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February 18th - MMRDA-BKC GROUNDS, MUMBAI, INDIA Print E-mail

mmrdaCapacity: TBA

Concert starts: 8pm

Address of venue: Bandra-Kurla Complex, East, Mumbai - 400 051, India.  MAP


Tickets were sold at Planet M stores. They were priced at Rs. 3000/-, 2000/- and 1000/-. Our thanks to Amogh Gulwady, Neelabh Bisen and Amit Saigal for their help and information on this page.

mumbai adYou could also order tickets over the phone, by calling (in India) 022-26706641. Online ticketing was too, through (Thanks to Nikhil Atreyesh for this, for the concert poster shown to the right, and for the ticket scan)

Roger, his band, crew and some 32 tons of equipment were all due to arrive in Mumbai the day before the show.

The promoters have been making much of the size of the event, and have been giving out a list of additional "props" and effects that apparently will be used... including "an actual light airplane and helicopters (owned by KingFisher Airlines) flying over the audience, inflatable pink pigs, the Mr Screen, film projector, flame thrower wheels, laser lights, a backdrop of The Wall built with cardboard/polymer bricks, combined with Daleks special effects and a 360 degree quadraphonic sound." 

Roger commented about the event: "My last India experience was phenomenal. The Indian audience really knows how to rock – and Bangalore was a fabulous city. I’m looking forward to being in India again, and rocking with my fans in Mumbai. From what I hear of Mumbai as a city – this is going to be a rollicking experience!"

NOTE: some of you might have noticed that there is also a Ca Ira show scheduled in Poland the same day as this concert. To clarify, this IS correct, but Roger doesn't tend to be at Ca Ira performances at the moment - he doesn't perform at them and the initial shows only had his introduction to proceedings...

SET LIST - highlight the following with your mouse to read...
FIRST HALF: In The Flesh, Mother, Set The Controls For the Heart Of The Sun, Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Have A Cigar, Wish You Were Here, Southampton Dock, The Fletcher Memorial Home, Perfect Sense parts 1 and 2, Leaving Beirut, Sheep.
Dark Side of the Moon. ENCORE: The Happiest Days Of Our Lives, Another Brick In The Wall (Pt 2), Vera, Bring the Boys back Home, Comfortably Numb.


Do not read on if you don't want surprises to be spoilt, regarding what the band played!

With the tour moving to Mumbai in India, the hopes and dreams of the Indian fans were realised, with Roger and his band performing to a pretty much capacity crowd. With no effects spared, the audience were treated to the full show which based on initial reports that have arrived, stunned them!

The next stop on the tour is Dubai on Wednesday night. Then, the band have over a week off, before the fun resumes in Mexico for three shows over there...

To see a short video report from this concert, featuring some nice shots of Roger in action, visit the website. Our thanks to Puneet for letting us know! 

rwmumCONCERT COMMENTS AND PICTURES - by BD contributer, Nikhil Atreyesh (who also supplied the picture to the left; click on it to see the full size version of a stunning shot of Roger, Ian, and Andy, in action)

The gig was awesome! The only thing different was that the pig had stuff written on it, such as "KAFKA rules",and "Get Rid of the Caste System". It had one in hindi too (hindi is India's national language) ,"sab jaati ek hai"(all religions/caste are the same).

It had 'FREE AT LAST ' on its belly which we could see when it was left to float into free space...

mumbai concert
mumbai concert
mumbai concert

CONCERT REVIEW - by BD contributer, Prakash

I live in Bangalore and so had to travel one and a half hours by air to reach Mumbai to see the show. Maybe the organizers wanted to give a chance to Mumbaites as they missed out during the last visit. I had to really spend a bomb to make the visit to Mumbai but my was worth every penny!!!!! It was an awesome show and I've been to many, but this beats the shit out of everything that I've seen so far.

As usual it started with "In the Flesh" and it was the usual set list. Seeing some people from Bangladesh, Roger mentioned about India being a big country. He may not have realized that Bangladesh is a different country.

There were many families with young kids and even some people in wheelchairs had come to the show. The arrangements were good and there were no mess ups. I feel bad about the kids as they may have got stoned as so much weed was in the air....

Two funny instances I could remember were, firstly, during the opening beats of "Time" song, Graham lost one of his sticks and the crowd had a laugh seeing him struggle in getting the other stick. Next was before the start of ABITW, there were many hands raised for the "stand still laddy" and even Roger laughed before he continued with the song. He seems to be mighty pleased as the whole crowd was singing all the songs along with him.

All in all it was the best show I have seen and hope they will regroup and make a world tour. It should happen in the next 1-2 years, otherwise it will never happen. Roger is getting old and it shows. All the Indian floydians must have felt proud seeing him live and I consider this as one of the best moments in my life....

CONCERT REVIEW - by BD contributer, Simon Denton (pig pictures thanks to Aruj Padbidri)

We have been lucky enough to see Roger's current tour on 4 separate occasions now, the most recent in Mumbai last night. Of all the times I've seen Floyd and Roger, this was I think one of the most emotionally charged shows. The papers here in Mumbai are full of reviews and photos this morning.

The set list was the same, although some re-ordering on the first half of the show helped keep it fresh for those of us who had seen the show before.

mumbai roger waters concert

At first there was none of the usual clapping and chanting before the start and I was expecting a reserved audience. Come the magical moment when the stadium was plunged into darkness to signal the start of the show, the crowd erupted. The band took their places and were ready to go as Roger walked on to the stage and the crowd were even more ecstatic. Clearly moved by this welcome, Roger walked back and forth across the stage grinning from ear to ear acknowledging the crowd.

They then launched into In The Flesh and being at the front, near the stage, it was totally amazing to hear EVERYONE in that capacity crowd singing EVERY lyric to EVERY single song. Again Roger was clearly moved by this and made a point of saying so at the end of the night, going way "off script" in a way I've not seen before.

mumbai roger waters concert

Some people next to use made a banner saying "we've come all the way from Bangladesh for you" (Dave Kilminster took a photo of them before the show started). Roger noticed it and said to the crowd "these guys at the front have come from Bangladesh and I know many of you have made long journeys to be here and that is really very special to me". The crowd of course loved it.

One of the most emotional bits was "Leaving Beirut" when this crowd of mixed religious groups (and nationalities) cheered loudly and the lyrics and messages in the song. That must have been very moving for Roger.

The crowd loved all the theatricals, the prism colours that we all associate with DSotM getting a particularly loud cheer. The pig made an appearance during Sheep but broke free and floated high into the sky.

All in all, a magical, highly emotional night that demonstrated that somehow Roger communicates with his audience in ways no other artist can.

mumbai roger waters concert

CONCERT REPORT - by BD contributor, rearset, from the Motorcyclist at Large blog

What a concert! I've been to a few events like this (Ian Anderson, Deep Purple and many smaller bands) and I've never even seen one that came close. I can't begin to describe just how good the Dark Side Of The Moon concert was. But I'm going to anyway, right?


Israeli chick muscles into the front row using only the word 'Please' and pure willpower. Also drags two of her equally petite friends with her.

Standing next to me, I put up with about twenty minutes of her before I leave the front row to go stand in the back of the Rs 3000 enclosure. For three reasons.

  1. The front row is a busy, frenzied place to stand in. You can't hear much of the music, you can see all the action on the stage, a fascination that wears rather quick when you have rock mama screaming her aging lungs out in your left ear. It' also hot, sweaty, and apart from the emotional aspect, not unlike travelling in a Mumbai train or bus.
  2. Israeli Chick shaved her upper arms about three days ago. Stubble is troubling me.
  3. Rock Mama has taken to keeping her left arm on my right shoulder. She uses it to boost here up when she wants to scream, 'I LOVE YOU ROGER' in my ear at three minute intervals. She's also leading Roger Waters on the lyrics by about three stanzas. I gotta get out.

The back of the Rs 3000 enclosure is an empty place. I could lie down here if I wanted to. And the sound is just awesome. It's loud, clear, articulate and perfect. The band plays from 1930 to 2145. They never miss a beat, a tone, a chord. It's perfect. Brilliant.

The selection played is awesome too. The crowd sings along the entire time. The further front you are, the harder it is to make you what's coming from the stage and what's coming from the crowd.

I checked out the concert tour review at brain-damage. They play to a plan. And frankly, I have no problem with that. The show is in three parts, the set list as above.

The graphics in the background, the present and achingly correct background trio of lovely ladies, the pyrotechnics (more than a few firebomb explosions, and couple of instances of burning flames on stage). It all just works. The Dark Side Of The Moon Tour is a visual and audio extravaganza. I loved it. I'd go back for more in an instant.

The band finishes playing their second set and go off stage. A fifteen year old girl and her friend are crying into each others arms wondering how could a 'Pink Floyd' concert be complete without Another Brick... and Comfortably Numb...

The audience is so loud that after a point, Waters' vocalist gives and lets us sing Another Brick...

A 65+ year old gent carefully places his glass of Pepsi on the uneven floor to dance gently to Comfortably Numb.

I get the goose bumps, literally, as the twin guitar solos power up. I also get them again during the C'Numb riffs. I realise why I'm so in love in Pink Floyd's music. And realise that sometimes Electric Guitars can sound more powerful than threats and gunshots.

The loos were surprisingly clean.

If you have a chance to go, go. Even if you don't know who Pink Floyd is. And think Eminem is the god of music.

I've been to a 'Pink Floyd' concert. In Mumbai! Wow! It's all downhill from here... 


If the audience knows the songs really well, and won't be quiet, don't bother trying to get to the stage. It sounds a lot better behind, towards the center of the space.

Stay away from obvious Rock Mamas.

Not all corporate lounges are good places to be. This one was on the right side of the concert, far away from the action. The right side stereo speaker was only used for the Lunatic's laugh...

Food's terrifyingly expensive and frighteningly tasteless. And you can't bring your own. So eat decently and drink up before you turn up.

Standing in queues (forty minutes upwards) is not the smartest way to get in. I found that each entry counter had four rows of people. And the long queue chaps were all only entering in the first row. I just sauntered into the fourth row and got in.

Cheer are loudly as you can. Especially if Rock Mama is listening.

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