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Radio City Music Hall, NYC
New York ticket
Ticket scans - thanks to
David McCray,
Terry Shea, and John Simonds
Concert starts: 8pm

Address of venue: 1260 Avenue of the Americas, NY, NY 10020. MAP


FIRST HALF: Castellorizon, This Heaven, Smile, Red Sky At Night, Take A Breath, Then I Close My Eyes, On An Island (w/Crosby & Nash), The Blue (w/Crosby & Nash), A Pocketful Of Stones, Where We Start.

SECOND HALF: Shine On You Crazy Diamond (w/Crosby & Nash), Wots...The Deal, Wearing The Inside Out, Coming Back To Life, Breathe/Time/Breathe reprise, High Hopes, Echoes.

ENCORE: Wish You Were Here, Find The Cost Of Freedom (w/Crosby & Nash - one of their songs), Comfortably Numb.


The second show was just as well received as the first, despite some elements of the audience reportedly being somewhat unruly and concentrating more on alcohol consumption than the music. The special guests were in attendance on both nights, much to the delight of the crowd.

The New York Times reviewed the show, and the article can be read online through this link. The Jambase site also reviewed it, and has a nice selection of pictures from the April 5th show. This can be seen through this link. Our thanks to SopwithMary for the Jambase head's-up.

SHOW REVIEW - April 5th

By BD contributor, Jon Rosenberg

Much better show all around for day #2. Linda and I had a blast, great show and fun meeting all the Floydians beforehand in the lobby of RCMH. Looks like set list is fixed in place now with DG doing two variations with four 'swing' songs at all the double date USA/CAN shows. He probably figures that many in the audience are going to both shows. :) Of course, we try.

Day #1 in NYC had Dominoes and Fat Old Sun, last night (day#2) in NYC had Wot's the Deal and Coming Back to Life. Very cool. Yes, we did have our special guests again last night with the same track order of the new set. I'm guessing that Crosby & Nash will be appearing on all the rest of the tour dates. What else do they have going? At least SF and London.

The sound was much better this time around. Don't know if it was just the bad location for day #1, but up in the Mezz the sound was perfect. Although I still say that Richard's keys need to be turned up LOUDER. Richard's voice sounded better, too. Even the crowd seemed better behaved. Nary a soul walked out where we were situated. Hard to see the aisles down below but it looked better controlled.

One thing we didn't notice the first night, was the use of lights around the shells of the RCMH during Echoes. They had reds and yellows lights all along the perimeter of the shell ribs of the Music Hall. (take yer conch shell and cut in half, see the ribs? those lines), all flashing in sequence during the latter sections of Echoes (dunno, say parts 19 thru 21). As I said yesterday, the light show is at times subtle and then gets intense. Love the spinning Vari-lites above the stage at the beginning of Time, ala flashing lights from the movie clips. Not much of the lasers tonight, except for Comfortably Numb.

All in all, a 10/10 for last night. Getting better all the time. Can't wait to see what goes on for RAH (London)!

SHOW REVIEW - April 5th

By BD contributor, Stephen Humphries

A friend and I travelled from Boston to New York City on Wednesday night to see David Gilmour at Radio City Music Hall, a massive venue with a ceiling high enough for a C-17 Cargo plane to do a loop de loop inside the theater. Compared to the stadiums that Pink Floyd usually play this was a very intimate gig for David Gilmour -- only 6000 people! It was to be an evening of several surprises.

Starting promptly at 8pm, huge jets of dry ice transformed the stage so that it resembled the steaming crater of Krakatoa as Gilmour started playing "Castellorizon" from "On An Island." There was an awful lot of smoke inside the theater throughout the three hour show, much of it coming from the audience. Concertgoers all around me were smoking up pot -- the last time there was this much marijuana in one place was probably the wake after Jerry Garcia's funeral!

The first hour of the concert was devoted to playing Diamond Dave's new album in its entirety. The album's material is definitely much better live than it is on record and it was thrilling to have Gilmour introduce special guests David Crosby and Graham Nash -- who sing on the album -- to offer their signature harmonies to several songs. One of the best moments was hearing "The Blue," a highlight of the album with its long guitar solo that is a Gilmour classic. And Gilmour also showed off his skill on the saxophone on "Red Sky At Night."

The band were the polar opposites of the leggy Rockettes, Radio City Music Hall's signature Christmas attraction, in that they remained fairly rigid throughout the show. Unlike Floyd tours there was no screen backdrop or any flashy video effects -- though the lighting effects were top notch -- so the focus was definitely about the music. I had been expecting Gilmour to play some songs from his previous two solo albums but, alas, those songs weren't included in the setlist.

After a brief intermission, Gilmour returned to the stage along to play a complete set of Floyd material. After seeing the DVD of his Royal Festival Hall performance a couple of years ago, I was expecting him to strip down and reinterpret his 70s ouevre as he'd done so thrillingly for those shows. But instead we were treated to the full, unexpurgated Pink Floyd sound. The guitarist started to play some heavenly blues for the beginning of "Shine On...." He allowed each phrase to echo and reverberate and then play another gorgeous guitar part on top of that as the other members of his band quietly materialized at their instruments. This slightly rearranged version of the song, which ended with regular Floyd saxophonist Dick Parry coming on stage with two saxophones, was the best I've ever heard it. (Crosby and Nash also sang harmonies on this track.)

A change of pace allowed everyone to catch their breath as Gilmour strapped on an acoustic guitar for "Wot's... Uh, the Deal" from the "Obscured by Clouds" album, followed by "Wearing the Inside Out," one of the few decent tunes from the "Division Bell." Richard Wright, whose keyboards were front and center throughout the show, did an admirable job of singing his own composition. Another "Division Bell" tune, "Coming Back to Life," followed it. The album version is a bit lumbering and it's not one of my favorite tunes but at least this version was much sprightlier live with some blistering guitar work.

Radio City Music Hall, NYC
Picture thanks to Alan Rickert
Upon hearing a familiar heartbeat and the ramblings of a mad old man, the place erupted: "Breathe" was immense! It's epic scope filled every nook and cranny of the place. It's hard to describe how incredible this sounded live. It segued into "Time" with drummer Steve DiStanislao nailing the percussion parts right after the clamor of a dozen alarm clocks. Total euphoria. "Time" segued back into "Breathe" again, which was an effective arrangement. Next up: The drummer had a massive bell hanging behind his kit -- somewhere in Philadelphia someone must be bemoaning the disappearance of the Liberty Bell -- and he picked up a small hammer to ring out the opening of "High Hopes." A great version that ended with Gilmour playing some intense lap steel guitar.

And then, the shock of the night. I'd been studiously avoiding any of the setlists so I was completely unprepared to hear a "ping" emerge out of the darkness as if someone had amplified the sonar station aboard a World War II submarine. It's one of those concert memories I'll never forget. "Echoes" is my all-time favorite Floyd song and, since its not been played by Gilmour & co. since 1987, I didn't expect it at all but there he was, playing this opus in its 20 minute entirety with a ferocity I wouldn't have expected from a 60-year-old. This was Gilmour off his leash. His guitar sounded like a Force 5 hurricane and, amid the turmoil, he made it sound as if a hurricane was wailing during the height of the storm. Suddenly, Gilmour was transformed into the lean and bearded musician from the "Live in Pompeii" movie who sat down in the dusty amphitheater to play guitar that sounded ahead of its time. At the song's peak, right after the "freak out" section, Gilmour peeled off those soaring majestic notes that sound as majestic as a triumphant bugle just as laser beams suddenly glanced into the audience. My chair felt as if it was plugged into a wall socket at this point. When I listened to the original album version after the concert it sounded pale and wan compared to the full-blooded concert rendition.

"Wish You Were Here" had the crowd singing aloud with cellphones held aloft instead of lighters. The song's whistful sentiments will never grow tiresome. C&N retook the stage to sing CSN's "Find the Cost of Freedom," which seemed all-too apt lyrically all these years later. By the time Richard Wright began singing the verses of "Comfortably Numb" those blue screens were no match for the dance of lasers beams. And then there was the solo at the end. I've heard a fair number of live versions of this song but nothing that compared to this. Last year's "Live 8" version wasn't even close to the fervor with which the guitarist attacked the piece. He played as if he knew it might be the very last time he ever got to pick up a guitar. Amazing...

SHOW REVIEW - April 5th

By BD contributor, Patrick Renaud

Well I have just returned from the Radio City show and it was amazing.

At 8 P.M. the lights go out in the hall and then the smoke and prelude to "castellorizon" begins. The smoke is thick - we can't even see the band enter the stage. Then David's guitar comes to life producing ear piercing tones that are just remarkable.

After the beautiful rendition of "castellorizon" is done, Phil's guitar kicks into action as he starts up "This Heaven". This was awesome live, the solos and David's voice just filled the hall and was absolutely breath taking.

He continued the first set with "Smile", "Red Sky at Night" (David's sax playing was dead on and one could think hes been playing his whole life), "Take a Breath" (you actually had to take a breath when this one was over), next came "Then I Close My Eyes", then David introduces the band to a standing ovation and to our surprise he introduces Mr. David Crosby and Mr. Graham Nash.

Next came an ear popping version of "On an Island" the vocals and guitar solos were just amazing. He then finished the first set with "The Blue', "Pocketful of Stones", and "Where We Start".

After a quick 15-20 minute break, Richard Wright began "Shine on You Crazy Diamond". This was amazing, Nash and Crosby came out once again to sing harmonies and with the crowd singing along it was truly moving. He continued with "wots...uh the deal","Wearing the Inside Out", and another surprise "Coming Back to Life". This was the best version I have ever heard of this song. Far better than the "Pulse" recordings.

Then came the all too familiar heart beat of the "Breathe/Time/Breathe (reprise)". David's voice once again was amazing. It is impossible to tell that he is 60. Then came "High Hopes", and the grand finally of "Echoes". The band gelled during "Echoes" and the Gilmour, Wright duet was amazing. The light show was off the wall and was almost enough to give you a seizure. The band hit every cue and came to end after 20 minutes of pure genius.

For the Encores, the Band played "Wish You Were Here", and CSNY's "Find The Cost of Freedom". Most of the crowd knew the lyrics to this classic and was an amazing experience to hear the whole crowd singing acapella with Crosby, Gils, and Nash. And finally the greatest rendition of "Comfortably Numb" I have ever heard. Richard fit in perfectly for Roger's parts and as always Gilmour's guitar was screaming.

This was a truly Breath taking experience.

SHOW REVIEW - April 5th

By BD contributor, Chris Passmore

Wow! All I need to say is...when I got home at 6am this morning and went to sleep, I had 3-4 dreams about last night! Seriously! Let me give you a quick summary of how I got there, seeing as I live in Rhode Island.

First, let me say, we were lucky enough to score FRONT ROW tickets! Sure, they cost a pretty penny, but since I am only 20 it may be the first and last time I'm able to see Gilmour? And see him I did! And I also chatted with his wife, got embarrassed talking to Guy Pratt, and was in arm's reach of the Gilmour family, Richard Wright, Pratt, and Crosby at the stage door after the show!

So it began - we took a bus into NYC that arrived at about 3pm after 4.5 hours of driving. After killing some time we got to Radio City Music Hall at about 7:15pm. What a great venue!

I did buy a souvenir t-shirt, however everything was outrageously priced! My shirt is pretty cool (black, with a silver Gilmour silhouette, guitar, mic stand), but $35...ouch! They also had a winter hat and a few other t-shirts, as well as a program for $20 describing all the band members.

The show began promptly at 8pm, with quite a few people still arriving. What is amazing about this show is the amount of people - young (8-10 year olds), teenagers, senior citizens, hippies - that came to see him. Lots of Floyd shirts, many I never knew existed.

The show began with smoke rising up in front of the stage to form a curtain, and David's first few notes rang out. Wow! Powerful, the crowd began cheering, and we knew we were in for a treat. Me and my fiance were so close, I could see David's every move with his fingers. We were just barely left of center, a perfect view of Gilmour and Wright.

This Heaven was nice...Red Sky at Night with Gilmour playing sax was awesome too, he was right on. Take a Breath....WOW!!!! WOW!! Seeing this live with crazy lighting effects, pounding drums, Guy Pratt dancing around having a good time - this is the highlight of the first set! Later, Gilmour introduces the band and to no surprise, Richard Wright receives a HUGE ovation! The first set was performed without any hitches and a little bit of improvisation from David. It was definately not as slow as the album, and the crowd seemed to appreciate it. It gives the album a whole new life.

When Crosby and Nash came out I noticed Polly kneeling down next to me taking some pictures. It doesn't seem anyone else really knew who she was...but during the intermission I chatted with her for a minute. I told her how much I appreciated her husbands music. She thanked me, and went our ways. Very nice lady, very pretty! Way to go David!

Now......what everyone was waiting for! The FLOYD songs! Shine On was interesting, semi-electric, semi-acoustic I guess is the best way to describe it. Hearing Gilmour's voice sing without any instrument really shows how remarkable his voice is. Stunning! Wots... the Deal, as Gilmour said, from the "Obscured by Clouds" soundtrack, was next up, and very well done. Wearing the inside out by Wright was awesome!!!! This and Coming Back to Life (with the ringing of the division bell behind the drum set) was just awesome! I can't wait to listen to the album tracks because I have a whole new love for the songs. And actually for every song played during the show.

Breathe and Time....what can I say? Awesome! David's vocals were right on, and I enjoyed this version much better than Pulse and even the Live8 show. It was just awesome. High Hopes...and onto Echoes.

Echoes, wow!!! Coupled with the light show which, as another Brain Damage viewer said, was "enough to cause a seizure" but I wouldn't have it any other way! I felt I was truly in Pompeii...The sounds were amazing, lights amazing..can you tell I loved the show?

For the encores, everyone was standing the whole time. I got what I expected - perfection and emotion in WYWH and Comfortably Numb. I could go on and on about them, but I won't. Simply Amazing. What also amazed me throughout the show is the sheer number of different guitars everyone played. It seems that in every song, and sometimes in the middle of songs, guitars were being switched. My favorite was Phil Manzeera's transparent acoustic, or Guy Pratt's massive fretless bass!

The crowd was great and the band got a standing ovation. They took a bow, David and Richard shared a tight hug, accenting the 40 or so years of their friendship and playing together, and the band walked off. But that wasn't the end for me! I went to the stage door, where Guy Pratt graciously came from the aftershow party to sign some autographs, and where the whole band eventually left to travel to their hotel. I was close enough to touch each of them, but I did not want to be "that" rude fan enclosing their personal space. It was just nice to see them there, on the sidewalk, as real people.

So my night came to a close...we ran in the middle of the street in traffic to catch a taxi, barely caught the bus, and made it into Boston at about 5am. We were home at 6am, in bed, and woke up at 1pm... where I immediately jumped online to check the Brain Damage site and then send in my review. For those of you not at the show, I hope that you can imagine being there and this review gave you a little glimpse of the show. For those attending the future USA shows, you are in for a great time.

Please do e-mail me with any comments or what you thought of Gilmour's show! Shine on, everyone! Chris Passmore, This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

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