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August 11th/12th - PIAZZA SAN MARCO, VENEZIA (Venice), ITALY Print E-mail

Piazza San Marco
Piazza San Marco
David Gilmour ticket scan
David Gilmour ticket scan
Ticket scans thanks to Stefano Tarquini
David Gilmour ticket scan
David Gilmour ticket scan
Ticket scans thanks to Zack
Concert starts: 9pm (doors open 7pm)

Address of venue: Piazza San Marco, 30124, Venezia, Italy. MAP


FIRST HALF: Breathe/Time/Breathe Reprise, Castellorizon, On An Island, The Blue, Red Sky At Night, This Heaven, Then I Close My Eyes, Smile, Take A Breath, A Pocketful Of Stones, Where We Start.

SECOND HALF: Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Astronomy Domine, Wot's...The Deal, Fat Old Sun, On The Turning Away, High Hopes, Echoes.

ENCORE: Wish You Were Here, Comfortably Numb.


FIRST HALF: Breathe/Time/Breathe Reprise, Castellorizon, On An Island, The Blue, Red Sky At Night, This Heaven, Then I Close My Eyes, Smile, Take A Breath, A Pocketful Of Stones, Where We Start.

SECOND HALF: Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Wot's...The Deal, Arnold Layne, Dark Globe, Fat Old Sun, On The Turning Away, High Hopes, Echoes (with a little black-out).

ENCORE: Wish You Were Here, Comfortably Numb.

This won't be the first time that Venice has heard the music of Pink Floyd, of course. Back in 1989, the Floyd played a concert with a stage floating on a barge in the lagoon, gondola's bobbing around in front of them! The show was broadcast worldwide on the television, but has not had an official release on video, DVD or CD.

Just before the soundcheck for the show on August 4th, a structural defect was found in the scaffolding of the stage, which has rendered the whole structure unsafe. On the grounds of safety, both originally scheduled shows (on 4th and 5th) were postponed.

Following talks between the local promoters and the other parties involved, including the Mayor of Venice, the shows were rescheduled to take place on August 11th and 12th - one week after their original dates. Those holding tickets were pleased to hear that they remained valid for the new dates.

Obviously some of those who have travelled some distance to Venice won't be able to attend the rescheduled dates, and we now have information on refunds. These can be obtained from the agents who sold the tickets. Many of you will have bought through TicketOne and they will be making refunds from tomorrow morning (August 7th), through to September 7th. Tickets refunded before the revised show dates will be put back on sale, meaning that those who missed out previously, now have another opportunity to see the show by contacting ticket agents for any returns.

Our thanks to Giovanni Savini for his additional help with this info.


Friday night's show:The first of two back-to-back shows, rescheduled by a week due to problems with the scaffolding for the stage, saw a triumphant return to the beautiful Venezia by David Gilmour and his band...

Two small changes or surprises for the delighted 4,000 fans in Piazza San Marco - On The Turning Away, played for the first time on this tour, and the wine-glasses intro to Shine On You Crazy Diamond, played by a Siberian (and not Polish as previously reported) street musician called Igor (shown in pictures left and below courtesy of Stefano Tarquini). Found busking with his friends, playing the glass harmonica in the Venice streets, David happened across him and invited him to participate on stage. Igor even made it on to the national TV channel due to being part of David's show! (Thanks to Rob Smith for this)

IgorOn David's blog site, bassist Guy Pratt remarked that "We had no idea that David wanted to do On The Turning Away until he started singing it! No rehearsals, nothing... Blimey...". Obviously David likes to keep his band on their toes!

Tonight sees the second show. If you are going have a great time - a wonderful location to see a concert, and who knows? There may be more surprises tonight!

Saturday night's show: A wet beginning to the show, but the blistering performance soon burnt off all the rain, which stopped falling at the beginning of Shine On. This was played, like yesterday, with the wine glass intro, courtesy of Igor. A change of song selection for the second half, with the Italian crowd seeing Arnold Layne and Dark Globe, both dedicated to Syd, in place of Astronomy Domine.

A gap now before the final show in Poland, towards the end of this month.

Our thanks to Cristiano Padovani and Zack Pirani from the Italian Floyd Channel for their help and info.


By BD contributor, Stefano "Mr.Pinky" Tarquini

Shine On Wine GlassPeople say: "Some times ...they return". Ever as now the thing has more sense. Gilmour has come back to Venice, the greatest show that I have ever seen. He gave us an ENTIRE HOUR of soundcheck, seeing this this was even better than the thing that was to follow.

Then, a wonderful show like his reputation, with an astonishing second part, giving to us "On The Turning Away" as a surprise (even if he did not remember the words....!), the intro of SHINE ON with the wine glasses, a fabulous "Astronomy Dominè", two great solos in "Fat Old Sun" and "Echoes", where he duets with Rick.

And then the show was closed with the most frightening "Confortably Numb" that I have ever seen. In the encores, a lot of people were complimenting Phil Manzanera in the same way as Gilmour.

All this clearly repays all of the problems that faced us in the last two weeks! Well done David!


By BD contributor, Gabriele Chiarolanza

I would like to share with you some thoughts about yesterday evening Venice concert. I live near Venice and I went to the show. It was a really great concert, the weather was luckily fine though the weather forecast said "showers"! David and the band played very very well, it was a delight to hear them!! The only regret was that David had some problems with his voice, sometimes.

These problems were particularly clear during "On The Turning Away", when he lost almost all his voice and missed some lines of the lyrics. Anyway this song was great too! They played it in a wonderful way! David dedicated this song to Gino Strada, the founder of Emergency, saying that Gino spends most of his life putting together the bodies of children and civilians involved in the wars all around the world. I think it was a kind thought from David to say those words!

What else can I say? It was a stunning show, "Echoes" was particularly incredible in my opinion! I can't find better words. Also David's "on An Island" becomes really better when played live!

I wish all the people going today to Venice have a great time at the concert, as I had yesterday!!


By BD contributor, Eronne

I just came back from Venice! What a night! Piazza San Marco was an outstanding setting indeed. Weather was perfect. A few menacing clouds for a while brooded over the stage but soon they were gone.

Concert started at 9PM with Breathe/Time/breathe reprise. Sound was excellent from the very beginning. I was afraid they'd have to keep it quiet due to the location, but it was nice and loud. David improvised most of the solos, even the lapsteel on breathe. He's definitely trying not to stick to the recorded solos that much, sometimes he can get a little dirty here and there, but that's what live music is about.

What amazed me was his voice. Nice and clear. He may have hit some harsh notes later on, but his vocals were excellent. His guitar at the beginning of Time was thunderous and huge, I could see he kept fiddling with his pedals for a while, probably for delay settings.

DG in Venice

After the dark side set, he greeted the audience in Italian: "Buonasera ... Finalmente!" "Now we're going to play our latest release called on an island.. especially fitting since we're on an island" ... Castellorizon, On an Island.. The Blue (his whammy pedal didn't work!! and had to play it straight until a technician came on stage and fixed it) ...

Red Sky at night. Excellent sax playing. I was amazed.

This Heaven... Then I Close My Eyes... i think this was the most touching moment of the first half of the show. David played banjo! Lap steels.. Dick Parry was cheered with a great applause. He then introduced the band... Richard was introduced as Riccardo Giusto!! Smile, Take A Breath, A Pocketful Of Stones (excellent version), Where We Start.

After the twenty minute intermission, David picked up his red stratocaster and addressed the crowd saying "Vogliamo suonare shine on you crazy diamond, c'é bisogno di un po' di silenzio... we invited a street artist playing glass harmonica on the the stage with us tonight. " Excellent.. Unfortunately, some people kept yelling "David David" and disturbed the performance... this moment really required silence. Anyways...

Next... !!!!!!!! ! !! ! ! ! ! !! ! !! !!! ! Neptune... Oberon... Titaniaa... Astronomy Domine!! Green laser beams behind David playing the white telecaster.

"That was written by our old friend Syd, who died recently... " "now another old tune . What's the deal"... beautiful and fresh. .. Fat old sun!!!!! Wow... he played the final solo with the telecaster.

And now the surprise for the evening.. he reminded the audience that the concert was for Emergency and thanked Gino Strada for his work... On the turning away was next. David forgot the lyrics!!!! The performance was a bit sloppy but he saved it with he solo at the end. He then approached Rick and asked him something (maybe uhm feel like playing wearing the inside out rick?) Rick just made him sign to carry on .. David then announced High Hopes...

Echoes. Brilliant version. Singing was perfect. The solo was great (even though I still prefer the Pompeii version imho). But the gallopping horses section was the best!!!! David and Richard were astonishing!!! it was a lot longer than usual... The seagulls section was surreal... especially there in Venice... wow...

Wish you were here ... with the usual crowd singing. Someone from the crowd yelled "..One of These Days!!!!...." and David replied: "...Yes, of these days....Who knows what's going to happen one of these days!"...

Perfect ending with Comfortably Numb. Huge solo in the end!! What a night.


By BD contributor, Stefano "Mr.Pinky" Tarquini

DG in VeniceThe 'pink guitar' came back to Venice, although the concert did not begin well: it was raining before the concert and until the intermission.

But the surprises were still to come: the rain that calmed during the break, first miracle: "Arnold Layne", a great version; the second miracle: "Dark Globe"; third miracle: where even the musicians on the stage applauded Gilmour after the interpretation.

The final songs were great, with 'the invasion' of the fans below the stage and with an amused David. From the disappointment of no soundcheck, to the ecstasy of the end, we were soaked but happy to see what is "only work" to 'Uncle Dave'. The impression is that David and the others (Pratt and Wright first) are amused, are amused to play there, you could see this clearly...

And then... we hope that there are more concerts in future!


By BD contributor, Giulio Cossettini

I was in Venice last night, 12th August. Unfortunately rain came down during the whole first half of the show, we couldn't enjoy music so much but it was worth it. Nothing to say about the beginning, maybe the intro of Time wasn't that good, I could see David laughing about it.

Then something happened: just like 12 years ago when I attended Pink Floyd's concert in Udine, Shine On began and rain stopped falling and stars came out...pure magic. Great performances of Arnold Layne, Wot's uh the deal, and a touching version of Dark Globe. On The Turning Away was a little surprise, but can you say "booo" when you hear Mr Gilmour going solo on his guitar?...of course you can't.

I didn't understand what happened to Echoes: in my opinion there must have been something wrong with the lights at the beginning of the song, great anyway, great light-games on Venice monuments.

Nothing to say about the end: people running close to the stage, the band really amused, David must be the happiest man on the planet.

Beautiful night, thank you David.


By BD contributor, Sara

Just back from Venezia for the rescheduled shows. Yes I was at yesterday's show only (had to work full time till Friday evening) and yes it rained A LOT starting just a few minutes before the show began….. and for all the 1st set...

Many people went under the arcades of the square for the whole 1st set, leaving their seats empty, many others stayed on their seats motionless "under-plastic"… I had with me a sweatshirt with hood, 2 K-Way's, several plastic bags and an umbrella, so I didn't get too wet there (I expected it), what was bad was the cold and the humidity ...heavy to stand .... on (the long) second set, no rain.

My feeling now is that I had a very nice solitary adventure and that I surely felt this show much more than the others, both because of the efforts it cost, in all the senses, and because I was alone with my emotions, there stoic under the rain (on my row there were only 4 people, 2 on the left and 2 on the right side, same for the row in front of me, I moved to the center and I felt terribly good there all alone!), trembling because of the cold all the time.

The band had a great fun, they showed that also in Munich they amused us a lot really .. people talked about beer, or vino in this case, to get them that high, but I think they absolutely enjoyed these summer dates... maybe beer and vino it just helped a bit ;) ...

The audience was enthusiastic in spite of the wet situation, especially people there who didn't know anything at all about the show, being there for the first time to hear the "the songs of the Pink Floyd" and "that nice new album of Dave Gilmour everybody talks about". Just like the man on my row that revealed me to be there just by chance cause he heard there was Wright too.. he liked the show so much that he stayed like me, steady under the rain, from the beginning till the end ... I could mention many other comments by people who were there for the first time that were absolutely enthusiastic (my train home was full of people who were at the show and I had long conversations in the over 6 hours of trip) …

The rain really didn't count both for the hard fanatics (a guy behind me before the show was repeating stuff like "they play, they must play in any case even if it hails!... and we'll stay here") and for the "occasional" spectators as it seems ..

There was great participation and great fun by and for the audience in few words, we wanted it and Gilmour wanted it more than us probably… It was a show performed incredibly good, with a perfect amplification (the limits required didn't "limit" at all the enjoyment of the show) and with an amazing light show, with lasers pointing at the Basilica di San Marco and the Campanile... how nice it was!

I'm satisfied totally by all the concerts I saw of him in this tour… and a bit sad at the same time knowing it was my last one so far….

Hoping to a next one "one of these days"… :

P.S.: Dave attempted few notes of Another Brick before Take a Breath, at that point people seriously talked about some vino-influences ….

P.P.S.: no soundcheck by Gilmour on Saturday, just Guy Pratt showed up to tune his bass on stage.. I heard on Friday they made a great pre-show in the early evening...

P.P.P.S.: I think if they made a book to sell or special posters or memorabilias like that for this special event they would have gotten much more money from those, than from the t-shirts they sold for collecting money for Emergency... but it was really strange how this unique event didn't feel "so special" ... I didn't like the way this show was promoted at all.

AUGUST 11th and 12th SHOW REVIEW

By BD contributor, Mauro Bertolino

I had to traverse the whole of northern Italy, from west to east, twice in a week, due to the rescheduled dates, but it was absolutely worth. I really didn’t expect the high quality of the concerts I saw in Venice: I mean, yes, I knew they played Echoes, and that was enough for me, but I really didn’t think that the concerts would be so good, with stunning visual effects.

Everything went well this time, starting from the sound check: one hour of music, with 4 songs of On an island played, and then bits and pieces of Floyd tracks (including On the turning away, a surprise of the show) and Crazy by Gnarls Barkley (“That was a lot of fun” Gilmour said after this performance). If I didn’t have the tickets, I would have rushed to the box office!

The first evening all went well: I found extremely exciting the pulsing lasers in Astronomy Domine, while Wots… uh the deal and Fat old sun brought everybody in the early seventies. It seemed we were the audiences of the old bootlegs. And this is what I like most of all the Floyd production, the lengthy, dreamy pieces. When Gilmour presented the band, he left Richard Wright at last, with a sort of “oops, I almost forgot”, and then everybody started applauding and screaming.

He then went on explaining what is Emergency, the organisation founded by Gino Strada to which will go part of the income of the concerts, and appropriately sang On the turning away, forgetting part of the lyrics and looking to Wright, who laughed with him. High hopes was one of the most moving moments of the show, but after that, it was Echoes. What can I say? Probably, the best track I ever saw live, as a combination of music and visual effects, and 23 minutes long. Part II was really mind blowing, starting with only Rick and his keyboards, and then dreamy lights, the whole band joining in the crescendo, and then smoke, flashes, lasers, the singing and then again explosions of lights: I was astonished! Everybody sang Wish you were here, and the long solo in Comfortably numb ended the day.

I found that the second concert was even better, despite the rain that came down during the first half, which caused a chaotic redistribution of places, with people everywhere. Arnold Layne was a surprise for me, and played in a powerful “charging” version, with a great, psych keyboard solo in the middle. Echoes again superlative, and very long: I appreciated a lot the alternating keyboard and guitar solos in the funky section. During the Comfortably numb solo many people from the rear rows came in the first ones, and everybody then was standing: Gilmour seemed very pleased, and gave us a wonderful essay.

Well, it was already the end, with the joy of having seeing two wonderful concerts, and a bit of melancholy. Thank you Dave (and thank you Rick and the rest of the band) for what you have given us in those two evenings!


By BD contributor, Stefano Bellavita

Saturday 12 august, at the second attempt, David finally succeed to play in Venice!

Unfortunately the rain disturbed the concert until Shine on you crazy diamond..then Syd flew above us and drove away the clouds...

I'm really furious with Mr Fran Tomasi and the team who organised the concert: when you plan one of the most important shows of the year, you have to think of everything. So it's not acceptable that the stage almost fell, that in the area reserved for the audience you can't find any WC and you have to pay to go to the WC out of this area...So, the result is that on saturday 5 august there was a fantastic weather and the moon, the conditions for the perfect concert, and on saturday 12 there was the rain...and I think that the bad weather prevent the audience to be completely involved by the music.

David and his band played very well, and the stage was fantastic, with the lights and the laser! David started with Dark side of the moon and his guitar solo on Time was fantastic! He played a very moving Shine on you crazy diamond, the amazing Arnold Layne and, after High Hopes, Echoes the most beautiful moment of the concert, with the band at his best and a fantastic Rick Wright at the keyboards!!

Lastly, the immortal Wish you were here and Comfortably numb, and the audience up under the stage to thank David!!!

So a great concert interfered by the rain, but not the rain nor the incapable management were able to stop David Gilmour and his fans!!! See you soon David...

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