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July 31st - TH��TRE ANTIQUE, VIENNE, FRANCE Print E-mail

Théâtre Antique
Théâtre Antique
Théâtre Antique ticket
Ticket scan - François Prieto
Concert starts: 8:30pm

Address of venue: 7 Rue du Cirque, 38200 Vienne, France. MAP


FIRST HALF: Breathe/Time/Breathe Reprise, Castellorizon, On An Island, The Blue, Red Sky At Night, This Heaven, Then I Close My Eyes, Smile, Take A Breath, A Pocketful Of Stones, Where We Start.

SECOND HALF: Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Wot's...The Deal, Fat Old Sun, Arnold Layne, Coming Back To Life, High Hopes, Echoes.

ENCORE: Wish You Were Here, Comfortably Numb.


The third date in the third strand of David's On An Island tour hit the historic Vienne, in France, playing at the Théâtre Antique. Apparently rather uncomfortable seating was ignored when the band started... Back to a more standard set list, with the pairing of Astronomy Domine and Dark Globe dropped for Wots...The Deal and Arnold Layne - as per previous shows on the tour.

The wine glass intro to Shine On was performed again - with David revealing that it was Beaujolais in the glasses! Apparently a beautiful sound, let's hope it makes it on to the tour DVD when it finally appears.

The band now move to the glorious Italian city of Florence for tomorrow night's show at the Piazza Di Santa Croce. If you are going, enjoy it and tell us all about it!


By BD contributor Ciarán Cronin

I've been to many gigs and this one was undoubtedly the best ever! It was the combination of a fantastic venue and fantastic songs. Gig started with "Speak to me/breathe" moving onto "Time". Obviously that went down well with all. At that stage David took to the Mic Conversing in Fluent French. He said that he hoped that our arses wouldn't be too sore (all in french, translated by my French Girlfriend) as the seats were just bare, weathered stone. He also explained at that stage that the gig would be divided into two parts, the first comprising mainly of the newer David Gilmour stuff, a break and then, "Some older stuff".

Like the previous concerts, wine glasses with some "Beaujolais wine" started off "Shine On..." my personal highlight was "High Hopes" which was perfect. The biggest cheer went for "Echoes" which went on for at least 15 mins!! fantastic! "Wish you were here" was again fantastic with "Comfortably numb" finishing off the night leaving me with my jaw on the ground.

The band were fantastic, the crowd fantastic, sound and lighting were fantastic and seeing Rick Wright dancing at one stage was also fantastic!

That one won't be forgotten in a while...


By BD contributor, Michel Stuck

I was yesterday night in Vienne for the David Gilmour show, the band played the same set list as he played at Klam, just Arnold Layne took the place of Astronomy Domine.

The show was terrific and the end of the second part with Echoes is already in my eyes and my ears. What a great moment!

PS: in the space of 2 weeks, I saw Roger Waters in Magny-Cours with Nick Mason, and David Gilmour with Richard Wright. I've been hearing and seeing this band for forty years now and I hope it may continue!

DG in Vienne
A lovely location for a show... Pic: Philippe Veys


By BD contributor, JYB

The place: Vienne's Roman amphitheatre is a wonderful place for music but not for your back.

The sound: Fabulously clear, nearly perfect. Just maybe because the place was larger, Take A Breath sounded not as powerful than in Paris (at least in my mind). This one is in my top 5 for best sounding show. Very well balanced, good stereo effect, with a few louder part.

The light show: Great light show with additional laser.

The performance: I attended both shows in Paris in March and I must say that yesterday's gig has really improved on some songs such as Echoes [don't remember Rick playing Hammond like that in Paris] or the way SOYCD was performed.

Syd BARRETT: Some people after the show had regrets that David did not have a word about him. Well, David has probably been the closest PF member to Syd and greatly helped him to record his solo efforts. David did not wait for Syd's passing to pay him tribute (Astronomy Dominé in 1994, Dominoes from "BARRETT" in 2002 and 2006). So, no doubt that David was greatly affected.

David vs Roger: Each one goes his way. I attended Magny-Cours as well, it was a great experience in spite of the absence of Gilmour. After all, that allowed us to attend on the same year a great bunch of PF music.


By BD contributor, Laurent Wattre

It was a great show better than those played in Paris, and David and this band seemed to appreciate the place. He spoke a lot, told us that we'll have fun, and he spoke many times in perfect French.

At the beginning of shine on David told us that they will play this song as they did 31 years ago. Between the two parts of the show, 2 persons put a table on stage.

The first part of the song which is usually played by Richard and his keyboards, was yesterday played with the sound made by three guy's turning fingers (Dick, Guy, Phil played the first part of the song with crystal glasses with different quantity of wine - beaujolais as said DG). I let you imagine how amazing it was. just try it with a glass and replace the sound it made in the song....

I think the show was better than in Paris because the first part with the entire new album of David, was well played. In Paris, they played it as on the album, but yesterday it was different: for example between the solo of J. Carin and before David's one, you can find some sound's of Echoes and other things like that. But we didn't have a word for Syd. The show started late (21:00hrs) and finished at midnight.

It was an exceptional show yesterday and I think that we may have some part on the DVD because someone was here with a camera recording the entire show.


By BD contributor, Geneviève Le Bas

So after a few days it is difficult to come back to the real world... I must say it was one of the best shows I've ever been to. No need to tell you about the waiting in the heat, or the set-list, you must have it by now.

Like my friends said, without joking, it was a real "Pink Floyd Sound". For me it was just a magic moment, like sometimes, when you feel that time stops, and you feel you are somewhere else (I mean without any alcohol or drugs) just like a daydream, and when it stops you just ask yourself "where am I?"

Of course David spoke to us in French, worrying about our comfort, sitting on old stones... It's very difficult for me, especially in English to express my feelings, the voice, the music. I worried a bit at the beginning, because something went wrong with the lyrics of Breathe, starting with "look around..." when it was "leave", and David's voice seemed to be very bad when he spoke between the songs, but he was OK when singing.

The music was, how can I say? Divine. I never saw and heard Echoes like that, as if Richard wanted to jump over the keyboards... I never saw Shine On played on wineglasses (I'm not sure it was Beaujolais, even if David said so - it was a bit too clear and pink for me for a good Beaujolais). I'm nearly 50 now, and over 30 years after my first Pink Floyd concert, but I still have the feeling it was the best show (I'm very curious to know what David and the others thought about this particular evening). Maybe I'll change my mind after the next concert... The last words David said to us were "A un de ces jours", meaning "We'll meet again" or "See you soon"...

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