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Home arrow Roger Waters 2007 arrow March 23rd - PRACA DA APOTEOSE, RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL

rio de janeiroCapacity: 40,000

Concert starts: 9:30pm

Address of venue: Praça da Apoteose, R. Marques de Sapucaí, s/nº - Pca Onza, Downtown, Rio de Janeiro, BrazilMAP

Website: TBC

Tickets for this concert went on sale on February 7th, through the venue, Ticketmaster, and other normal agents.

However, you needed to be a Citibank customer as this was strictly speaking a presale. Tickets went on general sale on February 14th.

Our thanks to Beth Primo for sending over the ticket scan shown to the right, for the poster shown below, and for some of the info here.
Rio ticket

SET LIST - highlight the following with your mouse to read...
FIRST HALF: In The Flesh, Mother, Set The Controls For the Heart Of The Sun, Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Have A Cigar, Wish You Were Here, Southampton Dock, The Fletcher Memorial Home, Perfect Sense parts 1 and 2, Leaving Beirut, Sheep.
Dark Side of the Moon. ENCORE: The Happiest Days Of Our Lives, Another Brick In The Wall (Pt 2), Vera, Bring the Boys back Home, Comfortably Numb.


Do not read on if you don't want surprises to be spoilt, regarding what the band played!

The final nights in South America found Roger and his band playing two nights in Brazil - and nights that didn't disappoint! Playing at a venue used to the Carnival, Roger had his fans on their feet. Maybe not samba-ing, but rocking to the music! With a power cut in the midst of the first set, plans for the show to go with a bang went to a whole new level...

For a collection of twentysix great (professional) images from this show, visit the UOL website.


apoteose posterCONCERT REVIEW - by BD contributer, Gabriel Yazbeck

Roger's 2007 Rio gig was a memorable one. After attending his 2002 gig in Rio, I was not sure I could be surprised by this one, since the set list overlaps extensively with the first one. But it did positively surprise me. As we all know the set list, let's go to this gig's idiosyncratic moments:

There was an alleged 30.000+ people attending. A considerable crowd.

During Perfect Sense Part II, during the submarine attack sequence, when the torpedoes hit the target and there is a big explosion, the band, crowd and crew got surprised by how efficient the hit was, since the whole stage power went out! Fifteen minutes or so of expectations followed before the show resumed with Leaving Beirut. His story reminded me of Brazilian peoples hospitality.

The audience sang (at the top of their lungs) everything they knew, which was pretty much 80% of the whole setlist.

DSOTM's performance was immaculate and gave me a whole new perspective on this album. I think Roger sort of reinvented the way of listening/experiencing or looking to the old prism, after all those years. It is remarkable how current and fresh the ideas and concepts for this masterpiece are...

Also I must acknowledge the succesful way that the show bring together differents pieces and concepts of the Floyd career. He did achieve a strong concept show...

A night to remember...

CONCERT REVIEW - by BD contributer, Charles Portilho

Just as I did in 2002, I arrived at Sambodromo Carnival 2.5 hours before the start of the gig. Very hot weather, about 35 C. This time we could see quickly that the stage was so much more sophisticated, light years ahead of that used on the ITF Tour. There was a big screen with a very high resolution, and on it we could see a radio, an airplane and a bottle of whisky (I think).

We could see also, that the crowd was much bigger, I imagine about 45,000 people. Last time, magazines noticed 35000 in audience and now too, but the place was much more full than in 2002.

Well, the best and the greatest show on earth started sharp at 9.30pm, when Brazilian hysteria started with a big hand tuning the radio and changing stations and music. Suddenly, one more station and then appeared the band and the GENIUS ROGER WATERS with his black bass, playing IN THE FLESH in perfect quadraphonic sound, simply fantastic.

About the quadraphonic sound, I can tell you, it's wonderful, chiefly because the extra sounds like voices, every kind of strange noises applied into the Pink Floyd Music through the years.

In The Flesh was followed by Mother with Katie Kissoon's great voice. There's not much one can say about this song, just perfect!

Set the Controls brought emotion 'cause it's a very old song, and one of the first songs made by ROGER for Pink Floyd... SNOWY "destroyed" his guitar and we almost became deaf 'cause the sound was at the max volume.

Shine On… was amazing and sad, with a big Syd Barrett face on the screen, and Barrett's movies too, BEAUTIFUL. I believe some people like me, for example, felt a little sad seeing that young face at the screen and the final destiny for our hero... Barrett.

After that, we had Have A Cigar and we could prove how good a guitar man is David Kilminster.

Following that Roger brought one of the most respected Pink Floyd songs in Brazil called WISH YOU WERE HERE, and it was so beautiful to hear 40000 (maybe) voices singing together.

Southampton Dock and Fletcher Memorial was a great moment, chiefly for the fanatics like ME. The Final Cut keep in the bottom of my heart and these songs sounds like poetry to me.

Perfect Sense followed with the incomparable PP ARNOLD on vocals. When the band played the second part, there was a power cut and the stage was black for 20 minutes, while people kept screaming and singing and Roger gave autographs. What happened? Just at the moment the submarine released the bombs, we could hear a BOOOM on the stage. Very funny! A guy near me said: - They lose the target and the bomb was direct to the stage… hhhhaaaa….

Leaving Beirut was fabulous, and the crowd understood perfectly Roger's message. The lyrics on the screen helped so much to understand the history. Interesting also, ANDY did the solo using a white Texan hat, a very different visual if compared to other tours.

Sheep, for me, the greatest moment in the whole gig. Very good sound, and effects, with fire on the stage and a very big PIG flying around, with written words in Portuguese: ORDEM E PROGRESSO??? (order and progress?), LIBERDADE (liberty),  KILLERS LEAVE OUR KIDS ALONE and on the pig's neck "CORTE AQUI" (cut here).

A short break and Roger came back on the stage and brought great emotion for all, playing all the DSOTM songs, with absurd perfection of voice and instruments. The visual was fantastic, chiefly ON THE RUN and ANY COLOUR YOU LIKE.

Carol Kenyon made a perfect Clare Torry during The Great Gig in The Sky, and her face was reproduced on the screen between clouds and thunder. Near the end, a big prism lit up the stage and it was changing colours all the time. A REAL PRISM… WONDERFUL !!!

At the end, after ECLIPSE, people gave their applause for several minutes. Roger then introduced a group of Brazilian students who helped the band do the chorus of Another Brick part 2, the crowd was jumping and singing all together. Roger kissed and thanked each one of the children and the crowd clapped intensely.

A beautiful sequence after this brought for us VERA and BRING THE BOYS... which made me remember The Wall In Berlin show, 1990, very touching.

For closing, a great song: COMFORTABLY NUMB, played perfectly and in the end leaving all fans glad for seeing Roger again in Brazil and sad for thinking that this could be OUR LAST TIME WITH HIM.

A complete Pink Floyd show, with Gilmour, Mason, Wright helping Roger is a far distant dream for Brazilian fans, but this gig certainly was very near to it. This tour, Roger is doing the best music using the Pink Floyd size.


Last Updated ( Tuesday, 03 April 2007 )
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