Major Nick Mason interview published
Written by Matt   
Thursday, 01 December 2005

Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason is the subject of a fascinating, indepth interview in the current edition of German magazine Galore.

The magazine, issue 1405, is in stores now, and for those who cannot read German, our friend Chris Abbey has done an excellent translation of the complete interview.

Galore Magazine
Galore Magazine
Under the headline of “Rock stars have to show off because they’ve got weak egos", Nick covers all manner of subjects, from the advantages and disadvantages of fame, through to the history of the band, the recent Live 8 reunion ("those bastards at the front of the stage always get all the attention!"), and what he'd do if he had access to a time machine.

Naturally, the inevitable question of the future comes up, to which Nick's reply will kindle the hope within Floyd fans: "No, I’m definitely still up for it. David doesn’t want to go on tour at the moment and that’s to be respected; I won’t push him either. As long as the Rolling Stones are still on the road, there’s no need for us to worry about our age. But if it was all to start again tomorrow, I’d start packing like a shot."

The whole interview can be read within the Nick Mason part of our Interviews area.