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June 29th - SHOWGROUNDS, CORK, IRELAND Print E-mail

Cork Marquee
Ticket scan - thanks to Marianne
Capacity: 4,500
Concert starts: 8pm (doors open at 7pm)

Address of venue: The Showgrounds, Monaghan Road, Cork City, Ireland. MAP


Nick Mason will be attending this show, playing drums on Dark Side Of The Moon alongside Graham Broad.

FIRST HALF: In The Flesh, Mother, Set The Controls For the Heart Of The Sun, Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Have A Cigar, Wish You Were Here, Southampton Dock, The Fletcher Memorial Home, Perfect Sense parts 1 and 2.
SECOND HALF: Leaving Beirut, Sheep, Dark Side of the Moon. ENCORE: The Happiest Days Of Our Lives, Another Brick In The Wall (Pt 2), Vera, Bring the Boys back Home, Comfortably Numb.


A crowd of just 4,500 greeted Roger and the band for this very unusual show, held in a large marquee. Despite the small crowd, and a power failure, the crowd made up for the lack of numbers with much emotion and made Roger and co very welcome.

Nick Mason helped out on drums on Dark Side Of The Moon, again, sitting alongside Graham Broad in the second half. How did he do? The reviews below reveal all!

Off to London now for tomorrow night, in Hyde Park. Almost a year to the day since the historic reunion at Live8...

Roger Waters and Nick Mason, Cork
Roger Waters and his band, joined by Nick Mason in Cork. Picture thanks to Richard O Keeffe


By Brain Damage contributor, Gary Holderness

I’ve just returned home from a whistle stop trip to Cork in Ireland to see Roger Waters & Co perform at Cork's Showground, in what appeared to be a circus tent at the end of an industrial estate. Nevertheless what had been built up to be an excellent night was excelled despite technical problems.

The set list remained the same as recent gigs but the performance was far better than I ever expected. The thing I noticed about Roger and the band was their interaction with / response to the audience, maybe it was because the venue was so small? The audience were wild and loud, and the band could sense our eagerness for a blinding performance.

I’d got a seating ticket due to problems with the Ticketmaster website at the time of purchase and due to the lack of security at the venue I walked straight to the front of the stage (who wants to sit right at the back ?). 2 people between me and the barrier bang in the middle of Rog’ and Snowy, COOL!

Due to the size and logistics of playing in a tent there were no pyro’s and no circular projection screen tonight.

The band excelled themselves, it was quite interesting watching the rapport between Dave Kilminster and Snowy White. Dave K is an impressionable and very talented guitarist who performs as though his guitar is an extension of his body parts (watch those facial expressions) but he is a poser. Come on! A would-be Gilmour with a lime Green Tele’ with gold fittings!!! Whereas Snowy is so laid back he could fall over, but together they were fantastic.

Kilminster’s solo in Time is amazing, just watch how he plays the guitar, Snowy’s parts in sheep are a little lacklustre compared to Gilmour’s studio recording though. We mustn’t forget AFW who filled the parts on guitar and bass, rock solid as expected.

From start of the show to the end of ‘Perfect sense’ the band were excellent, technical problems were encountered here were mic’s failed on the stage Digico soundboard, the crowd closed the song admirably. Roger and Co took an early intermission whilst the teckies solved the problem ( I know how you feel boys), Katie’s stage wedge was changed and numerous re-powers of the Digico mixer brought the mic’s back to life.

The band returned approx 20 mins later with Leaving Beriut and Sheep, then Nick Mason joined the band. The following 40 mins were mind blowing. Mason and Broad kept good time a la Collins / Thompson with Genesis.

A fantastic concert and a great trip, my only doubt was lip syncing on Fletcher and Sheep. Anyone else notice?

A big HELLO to all I met at the airport and a big thanks to the Irish for making it a memorable trip as Hyde Park is not really my scene.


By Brain Damage contributor, Michael Donnan

I have just seen Roger in concert (after many years of waiting) and it has definitely been worth both the wait and the long boring drive from Belfast - 20 hour round trip and I only got back at 5.00 this morning!

Anyway the concert itself was amazing - unique in its own right from all the others as it was held in huge tent which apparantly held 5,000 and was sold out. It certainly seemed this was the case on both fronts as the Irish crowd gave Roger and his band one hell of a welcome and ovation at the end - I had a great view of Roger as I was standing a few rows back from centre stage and he did seem genuinely touched by the euphoria his (and the band's) fantastic performance generated.

Set list is the same as already mentioned in other reviews and I have to agree that Sheep live is a phenomenal, not to be missed experience. All the songs were delivered faultlessly and the crowd sang along to each and every one. A major highlight had to be Nick Mason's "surpise" appearance - although the two drum kits set up at the start of the show was a bit of a giveaway. Dark Side of the Moon live was fantastic and made all the more special by seeing Nick playing alongside Graham Broad and being given sole rights to the intro of "Time". Katie Kissoon and PP Arnold were outstanding as was the new singer who really delivered on "Great Gig in the Sky" - sorry I didn't catch her name as Rogers intros to the band at the end were drowned out.

Two more points - I saw no sign of lip-synching and I was pretty close and that new fella Kilminster was an excellent substitute for Doyle giving a fine perfomance vocally and being outstanding in his guitar solos.

One downside was the technical difficulties following a major power cut at the end of "Perfect Sense" (it seemed the explosion of the oil rig effect may have been the cause!) which led to Roger announcing an early intermission. However, I was delighted when he finally returned to the stage to announce he would finish the remainder of set one and then go straight to "Dark Side..." the rest of the announcement drowned out by a huge roar from the crowd.

I could go on, but I will sign off by saying if you have a chance to see any of Roger's remaining shows please take the opportunity as you will be mising a treat otherwise.


By Brain Damage contributor, Sue Marchant

The show was excellent and such a pleasure to witness all the wonderful musicianship and vocal content that oozed continually through every number. Roger was enjoying himself and a joy to see a friendly hug when Mr Mason came on stage.

The whole spectacle makes you want to get another ticket and get to the next show, I treasure the tour program to keep with my albums!


By Brain Damage contributor, Enrico Soldatini from Italian fan club Floyd Channel

I am back from Cork and I am still very excited. I am not an easy fan to impress having seen Pink Floyd, Gilmour and Waters several times before, but the concert last night was simply fantastic.

A small venue, we were 5.000 max, a smaller stage, and a power loss during "Perfect Sense part 2". And that's when the magic happened, we all went on singing, until the end of the song, 5.000 a cappella, magic, fantastic. "Southampton Dock" only guitar and voice was added before "Fletcher".

The problem was then fixed in 20 minutes for "Leaving Beirut" and "Sheep" and Dark side without intermission, the band as Roger said "has basically already have it".

The highlight of the second part was the man behind the second drum kit, the very special guest "for some months" said Roger, Nick Mason. His playing was powerful and great. He and Graham play in sync most of the songs, I am a drummer as well and I can tell you it is not easy. Most of the fills had the Mason's typical great signature.

The fact of having Graham keeping the time allows Mason to take more risks than in the latest tours with Pink Floyd, and he did some impressive parts during "Us and Them". He refused to leave the stage during "On The Run" and added some touches on the cymbals "one of these days style" staring at the two review mirrors on his drum kit in other to be in sync with the films. We have to say that when you take risks you can also make mistakes, and Mason did a few, with a big smile on his and Graham's face.

Waters was relaxed and smiling all over the concert, even during the power loss, this tour looks like great fun for everyone, the band of course, and as a direct consequence the audience.

A great, great concert.


By Brain Damage contributor, Stephen Cumbers

What a show, what a performance !!!!

Set in an unusual setting in a circus tent by the banks of the River Lee in Cork, 5,000 fans and an excitement in a venue that I have not felt in many years of going to concerts. On entering the marquee the first thing you notice is two drum kits on stage. (What is that about !!!!, Surely not what everyone was hoping )

The house lights go down and on they come to a welcome that can only be described as rapturous. On with the show. Set list as above and a la In the Flesh tour but played with allot more passion. Highlights for me were Snowy White's Solo during Set the Controls, Katie Kissoon's less formal rendition of Mother, Pat Arnolds always enthralling Perfect Sense (despite the tech hitch) and then Sheep, stage ablaze with lighting effects screaming guitars and a gob smacked audience.

And then THE moment. Roger stands in front of us and says "before we start Dark side of the Moon, I would like to introduce a dear old friend of mine..." my jaw drops, surely he is not going to say it... "...please give a big Cork welcome to Mr...NICK MASON !!!!" The crowd erupts. The two friends give each other a big hug and Nick takes up his position behind the kit and then they launch into DSOTM. Nothing can describe it, so I wont, go see it.

Encore as above and classic.

This gig can only be described as the greatest gig (in the sky) I have ever witnessed and the only thing that can beat this is if Mr. Mason can do a Kissinger and then perhaps next year we could see four old friends play together in a tent by the banks of the River Lee.

Thank you Roger, from the bottom of my heart. Thank you!


By Brain Damage contributor, Patrick Neglia

Finally arrived back on Long Island, New York, after a two week stay in Ireland. The Roger Waters concert in Cork was amazing. My 6 year old daughter (a big fan) was in attendance and particularly enjoyed "Great Gig in the Sky" which she can do the vocals on! Quite well I might add. My daughter also enjoyed "Sheep". (as did everyone for that matter).

It was outstanding and several fans who previously opined that Waters is lip synching are simply mistaken. Waters is definitely singing "Live" and with great passion. During "Sheep", Waters' voice does trail off into the synthesizers, however, that is how the song is done on "Animals." That is NOT lip synching.

DSOTM was incredible. Nick Mason's appearance was special. Earlier this year I saw Gilmour and Wright at Radio City Music Hall in NYC. I guess you could say I saw Pink Floyd this year, though, in two separate shows. Gilmour and Waters together would be the ultimate Rock concert.

Waters was enthusiastic throughout the night and excels at playing to the audience. The fans under the Big Top Circus Tent were passionate and sang along during the entire DSOTM performance and encore. Roger noted how loud the crowd of approximately 5000 were. He thanked everyone for their patience during the speaker blow out which occurred during the oil rig explosion sequence/finale to Perfect Sense. Waters handled the technical difficulties like the consummate professional he is.

I will also be attending Waters' upcoming concerts at Madison Square Garden in NYC and Jones Beach on Long Island in September. I can't wait!

With 2007 just around the corner, I will continue to hold onto the optimistic (perhaps foolish)belief that Waters and Gilmour will eventually unite for another Pink Floyd go around in 2007. Such a reunion would, of course, be spectacular!

By the way, my wife who is in love with David Gilmour ("Live at Pompeii" DVD), conceded after the concert how amazing the Waters show was and she was particularly impressed with Waters' stage presence and ability to play to the audience. Great show Roger! P.S. If you read this, my daughter would love to meet you. (We're only a short distance away from your place in the Hamptons!)

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