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September 27th - QUICKEN LOANS ARENA, CLEVELAND, OH Print E-mail


Quicken Loans Arena
Quicken Loans Arena
Quicken Loans Arena
Ticket scan - thanks to Elliot Tayman
Capacity: TBA
Concert starts: 7:30pm

Address of venue: One Center Court Cleveland, Ohio 44115-4001. MAP


FIRST HALF: In The Flesh, Mother, Set The Controls For the Heart Of The Sun, Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Have A Cigar, Wish You Were Here, Southampton Dock, The Fletcher Memorial Home, Perfect Sense parts 1 and 2, Leaving Beirut, Sheep.

SECOND HALF: Dark Side of the Moon.

ENCORE: The Happiest Days Of Our Lives, Another Brick In The Wall (Pt 2), Vera, Bring the Boys back Home, Comfortably Numb.


Formerly known as the Gund Arena, the Quicken Loans Arena was host to Roger and his great show last night. Initial reports suggest another cracking show, but with a number of the audience divided over the political messages. One could argue that Roger's music has confronted social and political issues over many years, so it shouldn't come as too much of a surprise that he is encouraging discussion and debate with his performance.

The tour now moves to the Windy City itself, Chicago, for a show there on Friday night. If you are going to it, have a great time and tell us about it!

RW in Cleveland
All pictures, thanks to Ilona Rose


Naturally, reports of the show appear in the local press. A positive review can be read over at the website of the The Plain Dealer, Cleveland. More as we get them...


By BD contributor, Sharon

Last nite’s show at the Q was rockin’! Even without any surprises, I thoroughly enjoyed all the sounds and sights the Man served up in the Rock Capital. As far as merchandise, I noticed the tour t-shirts say in red on the back “for Syd” and wondered if this was added since his passing.

Neil Young was played as we entered the arena and around 7:25 the “radio” music began, playing until 7:50 when the show itself kicked off. First and foremost the quad effect was mind-blowing, especially the prelude to Time. I normally will wear ear plugs but went without, not wanting to miss a thing. This was pure quality sound and my ears did not ring at all afterwards, although it was loud.

RW in ClevelandRather than list my personal highlights (who cares? it’s all been said before) I just have to say it was incredible to finally see songs from The Wall played live as to me (released when I was 11) it is Roger's ultimate masterpiece. I enjoyed the complete play-through of Dark Side more than expected as the on-screen images and sound effects definitely intensify the experience.

The crowd totally got off on the flying spaceman and pig (which with the beady red eyes was a cross between creepy and wondrous) and watching them float by felt like a trip, though I was in fact completely sober. The female singers were dead-on, an exceptional aural experience, like cheesecake for the ears.

Not too much of an exodus when The Final Cut tracks began, and I was surprised at how many rocked out to these songs as I didn’t think this album was too successful back in ’83. It seems people are not as sensitive to the political nature of this material because they became familiar with it as youngsters perhaps, when they couldn’t have cared less about lyrical meaning? I was pleasantly surprised to find that the majority seemed on board with Roger’s political views, which even I as a raving Bush-hater found quite heavy-handed. Still a dude behind us yelled out “Fuck you, Roger!” while the silent woman beside me (a Yanni fan dragged in against her will) turned and emphatically nodded back at him in agreement. Leaving Beirut has grown on me since downloading the song less than a week ago. With the cartoon storyboard moving this lengthy piece along, you feel less like you are being preached at – well, except for those certain lines that kind of jolt you! – and more the enjoyment of getting a peek at the travels of this awkward 17-year-old trying to figure things out for himself. Anyone surprised at Roger presenting his politics in musical form simply hasn’t been paying attention for the past 30+ years. Obviously he feels that people need to wake up and question our current events – I mean, how rock ‘n roll is it to be a damn sheep?? This song makes me eager to hear his next studio release!

My only real criticism is that the new Dave, although a very talented guitarist singing in a similar vein to the real Dave, has an extremely annoying stage manner and looks the complete oddball of the group. I have to agree with the fan who suggested he snap out of the 80s and quit looking like he is trying out for some hair band!

RW in ClevelandMost artists who play here relish the opportunity to greet us with “Hello Cleveland!” or make some reference to what a cool city they’re in, but Roger didn’t bother with any of this. However, as a postscript he did mention a bag he’d brought from the Animals tour with Cleveland written on it (or something like that?) and that he will always remember that visit here. On our way out in the pouring rain we couldn’t help noticing that the exit crowd was the noisiest we’d ever heard (and I thought AC/DC fans were rowdy). We paused to look back at the roaring fans, trying to figure out if they’d had a glimpse at Roger’s limo or what, but it was pure high energy from the show. I heard many say how glad they were to have caught it and what awesome presentation it was.

But my very favorite thing about the whole experience was that Roger so obviously took pleasure in watching us take in all the visual effects. I had this sensation that he was like a dear old dad and we were all his kids opening presents he’d brought especially for us. I just loved that!


By BD contributor, Jude

We just saw Roger and his band last night at the Q Arena in Cleveland OH. The band was tight. The show was phenomenal. I can only say to Roger “Thank-you” for including Cleveland on the tour and PLEASE come back and soon!

My friend admitted after the concert that originally she agreed to come with me because she knows what a Floyd freak I am. After the show she said “I am SO glad that I came, that is one of the best concerts that I have ever seen!”

Roger seemed to be genuinely having a good time, which was very cool. The crowd reacted favorably to everything. I didn’t hear any boos even on the “Impeach Bush” that the Pig was displaying. Actually, there were a lot of cheers. Personally, I applaud Roger for not being afraid to voice his opinion in the camp of the enemy so to speak. The fact that I am of the same opinion probably helps. It is embrassing that this country put such a dangerous moron into it’s highest office twice! Enough editorializing.

RW in ClevelandI won’t go too in depth into the individual songs in the playlist as people have done that quite a bit already. DSOTM was sensational. My only complaint might be that it went too fast. It was very true to the recording. It would have been nice to see them jam and improvise a bit more on it, but the execution was flawless!

Leaving Beirut seemed to really make a lot of people think, which was the intention. “Shine On” with Syd on the screen was very heartfelt and garnered a lot of applause.

“Perfect Sense’ was powerful. Wish they would have done more from “Amused to Death” as it has so much more to offer. Wish Roger would put out another one like it too!

People were on their feet and screaming “We don’t need no education . . .”, which was very cool. I do have to say that for most of the show, the people around us, except for ourselves and the girls next to us, were sitting. It is a freaking rock concert, not a symphony! Wish more people would have stood up and got into it! Of course, the people on the floor were on their feet the whole time! I just have to get floor seats next time!



By BD contributor, Carl Raatz

I am a longtime Floyd fan. By reviews from other cities I expected much less. Dave Kilminster was nearly perfect on Gilmour’s solos. Roger sang great, no lip synching. From where I was sitting there was absolutely no booing on political issues. The Cleveland show was an absolute success.


By BD contributor, Tom Wright

I'm not one for writing reviews, but I will say that I really enjoyed the show. It was by far the best conert I have ever been to. Great video going on in the background with the best music ever. The one song that wasn't very well recieved, at least in my area on the floor 18th row, was of course Leaving Beirut. I'd say that about 30% to 40% of the people were booing. Other than that it was fantastic.


By BD contributor, Craig Nicol

RW in ClevelandI attended the show last night in Cleveland, Ohio. Overall, the show was amazing.

I wish the band would have played Shine On in its entirety. I had read reviews from past shows stating that Kilminster was lacking in enthusiasm, last night he played with emotion and did a great service to Gilmour's guitar work. The same with the rest of the band.

I really could not tell if Roger was synching any of the lyrics. As a matter of fact I do not believe he was. The song set was the same as the other shows. I was fortunate to have 6th row seats in the middle section. The effects were great and the music was played wonderfully.

My only regret is that my son is only 5 years old and I could not take him. Hopefully this won't be the last we see of Roger.


By BD contributor, Chris Petitto

Hey I am a big Pink Floyd Fan for 30 years. Love the Music, however, very disappointed with the concert I just saw in Cleveland, Ohio!

Listen, I paid good money to see a show and listen to some great music - NOT to listen to someone's political views. Does not matter whether I agree or disagree I do not want to hear it at a concert that I paid money to see!

Very disappointing!


By BD contributor, Craig Leonard

As a longtime Pink Floyd\Roger Waters fan and Northeast Ohio resident, I was looking forward to seeing what type of reaction the Cleveland crowd would have to the more politically pointed aspects of Roger's show. At least from my perspective (4 rows off the floor on the right side of the stage), the response was largely (and loudly) supportive of Roger's skewing of Bush & Blair. In fact, loud cheers could be followed around the arena as the crowd spotted the "impeach Bush now" message on the pig's posterior.

As for the show itself, Roger far exceeded even my expectations. Any show I get to hear Final Cut material is a good one and "Perfect Sense" was even better than the 1999-2000 tour version due to the new film and stage explosions. I also enjoyed the natural grouping of songs from Wish You Were Here and The Wall - "Vera" into "Bring the Boys Back Home" into "Comfortably Numb" was an unexpected pleasure.


By BD contributor, Steven Larrick

I went to the show last night at the Q. The music couldn't have been better. But Roger's political views have gotten out of hand. I saw the 75 and 77 tours and the same songs they played last night, 30 years ago they were playing with your head with their visual effects, not it's all political effects. How can he take a song written in the 70's and aim them at our current President? I guess last night really showed me just how much he's against government in general. I do wish he'd keep his political views to himself and not try to force them on us. Not everyone shares his views. The one thing that really got to me was, eariler in the day we went to the rock hall of fame, and I read what Roger wrote about the concept for the wall album. Doesn't he realize that he's becoming what he's talking about? He's building walls also NOT tearing them down. I'm really trying to justify my paying $65.00 for that show. It was like having a really good steak, but washing it down with sewer water. I could have found a lot better ways to waste my money.....


By BD contributor, John H. Melick

Last night's Roger Waters concert at what I can only regrettably call "The Q" was fantastic. We unfortunately missed the first two songs due to concert traffic, but got into our seats right at the end of Mother.

All of the songs were tight and very well executed. Dave Kilminster certainly is an able understudy for David Gilmour. Roger's voice appeared to be in good shape for the entire show, and I didn't notice any lip-synching, or at least none that I could detect.

Having now seen both Roger Waters and David Gimour in concert this year (I really hoped Nick Mason would show up so I could claim to have seen the entire band this year), I really can't say who was better. Dark Side was masterfully recreated, and my only complaint would be that it was over too soon. It was very faithfully performed by all involved, and Great Gig In The Sky in particular was spellbinding. A lot of Dark Side I found myself just standing and listening in a bit of a stupor. Dark Side of the Moon is an album that has helped me to get through a number of very frustrating times in my life by giving me a lot of material to consider, and climaxing with Roger simply concluding that everything will somehow be OK in the end. Even if the abolute worst thing you can conceive of should happen to you, we'll meet again eventually, and you'll not be alone. That's a fantastic statement, and I've always felt very emotionally attached to that album because of it. It was very gratifying to me to be able to see it performed live.

A note about politics and Leaving Beirut in general: From where I sat, I would say that there were about 20% booing, 70% cheering, and 10% indifferent. If you go to a Roger Waters show and don't expect to be politicked in one way or another, you are completely ignorant. He's made a career of it. I, myself, am a 25-year old conservative republican, and Waters' politics do not bother me. I don't agree with his politics, but they are generally well-thought out and sincere, and I have to give him credit for that. He's a man speaking his mind, even if it's unpopular. A government without it's critics is a dictatorship; and criticism is a healthy part of government. Booing a man for speaking his mind (when you must know that he's known for inflammatory politics) and paying for the priviledge is just stupid. If Waters' politics offend you, don't go. As simple as that. He's free to voice his opinions, and you're free to not buy a ticket if you don't want to hear them. I don't agree with him, but he makes much better arguments than most of the mouthpieces for the anti-Bush bandwagon do. Roger is far too intelligent and insightful to merely come up with some lame cathcphrase like "Bush lied, kids died". That his arguments have a large amount of substance to them seems to scare a lot of people on both sides of the issue. I personally can live with it. The song itself was very nice, and eerily bluesy; I quite liked it. It vaguely kind of reminded me of a bluesy old 50's song.

The background videos were incredible and very well done (especially on Leaving Beirut, Fletcher Memorial Home, Shine On, and all of Dark Side), and a lot of them tied into each other. The inflatable astronaut and pig were amazing and very welcome. Roger looked like he really enjoyed playing for us, and was in good humor through the entire show, even when he had to have known some of the audience were probably taking offense to what he had to say. All in all, if you can get past the politics (and you should), this is a show I would highly recommend catching if you get the chance. It's worth it for Sheep alone.


By BD contributor, Eric M

What a good show. Nice sound effects,pyros and such. I liked Roger's selection of songs, even knowing what they were. Sheep was a BIG highlight, very tight as was Set the Controls and also Have a Cigar. The Pig was the biggest highlight though.

I like the idea of a concert that is controversial politically and has a in your face way about it. Way more impact. People might not like everything that went on at this concert (images, words, etc.) but this country was built on differing opinion. I like that Roger felt that he could and did that.

Back to the show...From my vantage point there was lip synching by the female singer who sang Great Gig, and Roger did miss too. No biggie. I thought that Dave Kilminster did well. Like my nephew said "he butchered the second guitar solo on Comfortably Numb". I agree. Dave K. might not have missed hardly any notes but there was no feel from his music. All notes no feel. DAVID ROCKS!!!

I wish that Rogers show was before David's...In a musical way David's shined bighter easily. Rogers was totally different. To have 2 people cover David's AND Richard's parts speak volumes for itself!!

Overall, A Good show. I loved the variety of songs. Darkside Live was GREAT!! Nice job Roger!!!


By BD contributor, Jason Ringuette

Roger's tour seems to be best in an indoor arena and The Q (or previously known as the Gund) was the perfect place for the show. The crowd was on the young side and it had a sort of drunk dorm room feel. Not your normal Roger Waters concert crowd.

Someone near an isle that lead to main floor spilled a beer. 3 security guards were right there and did not clean it up until a young lady took a nasty fall not once but twice and even then they stood and laughed at her. The Nazi security force were in full force continously getting in your way and preventing anyone from having fun.

The crowd was on its feet the entire show and went crazy with every song despite all the anti-fun patrols. Very tight musical performance by the band and the surround sound was really the best i have heard this tour. The smaller arena's accoustics were perfect for this type of show. The light show and visuals were top notch as always. Highlighs were Sheep again (Roger needs to play Pigs in its complete form on the tour!!), In The Flesh and Numb.

Dark Side was great as always! The encore set needs to be expanded a few minutes longer. It seems strange that the 2nd set is shorter than the 1st. See you in Chicago!


By BD contributor, Jeff McCoy

Having never seen Pink Floyd (an occurrence I still regret to this day, even at age 45), I knew that I would not miss what would be my first and could be my last opportunity to see Roger Waters perform their seminal work DSOTM. I was seated 4 rows off of the floor, one section removed on the right side of the stage ... outstanding seats indeed, and well worth the $150 I paid for them. Having read many reviews on this site for the European shows (and purposely not read any reviews for the prior US shows), I was not prepared for the outstanding show that Roger and his band provided. It was simply stunning. There were moments of raw emotion: the wonderment of watching the spotlighted red-eyed pig riding high in the confetti storm during "Sheep" (and of the outstanding performance of that song itself ... the highlight of the show IMO), the awe of Carol Kenyon's note-for-note vocal replication on Great Gig in the Sky, the excitement of watching Roger happily interact with the crowd on each end of the stage. This concert exceeded my expectations.

Highlights (other than Sheep) were Have A Cigar, DSOTM (especially Time, Great Gig in the Sky, Brain Damage, and Eclipse), Wish You Were Here, Bring the Boys Back Home, and Comfortably Numb. Musicianship was tight and accurately played. In particular, Graham Broad succeeded in duplicating the restrained feel of Nick Mason's playing during Time's rototom intro ... he was criticized for overplaying in the earlier shows. Dave Kilminster was dead-on with his Gilmour chops. Ian Ritchie had some tasty sax playing. Harry Waters and Snowy White were particularly memorable. And the sound, although loud in spots, was clear. I only noticed the quadraphonic effects during Sheep, Southhampton Dock, Time, Money, and On The Run.

Roger did appear to be lip-syncing during The Fletcher Memorial Home (he cupped the mike close to his mouth, and he was not able to hit similar high notes on the preceding songs), but hey, I don't have a problem with that, in order to maintain the mood of the concert. I hope I'm in as good of shape at 63!

I did expect the lighting to be more "over the top" with the dancing lights, lasers, etc. but it was not a distraction, but a complement to the background visuals, which only served to punctuate the musical message.

OK, about the political messages ... I was initially angry at having paid a substantial amount of money for a concert, and then feeling like I was attending a political rally. But I agree with previous reviewers in that although I don't agree with Roger's political stance, I appreciate that this is a part of who he is and always has been. If you don't agree with his views (which are the fabric of much of his music), don't attend his concerts. In a democracy, he is free to express his sentiment, and I am free to disagree with it. I didn't let it ruin the experience, although I thought Leaving Beirut was over-the-top thematically, although not musically. I thought this was the low point of the show. His message would have been much stronger, had he focused on the kindness of the Lebanese family, and left the anti-Bush, anti-Christian elements out. Oh well. The audience in my section cheered, although there was a smattering of boos. Most didn't seem to care either way.

All in all, this is certainly one of the key "not to be missed" tours of this year, and for me, the Cleveland show ranks with the best.

By the way, a special souvenir is being offered on the tour: a tour poster of the "painted prism", signed and numbered by Roger. This is limited to 1000 copies, and at $75, is a bargain considering the prices of the T-shirts and tour program. And yes, I purchased one!

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