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Home arrow Roger Waters 2006 arrow September 16th - TWEETER CENTER AT THE WATERFRONT, PHILADELPHIA, PA

Tweeter Center At The Waterfront
Tweeter Center At The Waterfront
Tweeter Center At The Waterfront
Ticket scan - thanks to Stephen Sluka
Capacity: 7,000
Concert starts: 8pm

Address of venue: 1 Harbour Blvd., Camden, NJ 08103. MAP


FIRST HALF: In The Flesh, Mother, Set The Controls For the Heart Of The Sun, Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Have A Cigar, Wish You Were Here, Southampton Dock, The Fletcher Memorial Home, Perfect Sense parts 1 and 2, Leaving Beirut, Sheep.

SECOND HALF: Dark Side of the Moon.

ENCORE: The Happiest Days Of Our Lives, Another Brick In The Wall (Pt 2), Vera, Bring the Boys back Home, Comfortably Numb.


With the band and equipment having dried themselves following the wet and windy Jones Beach show, the audience were treated to another great show. Those who have been to successive shows are all agreeing that the band are playing better as each show unfolds.

The tour now moves to Detroit, Michigan, playing at the Palace Of Auburn Hills. If you are going, have a great time and tell us about it!


There have been reviews of this show in a number of the local newspapers, and one of these can be read online at the respective publication's website: the Philadelphia Inquirer.


By BD contributor, Walt

Just got in from the Camden show, what can one say? I have seen Roger on his previous 3 tours (1st concert ever was Pros and Cons with Clapton!). This was by far his best! It was an incredible show across the board. The music, sound, lights, movies were all fantastic!

Same set list as in the previous shows of the tour. Highlights were: Set the Controls (fantastic), Shine On (the pics of Syd were very moving!), Leaving Beirut (no boos!) and Sheep!

Dark Side was so well done! Great updated movies! Words cannot describe the emotions of witnessing this incredible album played live in its entirely! Did any one notice during the final verse of Money, as the record was spinning a very lite David lifemask appeared from the Wall? I think I saw it any way!

Also, the first song on the radio was "We'll meet again" by Vera Lee! Nice touch!

This was one of the best concerts I have ever seen. Roger was definitely trying to make his point. This was the best band he has had on the road. This is a must see show!


By BD contributor, Ryan

I just got back from the Camden, NJ show. I won't waste time with too many details, but I will give you a few key points.

Roger and the band took the stage at 8:20pm. However, the show DID start at 8:00pm as stated. I think many people have been ignoring the fact that the first 20 minutes of the concert... is actually a pre-recorded bit that takes place on stage. A bottle of whiskey is slowly nipped away at... and a cigarette is smoked... by some unseen figure. Meanwhile, this "person" listens to the radio... until Roger takes the stage, of course.

The concert was great. The crowd was obnoxious... typical for Camden... but even that couldn't detract from how well the band performed. Roger could not stop smiling the entire night.

I just saw David Gilmour in March (NYC). I also saw Roger a few years ago. Having seen them both, I can easily state that David is a true musician, and Roger is a true performer. A true showman. The man just seemed so happy to be performing for us. It really made everything 10 times more enjoyable.

Anyway... "Leaving Beirut" was EXTREMELY well received by the crowd. No booing (that I could hear). However, it did illicit a lot of applause both during the song and immediately following it.

For me, the best performances of the night (in order)

  1. Sheep
  2. Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun
  3. Have a Cigar
The giant pig flying into the night sky just made Sheep even more incredible.

Personally, the DSOTM portion of the concert was lacking. Without David and Rick singing, Dark Side isn't the same. And I don't care... I just did not care for the guy that was trying to imitate Gilmour on guitar.

All things said, the first half of the night was much more enjoyable. I honestly could have skipped the second half of the show and felt as though I got more than my moneys worth.

Great show.

RW in Camden
Piggie in Camden - picture thanks to Ryan "Poppa" Thompson


By BD contributor, Robert Norton

Last night in Camden New Jersey while overlooking our great city of finally made sense. Coming from a father of the 60s I was raised on the sounds of great masters of rock and roll.

But until last night...i never experienced actually being a part of the music. The most amazing show ive ever seen in my life and it is almost depressing that I know now that I will never experience anything like that again.

The lyrics and the message of the songs of pink floyd are as relevant if not more relevant today as they were when the people of the world first heard, Dark side of the Moon and The Wall.

A united feeling of humanity was felt and heard throughout the world by The people and the music last night.

I never actually felt apart of something larger than myself until last night.

It was religious. I felt as if the whole world was in the stadium with me and roger waters was our god speaking the gospel. Thank you.


By BD contributor, Todd Kale

All in all, an awesome show. I'd last seen Waters in 2000 and while an indoor venue (Universal Amphitheater) was better suited to experience the Quad Sound, this show made up for it with much more energy, showmanship and great visuals.

The first half was definitely the highlight with Shine On, Set The Controls, Sheep and Leaving Beirut (I'd love to see that film/comic included in any future CD/DVD release - Neal Adams and Bill Sienkiewicz ( did an amazing job) being especially moving.

Dark Side was missing a lot minus Wright, Mason & Gilmour (maybe I'm prejudiced against guitarists in leather pants and vests); however GGITS as well as ACYL and BD/E really stood out.

I do have to agree with one of the reviewers, this crowd was particularly obnoxious. I saw PF in 94 and RW in 00 and both times you could hear a pin drop. Screaming out the names of the songs during the first few bars or praising the harmonies of GGITS WHILE trying to sing along yourself I just don't get.

I was also concerned that RW might be moved to cancel the show had he learned of the number of people playing MLOR and/or DB in the parking lot before hand.


By BD contributor, Stephen Cerone

When I woke up on Saturday morning, it was raining and I thought, "oh great." But by 6 PM, the sun had come out and the evening was dry and around 70 degrees...perfect outdoor concert weather. From what I remember, the set list was the same as the previous shows on the North American leg. Here are some of my observations:

The band was tight. No complaints with the musicianship.

Roger's vocals sounded fine. I was concerned after Live 8, but he sounded A-OK at this show.

The woman who sings the solo on Great Gig In The Sky nailed it. She did great and got a nice ovation from the crowd.

It was fantastic to hear Sheep and Have A Cigar. I have to say, as well, that Have A Cigar sounded more muscular and powerful live than the recorded version. And I hardly ever like live versions of songs better than their recorded counterparts. I liked the way he did Vera and Bring the Boys Back Home prior to Comfortably Numb. Sad to think how poignant Bring the Boys Back Home is right now. We never learn, do we?

The pig came out during Sheep and made the rounds through the crowd, then was let go toward the end, to a big cheer.

The quad sound wasn't as prominent as I thought it would be. It was most noticeable on the animal sounds at the beginning of Sheep and the heartbeat at the beginning and end of Dark Side. Quite honestly, I don't know why Roger doesn't do this tour at indoor venues where the sound would be better. There's a limit to how good an outdoor show can sound.

I liked the extra bursts of sound during On The Run. A nice way to "update" the song.

I didn't hear any boos after Leaving Beirut. In fact, the crowd seemed pretty oblivious to the whole controversy surrounding that song on this tour.

All in all, a very enjoyable show. Though I did find myself thinking, a few times, man, I wish the four of them would do a tour again together.

Hey, one can dream, right?


By BD contributor, Tony Morelli

Here are my notes from this show:

- Great Gig in the Sky was a stand-out --- that chick nailed it in a *serious* way. The crowd was stunned -- giving ovations at three parts throughout the song, and listening in hushed amazement at the rest. A definite highlight.

- Leaving Beirut -- I heard differently than the other two reviews here -- there were definite boos at the end of the song. Someone mentioned the crowd being obnoxious -- they were, insomuch as many got up to get their beer refills during The Final Cut songs and Leaving Beirut. Otherwise, I thought we were collectively pretty in focus. At the end of the night Roger called us "fantastic" (which I suppose could be interpreted as back-handed reference to Have A Cigar but I don't think it was!)

- I thought Snowy White was pretty lame. He did not seem into it. Everyone else laid it all out. I thought the long-haired lead guy did an excellent job, although his stage presence is kinda forced. But he's got a great telecaster and he uses it well. Graham Broad did a great job as well -- he lost a couple of sticks at the mid/beginning part of Time, but he recovered quickly and followed through with a thunderous lead-in to an excellent rendition of that song.

- Shine On was touching. I was pretty distracted at one moment by some guy in shorts and no shirt, with cigarette in hand, completely freaking out and getting dragged away by about 6 or 7 security folks. He was seriously flipping out about something!

- The Pig was great, with a few bubbles for effect. Since the Tweeter is covered in the front, the folks in the lawn seating section got to see the pig fly away. I was under the covered part -- by the time the pig got to the back everyone's attention was back to the front of the stage (and there were flames shooting from in front of the screen) so a lot of people had no idea that the pig went flying off.

- Rog did a good job covering up his lip-synching during a couple of the Final Cut songs. It really didn't matter much -- it was still him in his "current day" voice giving the performance.

- Rog really did seem to be enjoying himself. He puts on a great performance. He gives the crowd exactly what they want -- acknowledgement that we love his music. He enjoys right on with the rest of us.

- Set the Controls, always great --- I love seeing him sing such an old song from his deep past. Great stuff.

- On The Run was pretty forceful. You know, the Dark Side portion of the concert was all-in-all incredible. Any Colour You Like was a great jam. Ian Ritchie *really* nailed Us and Them.

- Vera was awesome, loved that. And Bring the Boys Back Home was done in all it's b-side of Tigers Broke Free long-cut glory. In the context of the existing war, it was pretty powerful.

- Comfortably Numb was wonderful, of course, but I must say the guitar solo at the end did not meet my expectations. I again attribute that to Snowy White's seeming lack of effort / interest. That may not be fair, but that was my take on it. Having seen Gilmour's floyd in '89, I would say that that was the one portion of the show that I really missed David -- that's really *his* piece moreso than any other. Money can be replicated, but Comfortably Numb solo is really all about Gilmour. Dave's sweet voice for Wish You Were Here would be nice as well, along with his scat/solo, but I like seeing Rog sing his own lyrics anyhow.

- Rog really went off during Another Brick. If you're going to the show, be sure to appreciate what he does on bass while the other guys are soloing. Rog laid it out.

All in all -- fantastic performance. You could not possibly be disappointed!


By BD contributor, Nathaniel Wiseley

Okay, so I’m only 18, and I have no other Floydian experience to compare this show to, but I have seen more major concerts in the last ten years, than most people see in their lifetimes. Roger Waters at the Camden Waterfront Tweeter Center on September 16, 2006 was the greatest show I’ve ever had the privilege to attend.

My parents have trained me to like the Floyd since I could understand music, but I truly got into them when I was 13, listening to The Wall, when I realized it was a story… that fascinated me. Since then, I’ve owned and many times over listened to every studio release from Piper to The Division Bell, and even their solo recordings. I am not your average young Dark Side/WYWH/Animals/Wall fan. I understood before going into this show that I was seeing ¼ of my favorite band. Here’s the rundown of the greatest concert I’ve ever been to.

I liked that the music preceding the event was part of the show, evidenced by the hand that showed itself turning the radio dial on the huge crystal clear screen when the song changed, most impressively to play the Vera Lynn song that “Vera” is based on.

The other music played was largely Neil Young and Chuck Berry.

In the Flesh: Started at 8:30 sharp, and as one might imagine, there was a lot of pyrotechnics in “In the Flesh”, and the song was performed amazingly well. I only wish they introduced this like they had on The Wall tours… I also wish they segued this into “Run Like Hell”, but no such luck.

Mother: Another perfect rendition of a classic, I’m glad he did this because it’s one of my fathers favorites, and one he and I often play on our guitars together. (I was there with my father, mother and brother).

Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun: This was the first time I heard the surround sound system come into play, it rumbled around us as a rising sun was projected behind the band, I was really impressed. They performed this well, a great jam. I’m glad Roger went into the back catalogue for this one.

Shine On…: If I remember the parts right, they played parts 2-5. I sort of missed the guitar solo in part 1, as I believe “Shine On…” is some of Gilmour’s best work. But I was quite happy with what I got. White, Fairweather-Low, and Kilminster know exactly what they’re doing, and it shows. I believe clips of the original “Scarecrow” video were used as a backdrop to this song.

Have a Cigar: This is my girlfriend’s favorite Pink Floyd song, so I called her up during it so she could listen. I thought Roger handled the vocals well, and the solos at the end were great.

Wish You Were Here: The classic radio intro played right into a perfect rendition of the song. At least 4 or 5 band members played guitar on this one. It was obvious that Roger worked his ass off to sing this, as his performance on this song wasn’t so great at Live 8. I was a little disappointed that the cough in the intro was omitted. Nice shots of Syd for this song, may he rest in peace.

Southampton Dock: I don’t remember much of this one, I think I sat down for it.

The Fletcher Memorial Home: I don’t like The Final Cut much, but this and “Not Now John” were my two favorites from it (I believe it’s a Roger Waters solo album performed by Pink Floyd). I was VERY impressed with Rogers vocals on this, and I do not believe he lip-synched, I saw zero evidence of this. A very cool video freely expressing his liberal views was enjoyed by myself and my family, but not by all.

Perfect Sense: Wow, just wow. I really enjoy this song, and the woman who sang almost made me faint she was so perfect. The space man was really cool too, however I was disappointed that “he” didn’t travel out into the audience.

Leaving Beirut: This was the controversial song. I enjoyed it very much, and agreed with the lyrical content. Although once it was over Roger received more than “boo-ing”, more like, “F**k you a**hole!!”. The way the conservatives in the crowd act you’d think they never listened to a Pink Floyd album, you ever heard of Animals?

Sheep: My favorite song from Animals, hands down. I loved every minute of it and danced its entire length, despite being hit by objects from the people sitting down behind me. I’m so glad that in my life, I got to see the pig live in concert, it was quite a thrill, and again people had negative things to say about the things written on the pig. I only wish this version had the heavy guitar sound that the album version had.

Intermission: The bathroom was so packed, I used the sink… and got back just in time for the opening heartbeat of Dark Side.

Speak to Me/Breathe: The surround sound put me in shock, and my Dad got back from using the proper facilities in the bathroom just in time for the opening Emadd9 of Breathe. This is also when the older couple behind us kindly shared their treat with us; I declined until the rest of my family accepted, when I did, I felt like I had never been closer to family than that moment, I will always remember that moment. Anyway, the song was done great, and Kilminster did a great job on the lead vocal. I’m also quite happy that the center screen transformed into the famous circular “Mr. Screen”.

On the Run: Too cool for words, being in the middle of the song like that was almost too much for me to handle, it was one of the greatest feelings I ever felt, hell I love it in stereo, let alone this amazing setup they had!! A little disappointed that a real plane didn’t crash into the stage at the end, as my parents saw about 32 years ago. Mr. Screen displayed trains and race cars throughout this one, also the plane crash.

Time: Great drumming on the intro of this one, again the surround was put to great and effective use regaurding the clocks and bells. I liked the vocal arrangement here, Roger on lead, and the women on the chorus, it worked well, but at times the chorus girls were close to inaudible. Perfect solo on this one. I liked how a lot of the original video was used for this.

Great Gig: Phenomenal, that’s all. The woman who sang Perfect Sense, did it again with Claire Torry’s vocal.

Money: Perfect, and too cool. Stage illuminated in green for this one, and a great set of solos here. Again with the surround sound, those change effects never sounded so cool.

Us and Them: Beautiful, flawless, every solo, verse, lyric, note done perfectly. I love this song for the dynamic change from verse to chorus and back… I could really feel it here. A lot of overt political message were portrayed on Mr. Screen here.

Any Colour: Played like the record, performed like a jam, really cool.

Brain Damage: Great, one of my brothers favorites, it was cool, the sound was a bit more crisp than on the record. The best part of this song, the flawless transition from it’s 4/4 meter to Eclipses ¾, was as perfect as on the record.

Eclipse: Totally astonishing, building a grandiose orchestra of rock towards the end, just like on the record, to culminate in one of my favorite lyrics, “Everything under the sun is in tune, but the sun is eclipsed by the moon”. My brother claims that he felt a “religious” experience at the final chord… I think mine was at the first chord of Breathe.

The heart beat faded out, the Irish doorman giving us our final message. Sad to say I didn’t hear “Ticket to Ride” fading out with it.

I believe my brother may have been crying at the end of this performance.

Happiest Days/Another Brick 2: “Happiest Days…” seemed a bit weak to me, but the flawless transition into “Another Brick…” saved it for me. “Another Brick…” was cool because it featured an extended solo, and a third verse. The helicopter was heard over the surround sound, and creatively cut Roger Waters off mid-speech.

Vera/Bring the Boys: I don’t know why he chose to do “Vera” here, but I’m glad he did, I like the song and never thought I’d hear it live, this was foreshadowed by the radio being tuned to the original Vera Lynn song at the beginning. “Bring the Boys…” was powerful, and relevant. It seemed longer than the album version, but I’m not sure.

Comfortably Numb: The “Is There Anybody Out There?” transition into this was the last great thing to amaze me through the sound system. And The final song was replicated quite well, with note for note soloing, and a great vocal performance.

All together, the best show I’ve ever seen. The only time I’ve ever been to this venue when it’s been sold out. I’ve heard rumors that he may come around again. I hope he does, as I’d like to go with my Floyd loving friends.


By BD contributor, cmckeever22

I just have to write and say this has been one of the best concerts I have been to in a very long time. Roger Waters and his band were incredible. Every song he played was right on track! Is was an honor to hear "Dark side of the moon played live! It was just an amazing concert and everyone up on that lawn sang in harmony all night...Most enjoyable night...:)


By BD contributor, Christian Austin

I just finished catching up on sleep after getting none on the night of the show in Camden. It was, as expected, the greatest performance I'd ever seen. All the friends that were with me agreed. The opening was excellent. The theme of an old fashioned radio could not be better fit and Roger managed to use it through the entire first half. Highlights of the first half were: Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun (Snowy's solo was a face melter), Leaving Beruit (no boo's thank god, I would have been so emabarassed), and Sheep. The second half was flawless, DSOTM was exactly what we wanted, little variation on the songs we love. On the Run was heart pounding, the solo's on Money were really sound. Although I wanted to hear Andy Fairweather Low do a Money solo, the newby was absolutely exceptional. All and all the best show I've ever seen, I wish I could do it all again.


By BD contributor, Kat S

I just wanted to add a bit more to what everyone else here has said. The perspective of the peanut gallery. We were not obnoxious. We were giddy with glee. We all stood during the entire show. We danced. We swayed. We cried. All as one. Our friends had tickets close to the stage and abandoned them to stand with us because there was not as much enthusiasm up front as we had in the back. We were giving back as much love and appreciation as Roger was on stage.

I heard zero booing during or after Leaving Beirut, only thunderous applause and cheers. A few folks think that's because we're ignorant of the politics surrounding this song/show, but I'd like to say, give us Philadelphians a little more credit than that, please. Everyone around me seemed to know exactly what was happening and appreciated the message. It seemed to make Roger happy enough to say, "Thank you Philly, we need more people like you around."

We took the subway/ferry to show and stopped in Center City to enjoy a few pints of Belgian brew before the show. At every place we stopped, they were playing Roger Waters. I thought that was the biggest salute to Roger that we as a city could offer. And with that, I'd like to thank Roger for sharing his mind with us. It's an honor to live in the same lifetime with an artist as profound as he.


By BD contributor, Charles Ashko

First off I have seen every Roger & Floyd related tour since the 1984 Clapton Tour of "Pro's and Cons". The show I saw at MSG on Tuesday was by far the best Roger Waters Show and maybe the best Pink Floyd show I have ever seen. So I decided that I must see this show again while I have the chance.

The Stage set up for the show was terrible. The Speakers having no room above the stage were set on the sides of the stage which meant that anyone slightly off center had the speakers blocking the Screen behind that band which was a MAJOR part of this show. The sound was very low the first half and a little louder the second half. MSG sounded FANTASTIC!!

The show was the same with the exceptions of the Space Man only flying around the stage & the Pig Being held up by roadie which was very Spinal Tap compared the past Pigs.

The Crowd at Camden might have been the worst I have experienced in my 22 years of going to concerts. Behind me were several drunk & ignorant fans. The type that have to sing the words to the songs before the performer does to show they know and LOVE the song. In between Lyrics one must yell ROOOGGEEERRR!!!!

In front of me was the "I must stand during every song" regardless of the fact that NO ONE behind them can see or that no one in front of them was standing up and when asked to please sit refused. These are NOT the Floyd Fans I have been going to shows with for over 20 years.

Camden is a Corporate Amphitheater like the PNC. A Bad acoustics Summer venue that is not set up for a concert experience. Just a Cash cow for some Corporation that is only worried about filling seats and selling Food and Beverages.

I really wish Roger would stick to Arena's and Theaters. The PNC Art (some call it Narc due to the Police State Environment) Center and this place are the worst two venues in the Tri-State area. I will not see any more shows at either of these venues and strongly suggest avoiding them whenever possible.


By BD contributor, schynoweth

The lunatics were CERTAINLY on the grass last night! Since the second it was over I haven't been able to think about it and stop saying "WOW!"; but "WOW!" isn't even expressive enough in my opinion to describe last night. I don't know if there ARE any words that would do it justice.

Ive been a BIG Floyd fan for years, and in recent years have gotten into Roger Waters' solo music. This is my first experience EVER seeing Roger Waters and the whole day for me, just that the concert HAPPENED seemed like nothing short of a miracle; a TRUE religious experience as someone else's review said. Ive read a few reviews that said the crowd was obnoxious? I dont know if its just where I was sitting (by the cement steps in the center of the grass), but everyone around there was NOTHING BUT NICE; the whole place at one point was one big volley-ball game! Aside from the people I went with, in all, I thought it was really a great group of people. Having never seen Pink Floyd aside from when they peformed at Live 8, I really dont have much of an opinion on who's better (Roger's guitarist NOW, or David Gilmour). I mean David is an AWESOME guitarist no matter what, but I think the guitarist he has in his band NOW did a very commendable job with every song last night. Roger very clearly had a point to the songs he played last night (as he ALWAYS seems to get his point across in every song he WRITES), and he very obviously enjoyed himself so much on stage. I'm in a wheelchair and so I had to watch good chunks of it on the big screens, and even having to experience it THAT way, it was AWESOME. Yeah, I was watching it on a screen, but I knew I was actually there...make sense? And anyway, except for at some big parts I had my eyes shut now and again just listening/feeling.

The one thing with the show that I was unsure and kinda worried about was how Darkside would sound with Rogers voice. On the album its mostly David Gilmour doing the singing, and then on The Wall most of the songs are Roger. I just wasnt sure how it would sound; but he pulled everything off really well. Guess thats part of being a great showmen and truly enjoying what you do, huh? This tour is DEFINITELY something I would recommend. Its only the day after and Im wishing I was back there again! lol. DEFINITELY worth EVERY CENT of the price of admission. Just to be in the parking lot BEFORE the show was an experience in itself. Though I enjoyed every song he played, some highlights for ME were, Comfortably Numb, Wish You Were Here, Bring the Boys Back Home, Mother, Breathe and Time...and of course the guitar in Shine On. Im sorry, Im a guitarist myself, I LOVE great guitar, whoEVER is playing it. I really enjoyed Perfect Sense (1 and 2), though I wouldnt say it was a HIGHLIGHT of mine.

HOPEFULLY he will come around again sometime and I will get to catch that show.



By BD contributor, Randy Madden

First I would like to tell you a little about myself and my family. I'm 55 years old and have been listening to Pink Floyd since 1969. I have seen Pink Floyd 5 times plus David Gilmour's 2006 solo tour and just saw Roger Waters in Camden, NJ. I have two sons (age 24 & 19) that are big Floyd fans also. My oldest son's first concert was Pink Floyd in 1994. At the time my youngest son was only 7 and I didn't take him. He hasn't let me live that down yet.

My wife and I flew to Los Angeles in 1980 to see "The Wall" concert. (The best and most amazing concert I have ever seen) I live in New Orleans, LA and my whole family flew to Chicago to see David Gilmour. We just went to Camden, NJ to see Roger Waters. (Included my future daughter-in-law on this trip) I don't mind telling anyone how proud I am that my sons are Pink Floyd fans.

I attribute this to the fact that they are both musicians. Both started out playing the piano with one changing to the guitar and the other drums. I think they like Pink Floyd because they appreciate good musicians and good music. I have included all of this information in order to show that I'm a true fan of Pink Floyd. I would fly my whole family just about anywhere in the world to see a reunion concert. OK, now I would like to give my opinion on Roger's show in Camden, NJ.

It was a shame that my family's discussions after the show started out with his political statements instead of the music. First let me state that the music was great. The only negative comment we had was about the lead guitarist trying to sound like Gilmour instead of just playing the songs with his own style as Doyle Bramhall did on Roger's last tour.

Roger's voice was great! I agree with some of the other reviews about the crowd being obnoxious especially during some of the slow songs. The sound system and visual show were true to Pink Floyd performances. Truely amazing!

I don't know if you will print a review with comments on Roger's political beliefs, but maybe you will and Roger will actually see it and understand that a lot of his fans feel the way I do. As I stated above, I've been a fan of Roger and Pink Floyd for a long time and had no problem with his ideas on war. However, the point that in the videos Roger equates Osama Bin Laden, Stalin, Mao, Saddam Hussein with Ronald Reagan and George Bush bothers me. Unless I missed it, I didn't see President Johnson or Clinton or even Adolf Hitler in the videos. WHY? Other than Bin Laden, there were no other references to any terrorist attacks.

I would like to ask Roger one question. How would he have felt if his daughter or wife had just happened to be on one of the planes that the recent terrorists had planned to blow up from London to New York? And doesn't Roger realize that these terrorists would like to kill him just as much as any other American, Englishman, Frenchman, etc. Their targets are not just Christians and Jews, they target Muslims with different beliefs also.

Again let me say that with all of the real bad music and musicians out there, I go see a great talented musician and I want to talk about his political views. What a shame!

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