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September 6th - PNC BANK ARTS CENTER, HOLMDEL, NJ Print E-mail

PNC Bank Arts Center
Ticket scan - thanks to Mitch Wilson
Capacity: 17,500
Concert starts: 8pm

Address of venue: Telegraph Hill, Holmdel, NJ 07733. MAP


FIRST HALF: In The Flesh, Mother, Set The Controls For the Heart Of The Sun, Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Have A Cigar, Wish You Were Here, Southampton Dock, The Fletcher Memorial Home, Perfect Sense parts 1 and 2, Leaving Beirut, Sheep.

SECOND HALF: Dark Side of the Moon.

ENCORE: The Happiest Days Of Our Lives, Another Brick In The Wall (Pt 2), Vera, Bring the Boys back Home, Comfortably Numb.

This show marks the first date of Roger's North American tour, which features Dark Side Of The Moon in its entirety as a key part of the show.

Nick Mason, who is drumming on DSOTM on a few of Roger's shows on this current tour, was interviewed for the Asbury Park Press, who published it on September 1st (scan to the left, thanks to Mitch Wilson) and can be read in full online at the PageX site.

PageX interview"Oh, by the way, which one's Pink?" is a lyric from the 1974 Pink Floyd song, "Have a Cigar." Written by Floyd's chief songwriter, bassist Roger Waters, the lyric poked fun at clueless corporate types. But in the intervening years, it has taken on a new meaning. Mason was asked if it's an apocryphal story that someone once actually asked the band, "Which one's Pink?"

"They didn't say it to me," Mason told PAGE X with a laugh.

"They did say it to Roger. And that's why it arrived in his lyrics. It must have been a record executive in the mid '70s. I think Roger thought, you know, 'This is a line.' "

Mason recalls that the phenomenal sales success of "Dark Side of the Moon" took the band by surprise. "When it was completed," he said, "we knew we'd done our best album ever. I think we knew we'd done something good.

"But we had no idea that it would be that successful. I don't think any artist can ever assume that, just because he does a good album, it will necessarily sell. The world is full of great albums that never sold. There is an element of luck or commerciality that has to be taken into account with any artistic endeavor."

By "Dark Side of the Moon," founding Floyd member Syd Barrett was out of the picture. One of the most infamous casualties of the druggy rock scene, Barrett died in July at age 60. "He was absolutely charming, absolutely delightful," Mason said of Barrett. "When I first met him, I felt, 'What a great guy.' You know, it is a sad story. One of the elements of Syd is that sort of 'James Dean' thing: What could he have achieved if he'd carried on? And that sort of sad thing of a genius unfulfilled."

The full article can be read through this link.


The first night of Roger's North American tour - held on his 63rd birthday - was on the whole, greatly enjoyed by the capacity crowd. With the introduction (and subsequent escape!) of an inflatable pig, a device that didn't appear on the European tour, the crowd were treated to an otherwise unaltered show.

The performance of Leaving Beirut, with the accompanying cartoon visuals, divided the audience, with some being very vocally disagreeing with Roger's views and sentiments. Indeed, we've had a few strongly-worded emails from people very dismayed at this inclusion to the show.

Below we have a selection of reviews and show comments from the many Brain Damage visitors who attended Roger's show. As you'll see, they are split between those who loved the show, and those who didn't agree with Roger's views... We give a mixture to provide balance but won't enter into any correspondence over the comments! The views expressed are those of the individuals, and, as always, do not necessarily reflect the views of Brain Damage. All pictures here thanks to Walter Levy and Claudia Perafan.

The show now moves to the Tweeter Center in Mansfield, near Boston. If you are going, we hope you enjoy the show - and we look forward to your views on the show!


By BD contributor, Matthew Shine

Seeing Roger at PNC was not supposed to happen.

When Roger first announced he would be doing a summer tour for Dark Side of the Moon in Europe, but the US was apparently left out, I was faintly appalled. How could Roger Waters forsake the country that treated him so well when he came out of his 13 year touring retirement in back in 99 and 2000? Were we not the ones who gave the phoenix it's wings? Was it not us which led to the 2002 leviathan and got Waters his confidence in touring back?

Horrified at the perceived slight, yet resolute, I started saving money and slowly started building the plans to see Waters at two venues over-seas (the plan was Hyde Park and Rome). So diligent was I, that I twice decided to pass up the opportunity too see David Gilmour at Radio City in Manhattan so that I could divert funds to the 'cause'. This would later pay off in dividends.

Just as I was prepared to lay out the sweet green for airplane tickets, rumors started leaking out of potential American dates. Hope, mixed with a bit of 'it's too good to be true', stayed my hand and the European dates I had planned for where put on hold. Finally, the official website confirmed dates were 'forthcoming' and all of the resources I had put into going into the 2 shows abroad were put on hiatus as I awaited further news.

When Waters dates were finally confirmed and released, I was ecstatic. 4 shows in my striking distance (I am in New England, Maine to be exact). Boston, Jones Beach, and the 2 MSG shows. With all of the money previously saved, I quickly bought the Boston ticket, and then the second when that was added. MSG was the next quarry and got as far as buying the 9/13 tickets when I ran aground financially. Hotels, food and transportation in Manhattan broke me, so I ended up selling the 9/13 tickets and using the proceeds to get Jones Beach and made the decision to get PNC.

NJ is a 7 hour car ride, and with the shoe string budget I was dealing with, hotels were not an option. So, at midnight September 5th passing into September 6th, I departed Maine, intent on beating the legendary NY and NJ traffic. The best laid plans of mice and men. I got to the venue at ten thirty. Sweet, only 7 and a half hours until the show!!!

The parking lot went from empty with the occasional tumble-weed to be being modestly occupied by 4 and packed by 6. When the gates were thrown open to the masses at 6:30, the near quarter mile long lines of humanity at each gate got through the security pat-down and into what could be called the 'Commercial Center'. Stands selling alcohol by the gallon, sodas at the fairly inexpensive rate of $4.50 per warm bottle and more meat burgers and hot dogs than ever I had laid my eyes upon.

Waters tour merchandising booth stood at the epicenter of the madness, and I personally laid down $60 for a $25 tourbook looking ever so much like a re-invented Dark Side of the Moon LP and a $35 shirt with a modern pic of Waters on the front and the complete dates on the back. Goods in hand I made my way quickly to my seat in Section 104. I recalled very well from 99 and 00 that Waters was prompt. If the ticket said 'show at 8' it meant at 8:01 he was on stage and a minute into playing.

My seat, in Row K, was not at first glance, the best. I was at the far right hand of the row and the center walking isle on the opposite end. Massive columns at the sides of the stage effectively cut off my visual awareness to all but the far right hand side of the massive LCD screen. This did not concern me as the center mic was in clear view, and I knew it would soon be occupied by the man himself. Of interest, I noted that the stage seemed to wrap around said column against the wall and ended right next to me. Probably a way to more easily load items off and on the stage.

I patiently sat in my seat and watched with a fair bit off irritation that many people did not seem to care to find their seats, and indeed at 7:45 the venue appeared to be half empty still. They all filled in and when the show did not start at 8:00, I became a bit concerned. Waters was NEVER late to the shows I had done before. Finally, the screen I could just barely see started giving some action. A faceless hand appeared and turned the knob, smoke from an unseen cigarette, a half drunk bottle of booze was slowly drained into a glass cup. The played music ranged from Elvis to Neil Yong and Vera Lynn's 'We'll Meet Again' (ala 'Is There Anybody Out There).

At about 8:20, the lights dropped and the now packed hall went frantic. A number of shadow people started appearing on stage and going to their respective places, and finally, last but not least, a new figured appeared. Dressed in black, but a slight reflection of gray in his hair, he was clearly presenting himself to the roaring masses. The radio station changed again to what sounded like a WW2 news bulletin. Slowly, still under the cover of darkness, the commanding figure went with his Fender P-Bass to the center microphone and started counting in German. Pyrotechnic explosions and the roar of over 15,000 people launched the first show on US soil since 2000 and opened 'In the Flesh.'

It was during the opening song when I realized the actual purpose of the wrap-around stage next to me, when Waters himself started walking in my direction. Perplexed and expecting him to stop and turn around, he did not and finally got to be standing within 3-4 feet of me. So close in fact, I could take off my glasses and, still with my bad eyesight, tell you which direction his eyes were looking in. Dumbfounded, and a bit more star-struck than a straight 26 year old man should be, I lamely did the cross hammers with my arms as in the Wall movie. Waters looked upon his adoring masses, and then his gaze slid to me. He looked at my arms, back at me for a brief second, than walked to the mic to start singing. I promptly collapsed into my seat, and wondered what the hell the rest of the show was going to be like.

No one needs me to give the setlist, that has been done before and I'm sure others did it better than I could, so I will just give the salient points (high and low). Waters walked back in my direction during Perfect Sense and I actually managed to get him to slap my hand at one point. Mournfully, others noticed this and people started congregating in my area to get a closer glance at the man we all paid to see.

So bad did it get that by the second set, I could no longer sit down in my seat as over 50 people without tickets granting them access to this region flocked down and took up a squatters residence. Sitting was impossible as drunk hippies had taken to trying to dance to Dark Side were spilling their beer onto me. One other person that I saw in my area managed to get Waters to high-five them, but it didn't matter.

I loved Leaving Beirut and the political message it conveyed, but many others did not. Of interesting not, PNC was the only US so far that got the full unedited Waters rant. He spoke of the shame of going to war in Iraq, and has not since. People booed, some cheered. I suppose many forget Waters owns a home on Long Island and as such pays US taxes. He, in my opinion, is perfectly well in his right to take offense at the way his tax dollars are being spent. He, I'm sure, pays the US Government more money per year than most US citizens, but if some want to boo and holler and show just how right Waters is, that is their business.

Dark Side was cool, but... eh. I don't like PULSE, and I dislike David Gilmour so his not being there I considered a boon. Many songs I just sat down for. I have heard Money enough times now to not be really excited. The new guitarist, Dave Kilminster, is adequate. My only issue with him is that he has boiled down the solos so much there is no excess and it almost sounds clinical. Hearing Us and Them and Any Colour You Like was great.

Having seen 3 shows after this, performance wise, this one lacked, but I don't really care. In my memory, this show was incredible, the atmosphere great. The reaction to Beirut irked me a bit, and if people left as a result than to damn bad you didn't read the Waters interviews from 2004. He disliked Bush then and mentioned he was writing songs about his dislike of the President.

The show closed around 11 after the five encore songs from the Wall and I drive back to Maine, eagerly looking forward to the Mansfield dates. All the while, the memory that for a few moments on September 6, 2006, Roger Waters acknowledged me burning bright.


By BD contributor, Bradley Kaplan

Just got back from the PNC show.

Of interest they had an inflatable pig. It was filled with helium and two people held the strings it was tied to, and ran through the audience. They then let it go and it floated away. This was during Sheep. I am sure someone will have pictures of it...

After the final encore Roger made a comment that he needed to find his pig! The set list was the same as Europe. People sang Happy Birthday to him.

He actually got booed during Leaving Beirut when the comments about George Bush's education were sung/displayed on the screen.


By BD contributor, Mitch Wilson

PNC HolmdelJust getting in from the concert... and PP Arnold was there. [There was some doubt as to whether she would attend following the death of her father]

After a considerable amount of rain over the past several days... the weather, this evening, was perfect for an outdoor concert. Unfortunately, the line(s) to get into the venue were ENORMOUS!!! I feared we would not see the opening of the show - the tickets stated 8pm sharp. Well, 8pm came and went while thousands were still standing outside the gates. Most people exclaiming they had never seen a line this long - ever!

We finally entered the venue at roughly 8:20pm and as we were finding our seats the familiar strains of In the Flesh? began what was to be a great night of music from Roger on his birthday. And while no one sang Happy Birthday, Roger did comment " I can't think of a better way to spend my Birthday". People in the front were wishing him a Happy Birthday and he seemed to be enjoying himself.

Setlist is pretty much as it was throughout Europe.

Set 2 - Dark Side of the Moon - - major screw up by Dave Kilminster during the beginning of Money - man, the band is playing and he just blurts out "Money, get away" and realizes he's WAY TOO EARLY - had to wait for the riff to come around again and then once again "Money get way" oops!!!

My wife (who was with me) is pregnant and wanted to leave during Comfortably Numb. We managed to get out of the venue very fast - ahead of the thousands of people enjoying the final encore. We were recounting a wonderful evening on our ride home - without having to exit, en masse, like cattle.


By BD contributor, Bob Evans

We just returned from the Roger Waters concert at PNC in NJ. The show was terrific with many highlights including: Set The Controls...., Have a Cigar, Shine On...Sheep...DSOM...Another Brick...

The crowd reaction to the song Leaving Beirut was interesting. I don't know how the fans in other nations reacted, but there was a mixed reaction in NJ. I would say the majority of us clapped and agree with Roger's stand on issues such as the Iraq was, but there was a percentage of the crowd who made their disagreement known by booing the song and then chanting USA USA. I was glad to see that after the different emotions were expressed, we just got back into the show (free to express our differences, no hard feelings). I personally enjoyed how this was followed up by Sheep.

I am going back to see Roger again in NYC next week. It will be interesting to see the reaction to the Leaving Beirut as MSG.


By BD contributor, Michael Andrews

Roger might have turned 63 today, but he has the energy of people more than half of his age. An enthusiastic capacity (but late arriving crowd). Roger took the stage at about 8:20 PM. The show ended around 11 PM, with a 10 minute intermission between Set One and Set Two (The Dark Side of the Moon).

The crowd cheered and sang along from the start. "Shine on You Crazy Diamond" had numerous images of Syd Barrett shown on the screen. Roger first addressed the crowd before performing "Leaving Beirut." He mentioned that it was his birthday and of the story of when he drove to Beirut and his car broke down. He was taken in by a family in Beirut and spoke on their kindness toward him. A politically motivated song, this song did not bode well with the NJ crowd. After the song was completed, there were more boos than cheers. The reaction, I think took many by surprise, including Roger. But being the artist that he is, he did not let people's difference of opinion dampen his performance. During "Sheep," the pig was released throughout the crowd and was eventually released into the air when it made it back to the lawn seats.

Despite the energy being picked up with "Sheep," many in the crowd (at least around me) were turned off by "Leaving Beirut." Some even left. It makes me wonder how the people of New York City will take to Roger playing this song on September 12, the day after the 5 year anniversary of September 11.

After a brief intermission, Roger came back to perform "Dark Side of the Moon." During this performance, any ill feelings about performing "Leaving Beirut" were quickly forgotten as the crowd sang along and cheered. The greatest album of all time will always pick up and win over any crowd.

The encore, all from "The Wall," took the performance to another level. The crowd was louder than during the "Dark Side" set.

All in all, a great concert. Anyone who is a fan of Roger will enjoy the show.


By BD contributor, Bill Trignano

Absolutely the worst concert that I have ever attended. He insulted Bush, my country and our soldiers in Iraq. I walked out even though the tickets were 130.00 dollars. He was booed and many other people walked out. I heard that the whole mood of the crowd changed and Roger didn't get very many cheers after this. He will never get another penny from me.


By BD contributor, Greg Clancy (thanks to the

PNC HolmdelI attended the show with a good friend of mine, who is also a big Snowy White fan. The sound in the first set was not very clear, but the problem was corrected by the time they resumed for the second set. The entire band was dressed in black as the took the stage around 8:15pm at the PNC Arts Center which is located approximately 45 minutes away from downtown New York City.

They played the set list exactly as they did in the European Tour with the exception of "Another Brick in the Wall Part II" which led off the Encore. Roger Waters announced in the beginning that it was his birthday and he couldn't think of a better way of celebrating. The crowd responded by singing happy birthday.

My friend & I were wondering why Snowy did not really take a prominent role as lead guitarist. Was it because he plays a Gibson guitar, where as the other guitar player was used a Fender, replicating more of the David Gilmour sound?

Snowy's leads were great in Another Brick in the Wall & Comfortably Numb, except he seemed kind of reserved in his stage presence, where as the other guitarist stood out and more flamboyance.

The crowd seemed to mellow during the set of Roger Waters solo work which was the only time they sat down. They brought a small inflatable pig being paraded through the crowd by a couple of stagehands during "Sheep". It was received well by most, but to veteran fans of Pink Floyd, the classic "Zeppelin like Pig" used on previous tours was sorely missed.

Overall the concert, which was not only the first stop on the USA tour, but the first of four shows in the New York City area, was well received. The band seemed to enjoy the show as mush as the fans. I hope the rest of the tour goes as well.


By BD contributor, Andre DeChamplain

I also attended the Holmdel show and thoroughly enjoyed it. I was absolutely flabbergasted at the crowd’s reaction to Beirut. I enjoyed the song very much. That being said, I find it highly amusing that the most “patriotic” (read “jingoistic”) right-wingers in the audience, always first to defend “American rights and freedoms”, were the most offended by Roger’s display of free speech (remember the 1st amendment to the constitution?). Pure hypocrisy which aptly characterizes the present administration. I’d like to publicly apologize To Roger and the band for this boorish display. Get a life people.


By BD contributor, Leafuss

PNC HolmdelWhat an awesome show!!! I had great seats and was even able to make eye contact with Roger a couple of times. The set list was the same as the European tour. I am looking forward to the next three shows, especially next Saturday as I have center seats in the front row.

There was a mixed response to the political message in the song Leaving Beruit. I heard quite a few people booing, but then the people that felt the same way that Roger feels got even louder with support for his message, I was happy to see that. Overall though the fans were very much into the show, the place almost came apart at the end of DSOTM.

There was also an inflatable pig soaring around the venue during Sheep, I am not sure if that is new for the American tour or not. What a show... Can't wait to see Roger again. Great Gig in the sky gives me chills just thinking about it this morning...


By BD contributor, Ringwood Mike

To all of my American counterparts that went to PNC and who will go to other shows....

Roger's Leaving Beirut was cleary one of Roger's best pieces of work to date! He articulately stated in the song that his father's generation and my grandfather's generation were celebrated for their brave sacrifices during WWII. Roger didn't say that he was against our (American) hunt for Osama, but simply stated that we obviously do not belong in the quagmire of Iraq. The song was a solemn plea for we, the arrogant, most powerful nation in the western hemisphere, to use our strength and influence wisely. It is corporate greed that put us in this place and it has become a war that we will not win.

As a teacher, I encourage my students to write to our troops in Iraq and I have even had returning soldiers speak to my classes. Last year, my students observed two soldiers from different divisions spit out the same government rhetoric at them. Fortunately, my students were perceptive enough to read between the lies.

The booing that occurred during Leaving Beirut is reflective of ill-informed, ignorant fans who were clearly there to enjoy the retro trip of Dark Side. Thank you fellow fans who clearly understand that the meaning of life is to be; which has always been the message of Roger Waters.

Lastly, when will we ever hear Childhood's End?

Thank you Roger!


By BD contributor, Bryan

PNC HolmdelOverall the show was great. Roger was lively and his performance was top-notch. This was my third Roger Waters show, and one of the better ones to be sure. However, he did recieve some boo's from the audience when he began "Leaving Beirut", which I mean come on, it's Roger Waters. The man has always been up front about his views and makes no mistakes about how he feels about the world.

Let's face it, its what has driven the man to create the very same albums that they were all there to hear. The level of ignorance in the crowd last night was astounding in my opinion. I thought following up with the song "Sheep" was exactly appropriate, and I'm sure its placement after "Leaving Beirut" in the setlist was not an accident.

Let the people jeer, then bring out the inflatable pig and watch them cheer again.

I love ya Rog, and Happy Birthday my friend!


By BD contributor, Mike Corcoran

Good show last night at PNC. The site of that pig floating away next to the full moon was really something to see, at first I thought it was planed but when it blew out of sight it was aparent that the people holding it screwed up. They got within twenty feet of me when it escaped, I didn't see it but I'm guessing that the guy closest to the stage slipped on the grass-mud and let it go. Roger made a mention about his f***ing pig at the end of the show.

The Beirut song sucked! I'm no fan of the war in Iraq, but come on don't bash our President when you come to our soil to make buckets of money. I think it would be in real bad taste to do that song in NYC next week.


By BD contributor, Claudia Perafan

I would like to say that Roger Waters concert was amazing to me! We were fortunate for listening to a little bit of several albums from Pink Floyd by Roger's Hand and no only "The Dark Side of the Moon". Even the weather and the full moon was perfect!

Roger is a genius to me, he has made music to touch people minds, hearts and soul. No matter how long his songs were composed, the feeling is there forever that is why there were more than 3 generations attending the concert last night.

Those ones who really understand Roger's lyrics, they will take the right idea about the messages of these songs against to any war and with the intention of find the best way to live in peace; that only should help people to think about world issues, but always with high hopes to live better.

We should be glad for being with Roger on his birthday, he has given the best for music and for the ones that values his talent as well.


By BD contributor, Rick N

GREAT SHOW!!! EVERYBODY who knows Rogers work HAS to know that he is a flaming liberal, and I agree with him on EVERY word. 58% of OUR population thinks that the IRAQ war is BS, as well as 77% of the World population. Does anybody expect him to think and believe that Bush is intelligent? He DID NOT insult the USA OR Our Troops, just the moron who sent them to the WRONG Country to die. It's amazing that Leaving Beirut was done BEFORE the Beirut invasion last Month. Now there's Genius! I'll be going to a few more of his shows for sure!


By BD contributor, Bernie Miller

Best concert I have seen in some time. It was my birthday also. I sat in 402 section.

Roger did not insult America ! President Bush has insulted America by being an incompetent, lying hypocrite. Roger said of both America AND his native England that, "invading Iraq will be to our eternal shame." Most Americans now feel this way, just not all in the PNC crowd. What were they expecting- Christmas carols? Roger has been an ambassador for peace; his lyrics confront war, easily led sheeple, and the corporatist pigs. People had no right booing him. Just leave. I doubt he needs any more of their money anyway. I bet he is doing the tour partially to bring awareness of the innocents being slaughtered to "spread democracy." I will buy more of his material and told friends who missed this to see him at the tweeter center.

Great sound and the band was super-tight- especially on "us and them". Kudos to the woman singer who did her great solo also.

(ps Tell Roger happy b'dy from a fellow Virgo - and forgive the boo-ers- NJ has many dumb sheep. Wish he did PIGS also)

PNC Holmdel


By Medard Kr�išnik, political scientist, activist and BD contributor, from Slovenia, Ljubljana

I just want to add a comment on expressed views that Roger Waters insulted the patriotic feelings of concert attendants who wrote their reports after yesterday's concert in PNC Bank Arts Center Holmdel NJ. It is great and really important that artist like Roger Waters gives the impulses for the reflections of people on certain concept of foreign policy that obviously needs its disaproval in democratic society.

“Patriotism is the willingness to kill and be killed for trivial reasons.” Bertrand Russell

All the best wishes to Roger Waters who has the courage to act politically today.


By BD contributor, Boardslide162

I have been following the tour through this site since the beginning. Two days prior to the PNC show I said to my wife, will Roger play Leaving Beirut? Knowing all too well that the reaction would not be good from the crowd. Nonetheless, he left it in the set and I was glad. Now I don't agree with all the lyrics but I respect him for his writing and take the reactions for what it is worth. He has the right to say what he feels. For people to get up and leave that was insane.

Anyway, the show was amazing. Very different from Gilmour who kept the Floyd aspect low key (but played amazing). David was missed on some of the vocals but Roger sounds better than ever. The band has a lot of energy and the set list just flows. Sheep was definitely the highlight of the first set. DSOTM was amazing featuring incredible vocals on Great Gig.

I'm going to Jones Beach next Friday and it will be interesting to see other reactions. Best show I have seen in years. My 14 and 10 year old will get to see Roger for the first time at Jones Beach, knowing all the songs, and I don't know if I will enjoy more watching them sing along to everything or seeing Roger a 2nd time this tour, tough call. First question after the show, "Did he do When the Tigers Broke Free?" No but you will be amazed. Roger throw it in the set!!!!! LOL


By BD contributor, Bob Goldman

I have been a Roger Waters fan/ Pink Floyd fan since the mid 70's. I was fortunate enough to be in attendance at last nights PNC Arts center show.

Let me say a few things…anyone who enjoys the music of Pink Floyd or Roger Waters this is a must see. I mean do whatever you have to do to get to one of his shows. The show was incredible. Sound was great. Roger was happy. I have waited a long time to see such a stellar performance as I saw last night.

This was by far the best concert I have ever seen and I've seen a lot. I saw the Wall tour at Nassau Coliseum, back in 1980. I've seen Gilmour a number of times, I've seen Waters playing with Clapton during the Pro's and Con's tour. This show last night produced so much electricity it was by far the best. Roger proved last night once again that he is Pink Floyd NOT GILMOUR.

From the first set, Southampton Dock: great; Fletcher Memorial (extremely powerful); Perfect Sense part 1 and 2 (holy shit); Shine on (flawless); Wish You Were Here (perfect) and Sheep - UNREAL!

Before the show, I thought to myself how good could Dark Side be after all I've probably listened to it 20,000 times if not more. Boy was that a stupid thought. It sounded so good and was so perfect I was in awe along with the thousands of others in attendance. Each song seemed to be better than the last. The Great Gig In The Sky matched note for note. Us And Them had so much feeling. The guitar work on Any Colour You Like was unimaginable. The conclusion of Brain Damage and Eclipse was just perfect.

Encores were Another Brick with great guitar solos. Then the highlight - Vera and Bring the Boys back Home. Roger's voice was so perfect so POWERFUL with so much feeling. Followed by Numb.

I did want to hear Gunners Dream - maybe I will get lucky and he will play it at the Garden show that I have tickets for on next Wednesday. A tremendous show ……Thank You Roger. See you Wednesday at the Garden.


By BD contributor, Jeff Donohue

I went to see Roger Waters at the PNC Bank on 9/6. Overall the show was great but I must give a little balance to these reviews because reading them has given me the same feeling as I had at the show. I went to the show to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and relive my youth (drinking/getting high) with some great live music and in the middle of it I start getting lectured on how f*&%D up my country and president are. I didn’t pay $45 dollars to have a political agenda shoved down my throat. If I wanted that I would go to a political rally. I find it sad that people on this board who are praising Roger Waters right to freedom of speech are ripping into those that don’t have the same view as they and Roger do. Don’t people who disagree with him (there were many in my section) have the same right to freedom of speech and display it by peacefully booing? Isnt this what America is all about?

Anyway, I enjoyed the rest of the concert and was amazed at how tight the band. The letting loose of the pig was awesome especially with the full moon that night.


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