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Home arrow Roger Waters 2007 arrow July 9th - TD BANKNORTH GARDEN, BOSTON, MA, USA
banknorth ticket

Capacity: 19,600

Concert starts: 8pm

Address of venue: 100 Legends Way, Boston, MA 02114MAP


Tickets for this concert went on sale on March 2nd through and If you own an American Express card, you could have taken advantage of the pre-sale which started through this link.

Our thanks to Syd who sent in the ticket scan, shown to the right.

SET LIST - highlight the following with your mouse to read...
FIRST HALF: In The Flesh, Mother, Set The Controls For the Heart Of The Sun, Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Have A Cigar, Wish You Were Here, Southampton Dock, The Fletcher Memorial Home, Perfect Sense parts 1 and 2, Leaving Beirut, Sheep.
Dark Side of the Moon. ENCORE: The Happiest Days Of Our Lives, Another Brick In The Wall (Pt 2), Vera, Bring the Boys back Home, Comfortably Numb.


Do not read on if you don't want surprises to be spoilt, regarding what the band played!

With the tour heading full speed towards its inevitable conclusion, both the band, and the audiences, seem to be making the most of the final performances of Dark Side Of The Moon in its entirety.

With three more shows to go, the opportunities to catch the show are running out! Tomorrow night (July 10th) sees the show move to Hartford, CT, for a concert at the NE Dodge Music Center. If you are going, have a great time!

CONCERT REVIEW - by BD contributer, John Altieri

Roger and his immensely talented musicians did not disappoint!! Same set list. I went with my wife and a couple of friends. One our friends just saw his first show. He was very impressed. He wants to see Gilmour now.

I saw this tour last year from front row centah as we say it hear in Bean town. The place was sold out! This year I sat back in the loge 8 area and simply enjoyed the video effects. The sound can be tough in this place but I was very happy, just loud enough and crystal clear.

Great Show...

jim_price_bostonCONCERT COMMENT and PICTURE - by BD contributer, Jim Price

Fantastic show, my fifth since 1999, and brought along my 7 year old son.

CONCERT REVIEW - by BD contributer, Brian Lewis

I am a pro audio engineer and musician, so hopefully I can provide a slightly different perspective on this year’s Roger Waters tour.

First, if you can believe it, the band is tighter now than when I saw them in September 2006. I noticed some minor musical issues last year, and it appears that they have the show perfected now. Second, I thought that the female singer’s solo performances were better this year as well, particularly the solo on “Great Gig In The Sky”. It was also noticeable that Snowy White is doing more soloing on this tour.

As for the show itself, it’s hard to believe that it is much better than last year but it is. Much more use of video screen imagery, pyro, and other special effects. I was 15th row center on the floor and I especially liked the video screen imagery in “On the Run”. If you just stared right into the screen it was a trip. Another thing that I noticed was that the political rhetoric seemed toned down a tiny bit compared to last year... I’m not sure if this was a conscious effort. Nevertheless, Roger’s political message was still obvious and was widely accepted by the crowd.

The crowd this night was much different than the crowd last year in Boston. It was a very rowdy crowd compared to last year, and there were a lot of wasted people here. There were drunks everywhere, and I could smell reefer constantly. Overall I think that it makes for a better concert vibe, but then again, I could do without the completely wasted people who feel the need to talk loudly, scream constantly, and wave their arms in your face throughout the entire show, all while for example, a quiet piano part is being played. LOL

If anyone has been wondering why the show sounds so damn good you can probably attribute this to the FOH (Front Of House) engineer Trip Kahlaf. The guy is a legend in professional audio circles and has been the FOH engineer for Queen, Fleetwood Mac, Mariah Carey, Keith Richards, Janet Jackson, and countless other top artists. This makes me extremely happy because as a pro audio engineer myself, it’s hard for me to attend shows without critiquing the quality of the sound. The quality of the sound for this show was amazing.

In the end, this is a top 5 show for me and I have seen hundreds of concerts over my lifetime. Anyone who has never seen Roger Waters should consider this as a must see, because artists like RW are few and far between and he’s not going to be doing this much longer.

CONCERT REVIEW and PICTURES - by BD contributer, Ralph Barilla

boston_rb1 boston_rb2 boston_rb3

Well ok...There really isn't a way to put into words what happened to me last night. I'm still sitting in disbelief at the moment. It all passed so quickly and seemed surreal. At first when I got to my seat I found out someone gave me false information. My seat should have been more toward the center than to the side whoever set the chairs up obviously set the #'s up the wrong way (chalk). I went to complain that it had been set up the opposite way no doubt from some newbie that didn't know any better. Ha Ha, they weren't hearing it but I just had to say something cause I was pissed off. Both the venue and the ticket seller told me the #'s were labeled the other way. Anyway this didn't matter in the end. It actually turned out as a blessing in disguise. So we were sitting in front of the whisky bottle in the front row, right in front of the speakers. Like I said earlier words can't do last night justice. It was one of the greatest nights of my life.

There is nothing like being up front. Regardless if it's in the center or not. I thought that it might not have been as good because it was so far to the side, but boy was I wrong. Nobody bothered us the whole night. Nobody going back and forth, nobody on cell phones, etc. etc. etc.. We stood on the rail watching each musician blow us away one by one when it came their turn. It was totally mesmerizing. The best part of the night was that Rog took a liking to our side, we would go nuts when he came over.

Actually we were going nuts the whole night! He was literally only a few feet away from me each time he came over. It wasn't like having a moment with Rog, it was like having 100 moments with Rog. I can't tell you all how many times Rog looked me right in the eye while playing the bass directly to us. It felt so surreal to once again pound fists in the air and sing along with Rog who's probably 5 feet away from you staring at you in the eye, playing bass directly to us. How does one put that feeling into words? It didn't happen just once, too many times to even count. He loved us over there and he kept coming over every few minutes it seemed. We kept giving him that energy and he kept coming over. You couldn't have paid me to sit anywhere else.

The rest of the band brought the house down as well. The sound was so tight and spot on, the tone was orgasmic. Since we were standing in front of the speakers the sound literally blew through my body, I could feel every note of every tune running in my blood and pounding through my veins. It wasn't too loud though for any that think it would be. Ian seemed to take a liking to us as well as Dave and Snowy. Ian had me frozen with his playing he can just flat out rock. They all seemed to astonish us... Graham's solo, Dave, Snowy, Ian, Andy, Carol........ The list goes on and on. I kept telling myself to take it all in throughout the eve. It was so hard to take all that in all at once. They are just so fantastic. I still feel like I'm not doing any justice to the show with my words. So I'll stop trying to describe it. I had my camera, took a bunch of pics only to find most of them came out blurry. Only a few came out good.

Before the show I was able to get a pic with Harry and I and also gave PP Arnold a hug. She really is the sweetest. Snowy had a few kind words for us as well. The others were also there (not Rog) we wished them a good show as they went by. That was another surreal moment.

During half-time, Andrew Z. (Roger's Tour Manager) came out to the front row and interviewed a couple fans on "their thoughts about the song Leaving Beirut". He had a little recorder and interviewed the people on my left and right but skipped over me....Darn..

In the end I also got Dave's guitar pick. What an UNREAL show and what great company to share it with. The feelings from last night will go on forever.... A Huge THANK YOU goes out to Rog and the band as they made my year last night.

CONCERT REVIEW - by BD contributer, Kathy Roy

I had the pleasure of seeing Roger for the second time on this tour - I saw him early on, last September 9, at the Tweeter Center in Mansfield, Mass., and I thought THAT was a fabulous show. Nothing like Roger (or the Floyd) performing outdoors!

However, I just saw him last evening at the Boston Garden, and I have a hard time believing that this was the same tour! That had to be one of the best shows I have ever witnessed, I am still recovering. I have been at every possible local Floyd show since 1975, including 5 nights of the Wall in New York (yes, I am one of the lucky few).

But last night's RW show was nothing short of spectacular. May I say it was a religious experience? The improvements in everything, sound, effects, lights, you name it, he has perfected this show! But for his sake, I am glad that he can finally take some well deserved time off after next month. I just wish everyone on the planet could witness one RW live show. People cannot possibly understand unless they have seen it for themselves. My only regret is not seeing David Gilmour's tour this year. I was unable to obtain even one ticket, at any cost. I anxiously await the DVD!

CONCERT REVIEW - by BD contributer, Michael Wilson

This was pretty much the same show as 06 in Mansfield - see my Sept 9th 06 BD review!

I will say the special effects were much better and the sound (inside as opposed to outside) was nothing short of spectacular. The surround effects added so much to the show that I didn’t hear last year. Much more pyro than last year, and the crowd seemed to be far more into the show as well. There were times when we did most of the singing (ABITHW PT2) for one.

I would say I enjoyed this show far more than last year, and I couldn’t say enough about last years show. The pig and the spaceman worked out well inside. The pyramid prism was new (I think) and incredible to see. If you have seen the tour you know what I’m talking about. If you are waiting to see it you will thoroughly enjoy yourself.

I did manage to get a Roger Waters signed poster/litho numbered to 1500. I’m dying to get it framed and I wouldn’t sell it for anything. If you go get your hands on one! Second time seeing Roger and the band, can’t wait for the third. Cheers!

CONCERT REVIEW - by BD contributor, Patrick Garvey

I attended Roger's show in Boston, MA on July 9th. Let me tell you, it was a dream come true! I never thought I'd ever get to see any members of Pink Floyd play live. The closest I had gotten was meeting Nick Mason at his book signing in Seattle, WA. (in case you're wondering how I saw two events on opposite coasts of the country, I'm in the US Coast Guard and was stationed in Seattle, but just recently transferred back closer to home in Rhode Island, which is how I saw the Boston show).

When Roger's Boston show went on sale back in February, I immediately bought a ticket - I didn't even know if I would be able to go, the show being so far in advance and combined with my schedule with the Coast Guard (i.e. whether or not I would be out at sea). Thankfully, the forces that be saw to it that I would be able to attend the show, and it was absolutely amazing. I was pleasantly surprised in that he played 95% Pink Floyd songs (not to say I don't like Roger's solo stuff, I just don't know it all that well.) The light show and stage props (the flying pig and astronaut) were more than I expected. Since I have Pulse on DVD now, I am familiar with how the Floyd's light show and stage props are, and Roger's show was at the same level. The imagery in the background went so well with the music too - very artistic and it my mind just went into a trance with the music and imagery together. His input of Syd Barrett into a few of the songs was really sweet. He honoured him well.

The second half of the show was, of course, my highlight. To see one of my all-time favourite songs in Us & Them played live was something I'll never forget, and just to have an original member of Pink Floyd play one of my all time favourite albums in its entirety (DSOTM) played live was a moment in time for me. A few weeks prior, I had just seen the band Rush play, and they blew my mind. But Roger's show was even better. Its good to see so many acts still going - it shows just how classic and timeless the 60's/70's really are. And me being 25, I cherish it even more. Its something I'll be able to share with my kids/grand kids, and pass the torch on to them.

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