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Château de Chantilly
David Gilmour - Chantilly, France 2016 ticket

Capacity: 24,000

Concert starts: 9pm (to be confirmed)

Address of venue: Château de Chantilly, 60500 Chantilly, France. MAP




Almost 22 years to the day, David returns to this venue, which was the site of a pair of Pink Floyd concerts at the end of July 1994. As with those shows, it promises to be a special place to see David and his band live. The concert will take place in the gardens of the chateau, rather than on the race track (Hippodrome) which was where the Pink Floyd concert was held 22 years ago.


Tickets for this concert went on sale on Friday, February 5th, at 10am CET. Tickets are restricted to 4 per person. You can order tickets through, or via the ticket hotline which is +33 892 392 192 (France only) or +33 149 975 191 (International).

Our thanks to Dave Lowe for the ticket scan shown to the right.

Our thanks to Erik de Bloeme, who told us that announced in the last few days is a public transport option for before and importantly after the Chantilly concert on 16 July. For full details visit This information may help a lot of people who won't be travelling to the venue by car.

SET LIST - highlight the following with your mouse to read...
FIRST HALF: 5am, Rattle That Lock, Faces Of Stone, What Do You Want From Me, The Blue, The Great Gig In The Sky, A Boat Lies Waiting, Wish You Were Here, Money, In Any Tongue, High Hopes.
One Of These Days, Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Fat Old Sun, Coming Back To Life, On An Island, The Girl In The Yellow Dress, Today, Sorrow, Run Like Hell ENCORE: Time / Breathe (reprise), Comfortably Numb.


Do not read on if you don't want surprises to be spoilt, regarding what the band played!

The shocking events in France this week had a natural impact on this show. Increased security measures caused delayed entrance, and the show didn’t start until 9:45pm. A short way into the concert, David Gilmour apologised in French for the delay. “We had a bit of security. You know why..."

The concert started with a minute’s silence, in memory of the victims of Nice. The 24,000 people present were silent in respect, and once the minute had elapsed, the crowd applauded, and the concert began.

The show itself was reportedly a great performance, in front of a very appreciative crowd. The setlist was unchanged from the Stuttgart show, and it’s been a while since we’ve had the same setlist for two shows running. We'd love to know in more detail how the concert went. Did you go? Let us know what YOU thought!


As mentioned the concert started 45 minutes late and David apologised for what seemed to have been an issue with the security detail accompanying the band. Once the first song was under way I don't really think anyone cared about the delay as you were immediately immersed in the David Gilmour sound.

Setlist as mentioned was a duplicate of the Wiesbaden list. What bothered me a bit was the change in line-up - for one reason only. I like the live performances to approximate the studio material as closely as humanly possible. I know it is just a weird twist and other fans will not be bothered but it matters to me.

During The Great Gig In The Sky, Louise Marshall performs most of the solo and while she undoubtedly possesses a wonderful voice I found it to be way off the mark compared to the original version.

Keyboard player Greg Phillinganes nailed the sound of the vintage PF material and I would have given the guy a 10 out of 10 if it wasn't for the fact that he at times prolonged sections or separate notes way beyond their sell by date. Kind of like a 45rpm vinyl on 33rpm.

David Gilmour - Chantilly, July 2016 David Gilmour - Chantilly, July 2016
David Gilmour - Chantilly, July 2016 David Gilmour - Chantilly, July 2016
David Gilmour - Chantilly, July 2016 David Gilmour - Chantilly, July 2016


Chester Kamen and Chuck Leavell performed well, no major mistakes but nothing extraordinary either. Joao Mello on sax was a bit disappointing at first but more than made up for it during Money and subsequent songs. The guy can play a sax with the best of them.

Guy Pratt and Steve DiStanislao do not require reviewing their performance as it is never anything less than outstanding.

And last but not least, David Gilmour. It's probably his fault that I expect originality during a live concert because he always performs exceptionally and will approximate the studio versions better than anyone I know. His guitar work as ever sublime, carried me away into a different world. A better world in so many ways it is hard to describe, I still prefer to listen to his music on my own, in my little mancave . Forgetting all the worries and minor annoyances everyday life brings.

I hope we may enjoy David's music and presence for many more decades to come, but for now I'll just enjoy Echoes (on vinyl of course) for probably the third time today.


About the place: The venue is nice, but "on paper" only. Very difficult to reach, in particular for those with no car (no train after 8 pm). Car Park at 20 euros.... 1 hour from Paris... I would expect that the castle should be part of the show (like the arena in Pompeii). But not at all. The castle was behind us, so David could have played anywhere else, the result would have been the same or even better... No seat available. Standing from 7pm to 1am is just not a good experience that I would ever recommend!

About the show itself: The new line up adds some "freshness" to the performance, with nice new inputs which change from the usual. David experienced some technical issues with his guitar at the start of the show ("the guitar is old... just like me" he said in French) and his voice somewhere in the 2nd set (can't remember when exactly) did not go as expected...

The Blue just breaks the dynamics from the 1st half, just like Fat Old Sun in the 2nd half, but this is my very own personal view. Still, One of these Days and Money sound just terrific and Great Gig is a nice and moving addition to the set. I regret he chose to play "What Do You Want From Me". I really don't like the live rendition. He probably should have kept Astronomy Domine instead (with the fantastic light show which came with the performance).

Most of all, I wish he had played some THE ENDLESS RIVER tracks. Imagine "It's What We Do" played live! This track is just fantastic and this definitely would have made a difference. Next time maybe!

Anyway, we had a great time, we were lucky with the weather, and we can't just not go and see him. Well worth going!


Here are some pictures from Erik:

David Gilmour - Chantilly, France, 16th July 2016 David Gilmour - Chantilly, France, 16th July 2016
David Gilmour - Chantilly, France, 16th July 2016 David Gilmour - Chantilly, France, 16th July 2016
David Gilmour - Chantilly, France, 16th July 2016 David Gilmour - Chantilly, France, 16th July 2016
David Gilmour - Chantilly, France, 16th July 2016 David Gilmour - Chantilly, France, 16th July 2016


I was there in 1994, I was there in 2016...

This year, the stage is close to the castle and what a castle! It's useless to speak again about the times before the concert, you did it. 22 years long to wait for me bring a great excitation: I was not disappointed.

First, the sound was superb, yes it's a cliche (for David's productions) but it was crystal clear like never heard before.

Second, the show - it was breathtaking, with the return of Mr Screen: lights, live videos and clips were beautiful! And the lasers during Comfortably ...I can't find the words...

Three, the music: the setlist was well thought out with a good balance of PF and solo songs. I didn't go to an "On An Island" show so I was very surprised by the power of The Blue and On An Island. Lots of songs bring me to tears but In Any Tongue was the ONE! The very sad video clip with the beautiful singing and powerful solo broke my heart in pieces.

It's a pleasure to see that Division Bell Songs are now classics, having applause like other Floyd songs.

David Gilmour - Chantilly 2016 David Gilmour - Chantilly 2016
David Gilmour - Chantilly 2016 David Gilmour - Chantilly 2016
David Gilmour - Chantilly 2016 David Gilmour - Chantilly 2016

Four, The Man. Sir Gilmour was talkative in French and in a very good mood. At the end Of Rattle That Lock, his guitar failed so he called his technician 3 or 4 times and ended the song dancing with no guitars! He danced during Fat Old Sun during the change of guitars and during One Of These Days when hitting cymbals like Roger Waters in the 1970s!

Run Like Hell was a happy moment with the sunglasses, One Of These Days with its videoclip... It's the difference with Floyd Gilmour and Solo Gilmour: He takes more pleasure now than in the past under the big pressure of leading The Floyd.

He's got his voice, loud and clear and did great solos sometimes longer than other concerts bringing smiles and admiration from Guy Pratt notably in Fat Old Sun, On An Island, Sorrow.

At the age of 70, Mr Gilmour played 2h45 of music with lots of energy! What a Man!

All In All It was a Great Gig In The Sky of Chantilly. Just one regret, the show started at 21h50 and ended at 00h45! 3 hours are not enough! lol...

YOUR HELP NEEDED! We want to cover David's concerts the best we can, to share the experience with everyone, especially those who won't be able to attend the shows. We'd love to see ANY pictures, tickets scans, reviews, newspaper reports, and anything else you come across for this show - we look forward to hearing from you!

Last Updated ( Friday, 05 August 2016 )
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