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Home arrow Roger Waters 2006 arrow June 4th/5th - ANFITEATRO ARENA DI VERONA, ITALY

Anfiteatro Arena di Verona, Italy
Ticket scan - Verona
Ticket scan (June 4th) - thanks to Virginia & Remo
Ticket scan - Verona
Ticket scan (June 5th) - thanks to Marc Bruijn
Capacity: 14,000
Concert starts: 9:30pm

Address of venue: Piazza Bra 28, 37121 Verona, Italy. MAP


FIRST HALF: In The Flesh, Mother, Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Have A Cigar, Wish You Were Here, Set The Controls For the Heart Of The Sun, The Gunner's Dream, Southampton Dock, The Fletcher Memorial Home, Perfect Sense parts 1 and 2, Leaving Beirut, Sheep.
SECOND HALF: Dark Side of the Moon. ENCORE: The Happiest Days Of Our Lives, Another Brick In The Wall (Pt 2), Vera, Bring the Boys back Home, Comfortably Numb.

FIRST HALF: In The Flesh, Mother, Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Leaving Beirut, Have A Cigar, Wish You Were Here, Set The Controls For the Heart Of The Sun, The Gunner's Dream, Southampton Dock, The Fletcher Memorial Home, Perfect Sense parts 1 and 2, Sheep.
SECOND HALF: Dark Side of the Moon. ENCORE: The Happiest Days Of Our Lives, Another Brick In The Wall (Pt 2), Vera, Bring the Boys back Home, Comfortably Numb.


Both nights in Verona saw the setlist given a bit of a shake-up - possibly to see what works best - and each of the three shows to date have had subtly different running orders. (Our thanks to Zack/Cristiano Padovani for the set list from June 5th)

Reports that are coming in are unanimous that Roger is on fire at the moment, and that his tour is not to be missed if you can help it. It is with thanks to Vanni de Rossi that we have a handful of pictures from the evening, on this page.

PRESS REVIEW - June 4th show

Thanks to BD contributor, Virginia, for the scan and translation

The ex-Pink Floyd leader captures the anfitheatre with a powerful show full of effects

After 17 years since the three concert dates of Pink Floyd, Roger Waters takes back the Arena even if for only two nights, and captures the anfitheatre with a powerful show, full of exaggeration, sounds and visual effects, a joy for the ears and eyes. But also, the sold out arena has a good effect on the ex-bass player of Pink Floyd. "You are lucky to have such a nice place" he said in English after a few words in Italian ("Grazie, buona sera", the usual things).

The concert starts with songs from "The wall", but at the very end he doesn't play the second part of "Another brick in the wall" [NOTE: just to be played in the encores…], that was in the list. But it doesn't matter: the impact of "The happiest days of our lives" and "Mother", but most of all of "Shine on you crazy diamond", is so strong that it is nearly surprising: this is really mental rock, that brings to mind symbols (the fascist one of the two hammers, red and black), capable of entering the brain and remain there with effects that you can't preview. There's the rage against the war machine, spoken by the words of a son (Mother, do you think they'll drop the bomb) and there's the emotion for the words of "Wish you were here", dedicated as "Shine on…" to the "crazy diamond" Syd Barrett, the first leader of the Floyds, remembered with parts of a movie at the group's shoulders.

Roger Waters reviewThe public is silent, as the steps where we've seen Ligabue [NOTE: a very famous Italian rocker], hand over his chin and head down, enjoying Waters music incognito. Many people also said that there was also Adriano Celentano [NOTE: another very very famous Italian singer from the sixties - he should be nearly the same age as Roger], but we haven't seen him or at least he has paid attention not to be seen. But we believe that Adriano, the most famous musician in Italy, could have been not seen in the middle of the space rock of Waters, especially during "Set the controls for the heart of the sun", a psychedelic song that is now more than 35 years old but sounds more modern than the rock that we have now on the charts.

In a few seconds, "Wish…" ended, and we pass from the vision of Barrett and the others of the group (filmed at the end of the sixties) to a space atmosphere where the galaxy seems to be opened, vertigiously, at the bottom of the theatre. The face of Barrett returns, surrounded by the light of the sun and with yellow and red colours. As for the father, died during the second world war, the image of the ex-mate Syd Barrett is the other big presence/absence in Waters concert. The red poppies that fall in "Set the controls" let Roger introduce the theme of "The final cut" where he takes songs from the personal life to politics.

On the screen, while Waters sings "The Fletcher memorial home" we can see the faded pictures of Saddam, George Bush's son, Reagan and Stalin, attached in the wall of a psychiatric hospital for survivors of the war. "Now the final solution can be applied" says Roger, while we read on a wall a Stalin statement "Death solves problems; no man, no problem".

The first part of the concert ends with "Leaving Beirut", the story of a meeting in the Middle East, the experience of Arab hospitality, that here is put face to face with the situation today in Iraq and Palestine. Waters reproaches Bush and also Blair, calling them confidentially George and Tony, and putting aside the song "Sheep" with the psalm of the good shepherd. The irony, if there was one, was crushed by the music and fires that closed the first part of the concert.

In the second half Waters plays note by note "Dark side of the moon" (a question for the Pink Floyd lovers: should it have "The" before it, or not?), from the psychotic "Speak to me" to the floating "Breathe", to the final "Eclipse". A real delight but, as Johnny Depp in "Donnie Brasco" said "Why am I saying this?".

A curiosity: the keyboards player Jon Carin, was also in the band with the other Floyds in 1989 and could be happily playing in the Arena for 5 nights. In fact, tonight Waters gives another concert, here, and tickets are still available...

Roger Waters, VeronaSHOW REVIEW - June 4th

By BD contributor, Hugh Stewart

Just before Roger took the stage a lite drizzle of rain blessed the crowd. It was like holy water. As Roger and the band took the stage a huge lightening bolt struck behind the arena for all the crowd to see.

The show opened with In The Flesh working into Mother. It was amazing energy that Roger gave the Italian audience.

Roger introduced a new song about his experience of hitchhiking home from the middle east when he was 17 yrs old and how a family took him in and showed great kindness. Very cool. When Roger and the band got into Dark side the crowd went crazy.

The quadraphonic system in the Arena de Verona was superb. I'm not sure what back up singer sang Great Gig In The Sky but she made my knees shake. Dave Kilminster, Lead Guitar and Vocals did an amazing job. I do miss Doyle, though.

I am going back tonight for some more. If you are a Roger Waters fan you should not miss this concert. It was one of the best I have ever seen!

SHOW REVIEW - June 4th

By BD contributor, Alessandro

First 2 thoughts after having reached my seat in the arena: 1)"Oh my god.....what a lovely venue for a show...." 2) A couple of seconds later "Damn!!!!!! we are placed too much on the left and we can't see part of the screen!!!!!!".

The show starts with a powerful IN THE FLESH, the crossing hammers and fireworks!!! Then a surprising setlist, with songs that I didn't expect and a couple of pearls like HAVE A CIGAR and SHEEP!!!!!! Roger is in a great form, the light show is amazing and the Surround effect, with the help of the old amphitheatre, give an impressive force to the show.

Some minimal errors give me the feeling that someone in the band have to warm up some more (this is the 2nd night of the tour) and in particular my personal idol Snowy seems under his usual standard. With the FINAL CUT songs, Perfect Sense and a particular song that I guess is Leaving Beirut, the night turns darker and the revival gives place to war nightmares and an intimate atmosphere. The highlights are Set the controls and Sheep without a doubt, although I can't listen to Mother without crying for this beautiful song...

20 minutes of break and we can hear the heartbeating around us. The dark side runs in a perfect way, very close to the record (maybe too close!) and the audience is completely in trance when the beautiful chorist sings The great gig in the sky....Oh by the way! welcome back Mr Screen!

The encores see Roger jumping from the both sides of the stage smiling and cheeering with the crowd, that at this point is in state of grace! The unmissable Happiest days of our lives and Another brick in the wall are followed by an unexpected Vera/Bring the boys back Home/Comfortably Numb great finale, with the breathtaking fireworks giving us the goodnight.

Great night, great Roger. I think this brilliant show will give his best after a few nights warming up, however it left me big emotions that I'll hardly forget. See you later Rog! We'll meet again in Lucca!

SHOW REVIEW - June 4th

By BD contributor, Friso Zomer

It took a while, but after a great vacation in Italy I am back home. I saw the concert in the Arena on June 5th. Great seats on row 6, made it possible to shoot some nice pics, although rain made it somewhat hard to get good focus all the time.

After the 2002 tour (I saw the concert in the MGM Grand in Las Vegas and the Ahoy, Rotterdam show), this was another great step up to a higher level. With exceptional sound quality and further developed visual projections, movies and effects compared to 2002, the concert really was the concert experience of a lifetime.


By BD contributor, Pablo Céspedes Vargas

Roger Waters, Verona

Procedente de Roma, llego a Verona (Italia) el mismo domingo 4 de junio por la mañana y lo primero que hago, al salir de la estacion de trenes, es dirigirme hacia el anfiteatro Arena, simbolo de la ciudad y, probablemente, el escenario abierto mas impactante del mundo. Primero porque arquitectonicamente es inigualable y, segundo, porque su acustica es realmente buena. La noche anterior habia tocado Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits) y el domingo 4 y el lunes 5 tocaba Roger. Despues de visitar algunos lugares turisticos me dirijo al famoso anfiteatro de la pequeña ciudad a eso de las 20:00. Ubico mi lugar numerado sin problemas y me siento (en el sentido de "sentar" y "sentir") relativamente tranquilo a pesar de que este es uno de los dias mas importantes de mi vida. Sentado y contemplando el bellisimo anfiteatro, espero las 21:30 (hora de inicio del concierto) Mientras tanto, por los parlantes se escuchan algunos temas del gran Bob Dylan. A las 21:40 aproximadamente las luces se apagan y la gente esta verdaderamente emocionada (unos minutos antes la gente hacia "olas" en la tribuna del Arena). "In The Flesh" es el mejor comienzo para un concierto. Nunca habia escuchado en vivo un inicio tan impactante, lleno de fuegos articiales, de luces por todo lado, de sonido perfecto. En resumen, el inicio soñado. Luego "Mother". Lo siento, no hay palabras para describir este momento, asi que no lo hago. Cuando "Shine on you crazy diamond" suena las imagenes de Syd Barret se proyectan sobre la pantalla gigante. Precisamente "Shine on you.." es el tema que tocaron para la prueba de sonido y lo habia escuchado en la tarde cuando encontré a Roger para obtener un autografo suyo como simbolo de nuestro encuentro. El concierto continua con el nuevo tema "Leaving Beirut". Inmediatamente se escucha el impactante "Have a Cigar" y, luego, el archiconocido "Wish you were here". Roger continua con el hipnotizante "Set the Controls...".

Despues, Roger se sienta y llega la parte mas intima del concierto. Canta algunos temas del "Final Cut": "Gunner's Dreams" "Southampton Dock" y "Fletcher Memorial". Emotivo. Luego, otro de los mejores momentos del concierto: "Perfect Sense" (la gente estaba realmente excitada). Para finalizar la primera parte, varias ovejas se dejan escuchar a traves del sistema cuadrafonico. Es que Roger toco "Sheep"! Juro que vi al Pink Floyd de los 70. Lo juro. Me paso lo mismo que en el concierto de Gilmour en Paris. La misma sensacion del momento en el cual Gilmour y Wright tocaron "Echoes"...

La segunda parte fue increible. Todo el "Dark Side of the Moon" nota por nota con una perfeccion absoluta. Jon Carin canto algunas partes de Gilmour. Y lo hizo bien. El sonido cuadrafonico se hizo notar mas que nunca. Cuando Roger toco la ultima nota de "Eclipse" todo el mundo se puso de pie y aplaudio por varios instantes la brillante ejecucion de uno de los mejores discos de la historia.

El ENCORE vendria a traves de "The happiest days...", "Another Brick II" y luego una delicia: "Vera" y "Bring the Boys..." (otro de los temas que me estremecen). Para terminar con "Comfortably Numb". El publico estaba verdaderamente enloquecido. Pero Roger no volveria mas. Habia terminado uno de los mejores conciertos de mi vida.

Para finalizar, solo puedo decir que ha sido "el concierto perfecto en el lugar perfecto y con la musica perfecta". Esperaba que Roger tocase "Dogs", "Pigs","Nobody Home", etc. pero reconozco que haber escuchado temas increibles como "Have a Cigar" y "Sheep" ha sido un verdadero privilegio.

No olvidaré jamas estas dos noches. Dificil quedarse con una. Los dos conciertos fueron maravillosos. Este es el resumen de las 2 noches, de los 2 conciertos en el Arena de Verona, Italia el 4 y 5 de junio de 2006.

Una anecdota: al finalizar el segundo concierto me encontré en la estacion de trenes con la persona que estaba sentada a mi lado en el anfiteatro. Un italiano que estaba durmiendo en la estacion, como yo. Claro y despues de haber gastado 300 euros en los billetes de tren y en los tickets de los dos conciertos, como quieren que nos hubiese alcanzado el dinero para el hotel?

SHOW REVIEW - June 4th

By BD contributor, Boris

I want to tell you a story about what happened to us just an hour before RW show in Arena di Verona on 4th of June 2006. A beautiful day, a beautiful city and the three of us (my girlfriend Iva, my good friend Gjuro and myself) were walking through the narrow streets of Verona and all of a sudden in front of a small hotel in flowers I somehow noticed two Italian autograph hunters.

As it turned out later, it really was a place where Rog and the band stayed and the two of them were obviously waiting for him. I felt a bit strange at that point, thinking of what could happen there so I suggested that we finish our ice-creams in front of the hotel.

Just a few minutes later I couldn't believe my eyes because Mr. Snowy White appeared on a doorway. As no one recognized him, he left the hotel and walked(!) towards Arena which was a few blocks away. Two pros didn't recognized him, but I didn't miss my chance to introduce myself and ask for an autograph (I got it alright!) and even take a photo with him. He was absolutely wonderful and nice, we thanked each other and I wished him a good show.

And the show was really magnificent but I won't write about it here because a few guys already wrote some good reviews on it. Except that things like this can happen once in a lifetime (if you are fortunate), the significance of this story for me is actually in showing the real meaning of phraze The most famous faceless people on Earth, which was connected with the band for a long time. Being a truly Floyd fan for years and knowing that Snowy was a closest stagemate through legendary performances during Animals tour (...even a witness of epic moment when Roger spat in fan's face in Montreal) and a man behind Dave's mask trough The Wall shows, not to mention studio work when he beautifully bridged Pigs on the Wing 1&2, I resume that this story puts him in the same picture. In the best faceless Floyd tradition and totally aware of being unrecognizable he simply seized the chance to enjoy a lovely summer afternoon in Verona and unlike the rest of the band who went there by cars, walked to the concert just like we did. And we are talking about the living legend here...

After a while entire band showed up except Rog who slipped through back door obviously. I was a bit dissapointed but only for a moment until I realized how things happened perfectly. If someone ever asked me whom I would like to meet amongst the whole PF crew, I'd surely say Snowy because I really respect and love the man (and possibly Storm Thorgerson - which is much more unlikely to meet on an occasion like this) and rather keep all the gentlemen from the band to stay more as mythical figures than real people. Maybe it would be too sureal to meet them at the street, facing the fact that they are ordinary people after all. Maybe this is what fandom is all about. And maybe not. Anyway, Mr. Snowy thank you for this. Respect and gratitude.

Despite the fact that neither band or solo members ever performed in Croatia where I came from, I saw PF shows three times in 1994 (Wien, Prague and Udine), RW in Budapest in 2002 and this one two months ago. I am also looking forward to see DG show in Venice just in few days for which we bought tickets a month ago...

And as for Syd, I can only join the fandom and send deep emotions from this part of the dark globe too. Thank you for all the beautiful music, thoughts and moments which you shared with the world before I was even born. It still echoes in this part of the world as well, just as in any other. And probably elsewhere.

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