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River Plate
Roger Waters - The Wall Live 2012 ticket
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Capacity: 45,000
Concert starts: 9pm

Address of venue: Av. Pte. Figueroa Alcorta 7597 - Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina.  MAP

Website: TBA



Well, this is quite unprecedented - despite tickets for the seventh night not yet even on sale, the promoter has come to realise that an incredible EIGHTH show at this venue needs to be added. The Brazilian concerts that follow will be rearranged to fit in this show.

Tickets went on sale at midnight local Buenos Aires time ON Tuesday 6th, September, through The public sale will also see a limited number of VIP packages made available for each show on the tour. The flyer to the right, when expanded by clicking on it, shows the different zones and the associated ticket price. Our thanks to Christian de la Rosa for the ticket scan shown to the right.

SET LIST - highlight the following with your mouse to read...
FIRST HALF: In the Flesh, The Thin Ice, Another Brick in the Wall Part 1, The Happiest Days of our Lives, Another Brick in the Wall Part 2, Mother, Goodbye Blue Sky, Empty Spaces, What Shall We Do Now, Young Lust, One of My Turns, Don't Leave Me Now, Another Brick in the Wall Part 3, The Last Few Bricks, Goodbye Cruel World
Hey You, Is There Anybody Out There?, Nobody Home, Vera, Bring the Boys Back Home, Comfortably Numb, The Show Must Go On, In The Flesh, Run Like Hell, Waiting for the Worms, Stop, The Trial, Outside the Wall.



Do not read on if you don't want surprises to be spoilt, regarding what the band played, and what happened as the night unfolded!

Night twenty-five of the tour, and the penultimate concert in Buenos Aires. As with the show on the 17th, it was also filmed. For what purpose, we don't know, but wonder if it is to be included as a document of these bigger outdoor shows for the DVD/Blu-ray release. If they'd have left it later in the tour, it would of course have a potential knock-on effect on the release date of the product. Of course, it might just be for Roger's own archives. Anyway... if you went to this show in Argentina, please let us know what you thought of the event, and if anything interesting or different happened if you've been to previous shows and can compare.


We're just back from show number 8 in Buenos Aires. We stood a little further back tonight. Every show of the South American leg of the tour they have pulled down the pig at the back of the venue and let the crowd tear it apart! For the last few shows Kami has been voicing to me several times a day that she would really like to go tear the pig up, so we decided tonight was the night! Our friends Georg and Marcelo did it a couple of nights previous and said it was crazy! Kami wore her camo pants just so she could put everything in the her pockets and wouldn't have to take her bag, leaving her with two hands free to tear the pig! This was a precision planned operation.

They were filming the show tonight, and the crowd was illuminated by lights all around the arena similar to how it was in Greece. It was the same the previous show, too. There were 6 cameras visible in the stadium for the filming; a point Roger shared before Mother.

Roger Waters - Buenos Aires


We watched the first half of the show from the rear on the floor, and for the second half we moved up just to the left of the area where the pig is brought down!

They have the pig on 2 lines steered by two handlers. It comes out at the beginning of In The Flesh pt.2, and it is then taken and hovered over the crowd during Run Like Hell, Waiting For The Worms and The Trial. As the wall is falling down, they reel the pig in and let it hover just above the crowd so that they can reach it. As soon as the crowd on the right start to pull it to the ground, they let people run in from the left, and the pig is totally torn apart in seconds! Georg told us the best way to get a piece is to puncture it with your finger and then tear it, since it's made of rubber about 1mm thick.

At intermission, I had found a small, sharp piece of wood on the floor and gave it to Kami to pierce the pig! As it happened, this didn't work, and it broke right away. I followed Kami as she ran over once the pig was on the ground and took video of her. At least I tried--at one point, she totally disappeared and was nearly dragged under the pig! I had warned her to be careful, but I'm not sure she listened to a thing I said! When I found her she was like a raving mad man trying to get a piece with her teeth! As she was scrambling around playing tug-o-war with other people who had the opposite end to what she had, I saw a guy in the audience with one of the tusks, and it was still inflated. He was waving it around, showing his prize to the rest of the crowd. I got a couple of small pieces and went to help Kami. She was still in a tug-o-war match, and I just ripped what I could, and started biting a tear in the rubber, too. It turns out it's pretty easy that way! Once I'd done that a couple of times, the piece that Kami had in her hand was all hers! We quickly rolled it up and headed on out from the rampage! You can see my video of the pig tearing below:

It was a great show tonight, but the view we had wasn't the best. That was kind of our choice, and it was a sacrifice we had to make for the pig. The sound was incredible at our location, though, and I've never heard the surround as good as I did tonight! The one thing we were able to catch was some new graphics in the second half. It was nothing major, and appears to be small additions which they may be trying to tweak the act with. For example, they have added a new graphic during Waiting for the Worms where they have added the words TRUST US in HUGE letters at the ends of each sides of the wall. Just another sign that the show is still changing and little tweaks being added here and there all the time! Will try grab a picture of it tonight as it does look good and works well.

- Make sure you check out Simon's excellent blog at where you'll find full details of all his travels, along with more pictures and videos.


Hopefully coming soon - we welcome all contributions!

YOUR HELP NEEDED! We want to cover Roger's concerts the best we can, to share the experience with everyone, especially those who won't be able to attend the shows. We'd love to see ANY pictures, tickets scans, reviews, newspaper reports, and anything else you come across for this show - we look forward to hearing from you!

Last Updated ( Monday, 19 March 2012 )
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