienen, Belgium, 28th July 2016
David Gilmour - Tienen, Belgium, 28th July 2016
David Gilmour - Tienen, Belgium, 28th July 2016

Whatever the reason may be I can only see this as a positive evolution if future generations get bitten by the Gilmour / PF bug like so many others before them.


I have been in paradise at least 3 times so far this year, attending David's concerts in Rome and 2 times in Tienen (BE). It was a sign from heaven that he booked 2 concerts in Tienen (in my backyard so to speak) which I witnessed in the past days. I'm sure the music of PF has helped me through a very difficult period recently.

Anyhow, one of the most magical moments was hearing the sound checks in Rome while visiting the Forum Romanum on the 2nd of July. The concert in the Circus Maximus was mind blowing in this very special historical setting. Even with the fact that during the moment of the concert the Italian soccer team was playing against the Germans (with loud cheers from the audience at moments they scored) the concert was perfect, but I wondered why they only used their laser lights during Comfortably Numb. Personally, I think they should have used these lasers more. The sound was absolutely perfect and the light show was bedazzling (especially during Astronomy Domine and Comfy Numb).

David Gilmour - Tienen, Belgium, 28th July 2016 David Gilmour - Tienen, Belgium, 28th July 2016
David Gilmour - Tienen, Belgium, 28th July 2016 David Gilmour - Tienen, Belgium, 28th July 2016

Both of his concerts in Tienen were unforgettable, but as Belgians we asked ourselves the question why he chose for this location when there are more beautiful places in Belgium to give concerts in. I'm not complaining at all because it was 10km from my home :) . During both nights, some mild rain was falling which was rather welcome and added to the general atmosphere. I guess that the manager of Suikerrock is a huge fan of PF, because some years ago the Australian PF band also played an excellent concert in Tienen and with the 30th anniversary of the festival, it was bull's eye! One point of attention for the organisation was that there were no seats, everybody had to stand up during more than 3 hours, I heard many people complain about their legs and backs, but everybody forgot about that during the show LOL.

The concerts in Tienen were great because David and his team were very relaxed and played some pieces they almost never play (like already mentioned on the Tienen pages) and David told the audience on the second day that it was his 22nd (if I remember well) wedding anniversary! First time I heard him being so open hearted instead of just expressing the usual "thank you very much indeed"! So instead of taking Polly out on a romantic dinner, he was playing in Tienen, WHAT AN HONOUR :).

On the second night in Tienen, I was accompanied by my second daughter, now 12 years, whom I infected with the PF virus, so she has become a fan now too :) and it was a good idea to bring along some small pliable chairs! After the concert I had mixed feelings: very happy because I was very lucky to witness all this and on the other hand a bit sad because this concert may have been the last time he performed outside of the UK (that's what I thought a couple of years ago too and see what happened!). I feel some sort of emptiness in my heart or orphaned after these concerts, but I'm sure he'll keep on rocking in the coming years and after all, there are still more DVD's to come!


Because I could not get the tickets for the Royal Albert Hall, this was my last concert of the five I was seeing this year (seven in total with the Orange and Oberhausen shows from 2015). Although I did not realize it at the moment, this was also be the last concert for the band after travelling for 1.5 years. Yes they will do RAH, but my guess is they will not be staying/travelling as they did for the rest of the tour (?) - the reason I write this is because at the end of the show they all embraced each other (which I did not see in any other show) as to say "this was it".

David Gilmour - Tienen, July 2016 David Gilmour - Tienen, July 2016
David Gilmour - Tienen, July 2016 David Gilmour - Tienen, July 2016

As written in my review of Tienen on the 27th, they indeed changed a lot in the organisation itself, there was an extra entrance for Golden Circle tickets and the area was bigger. (And because I've learned from the night before, we did show up early this time so we had a great spot at the front).

In this show there were a few changes in the setlist compared to the other shows I saw, which I did not expect so it was a nice surprise. One of these Days was replaced by Astronomy Domine, a great song, well performed and they loved doing it. Coming Back To Life was replaced by Dancing Right in Front of Me.

David was in a real good mood, not that he is ever in a bad mood during the shows (at least not that we notice) but he was very talkative (which is unique!). He also seemed a bit more emotional when he spoke about Rick (as he did more often between Great Gig in the Sky and A Boat Lies Waiting). When introducing the band he also thanked (because it was the last of this piece of the tour I guess) people from sound, lights and technicians.

Chuck Leavell got a special speech from David since this was his last concert, he will not be joining the RAH shows because he will have other engagements (David joked about it, but I do not remember the exact words). I did take a picture from Chuck during that speech and you can see him enjoying it. Then he also thanked Polly and informed us that within 12 minutes it would actually be their wedding anniversary. At the moment when he said this I saw Polly hiding in front of the stage where she was taking pictures.

On Comfortably Numb it started to rain which gave the lasers a bit more intensity, which was nice (and glad it only started to rain on the last song).

As said when the show was over and after the bowing the all embraced each other individually which was a nice way for them to end their show and travelling tour.

YOUR HELP NEEDED! We want to cover David's concerts the best we can, to share the experience with everyone, especially those who won't be able to attend the shows. We'd love to see ANY pictures, tickets scans, reviews, newspaper reports, and anything else you come across for this show - we look forward to hearing from you!

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 06 September 2016 )
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