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August 15th - TELENOR ARENA, OSLO, NORWAY Print E-mail
Telenor Arena
Roger Waters - Oslo 2013

Capacity: 23,000
Concert starts: 7:30pm

Address of venue: Widerøeveien 1, 1360 Fornebu, Norway. MAP




Another venue that Roger performed The Wall at in 2011, the Telenor Arena in Oslo is the latest stop on the European leg of The Wall tour, for a pair of shows. A day's rest before the production heads for Gothenburg.

The presales have begun, with advance tickets available to those who had registered their interest in particular cities. General sale tickets are on sale through The public sale will also see a limited number of VIP packages made available for each show on the tour. Our thanks to Tora for the ticket scan to the right.

YOUR HELP NEEDED! We want to cover Roger's concerts the best we can, to share the experience with everyone, especially those who won't be able to attend the shows. We'd love to see ANY pictures, tickets scans, reviews, newspaper reports, and anything else you come across for this show - we look forward to hearing from you!

FIRST HALF: In the Flesh, The Thin Ice, Another Brick in the Wall Part 1, The Happiest Days of our Lives, Another Brick in the Wall Part 2/The Ballad of Jean Charles de Menezes, Mother, Goodbye Blue Sky, Empty Spaces, What Shall We Do Now, Young Lust, One of My Turns, Don't Leave Me Now, Another Brick in the Wall Part 3, The Last Few Bricks, Goodbye Cruel World
SECOND HALF: Hey You, Is There Anybody Out There?, Nobody Home, Vera, Bring the Boys Back Home, Comfortably Numb, The Show Must Go On, In The Flesh, Run Like Hell, Waiting for the Worms, Stop, The Trial, Outside the Wall.



Do not read on if you don't want surprises to be spoilt, regarding what the band played, and what happened as the night unfolded!

The twelfth night of the tour, and the second of the consecutive pairs of shows here in Oslo. A great show, but again, a restrained audience. Perhaps stung by the "Get on with it!" heckle, Roger changed the preamble to Mother ever so slightly. A night's rest, then Roger finds himself back in Gothenburg (scene of his Ca Ira performance narration the other day) for The Wall.

If you went to this show in Oslo, please let us know what you thought of the event, and if anything interesting or different happened if you've been to previous shows and can compare.


- Make sure you check out Simon's excellent blog at where you'll find full details of all his travels, along with many more pictures and videos.

Unlike last night, we got to the venue in good time, the bus used the bus lanes to avoid all the traffic and 25 minutes later we arrived at the venue. I have a VERY funny story as to what happened on the bus ride but I think I'll save it for the book, if there ever is a book version of this blog:)

Stuart and Ole went to pick up their tickets, they were front row dead centre tonight. I sat down on the walkway to the venue in the sun and people watched for half an hour. 10 minutes went by when a guy (Stien) walked up to me and spoke in Norwegian. I told him I was English and he looked at me and said, “Ahhh, have you seen the show before?” Jeez, did he pick the wrong person to ask that to!! Did he really want to start this conversation? lol... I told him a few times and we started chatting about the show. He was a big collector of Vinyl bootlegs and had seen Roger's In The Flesh show in 2002, Roger's Dark Side show and The Wall in 2011 along with Dave's Floyd show in 1994. I told him how special that show had been as it was the only place on the tour that they had played Marooned, he actually wasn't aware of this! As we chatted more and more I gave him a blog card and explained just how many shows I had seen! his face like most people when they hear this was astonishment.

Stien, outside the venue with a blog card:

P1010846 (Large)


It was now around 6:15, the doors had opened at 6 and I walked toward the entrance with Stien. We said goodbye and I headed in and found Stuart and Ole wandering around. We were stood chatting and drinking when Pat Lennon came over and chatted to us all for 20 minutes before heading back to get ready. All the Lennons are such nice people but Pat especially takes time to come out onto the floor of the venue and chat to people before the show.

Ole and Stuart headed off to buy some beer, Kevin wasn't at tonight's show, he was at the Leonard Cohen show and had taken the train over to Stockholm earlier in the day. I was sat on my own tonight, 18th row on the isle, my regular seat. As I was walking the isles, a guy (Ronny) stopped me and asked if I was the person who did the blog, he had seen the blog on Matt's site (Brain Damage) and stopped to tell me how much he enjoyed it :) It was nice to meet you Ronny and hope you enjoyed the show. [Pics: The rear of the venue / The front / Ronny and I]


P1010847 (Large)  P1010848 (Large)  bilde (Large)


Pat had been telling us earlier how difficult it was last night to feel if the crowd were enjoying the show. He said it's very hard for them to feel any energy and get any feedback when the crowd are not only seated, but act very quiet most of the night. Even the band had noticed how quiet the crowd were when Roger came out as the pyros were going up, he said.

Tonight was a lot different from last night, even though it wasn't the same as “normal”. The venue was certainly a lot fuller than it was last night, maybe as it was a Friday night, I'm not sure, but both the Oslo shows were announced together and it wasn't like one was announced and then they added another! Maybe the people of Norway had read the three main daily newspapers today and seen the show got top marks from each of them!

As the pyros went up tonight there was a huge cheer and even a couple of people stood up, but this was short lived when the pyros had died down and Roger had made his entrance.


P1010851 (Large) P1010860 (Large) P1010863 (Large)


As I said yesterday, there were very few people taking pictures last night and tonight was the same, I turned around during "Flesh" and there wasn't a single visible flash or iPhone light around!

Gig went same as usual with the exception of again, Roger changing his Mother speech ever so slightly, adding, "you've now idea how bad he was" after him telling the audience of that Miserable Fucked up little Roger from years ago. He also changed the ending of "Mother" slightly making the end arrangement a little different as can be heard here:


Couple of shots of the audience at the height of their excitement!


P1010913 (Large) P1010914 (Large)


The three of us met up at Intermission and all agreed it was far better than last night. Stuart going as far to say as it was his favourite gig out of the dozen or so he has seen. We met up with Ray and his wife whom also both agreed it was a better atmosphere than last night and had enjoyed not only the two shows they had seen but their 2 weeks vacation they had had, they were flying to Paris tomorrow and then home to the US on Monday morning, was great to meet you both and hope you had a safe journey home.

Second half came and went even quicker than it seems to have done in the past! Once Hey You has finished and the hotel room's gone back up into the wall after Nobody Home it really feels like the shows on the homeward straight. Roger gestured to get the crowd on their feet again during Comfy but a couple of them were already there! Dave K had messaged me earlier in the day to say it had kinda hit him now that these were probably the last few shows that he would play The Wall with Roger and he was determined to give every solo 150%; he didn't disappoint and brought rapturous cheers that the venue has probably never heard before at the end of his Comfy Numb solo.

I did have to laugh at the couple who sat in front of me all night, they had obviously had a skinful of alcohol and had their cigarette lighters out for 80% of the show and were constantly waving them in the air. I watched them a few times as they had no idea which way to look during the show and totally missed the whole of the hotel room scene during Nobody Home while struggling to fill up their lighters with gas! They didn't see the pig come out and didn't even see Robbie and Dave on top of the wall until 15 seconds before the end of Dave's 2nd solo!

I moved onto the rail for Outside The Wall, missed the wall wind due to being too far back and no one standing up until the band came back onstage.

Thanks to Ole for the pictures below:


P1000394 (Large) P1000395 (Large) P1000396 (Large) P1000397 (Large)


P1000398 (Large) P1000399 (Large) P1000401 (Large) P1000402 (Large)


A great show, a good audience and a fantastic time had by all!


Hopefully coming soon - we welcome all contributions!

Last Updated ( Saturday, 17 August 2013 )
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