Pink Floyd feature heavily in end-of-year polls
Written by Matt   
Sunday, 01 January 2006

The end of the year has seen a number of polls with a retrospective look at the world of music. Pink Floyd, naturally, have figured heavily in the year where many new fans were welcomed following the band's headline-grabbing appearance at Live 8.

Five piece Pink Floyd
Pink Floyd, early 1968
The first of these polls appears in the new issue of long-running UK music magazine Q. They polled their readers for the best 100 albums of all time. In the issue, which appeared on the store shelves in the last couple of days, Pink Floyd featured three times - with Dark Side reaching the highest point, a respectable fifteenth. The Wall made number 27, and Wish You Were Here, which celebrated 30 years in 2005, coincidentally reached the same position in Q's poll. Radiohead grabbed first and second places.

Turning to radio polls, Classic 21, a classic rock station from the RTBF network (Belgian Radio and TV Official Network), held a listeners poll to determine the view of the best live album ever.

The Floyd's PULSE, hopefully soon to appear on DVD, managed to reach the number three spot, beaten only by AC/DC's If You Want Blood You've Got It, and in top spot, Deep Purple's Made In Japan.

They also ran a poll for the top 500 albums of all time - and The Wall made the top spot! Dark Side hit 8th, and Wish You Were Here reached 12th. Our thanks to Laurent Rieppi at RTBF/Classic 21.

Finally, the former pirate radio station Radio Caroline held THEIR top 500 of all time, although this poll was for songs, not albums. Here's where the Floyd featured:

  • No 434 - Time
  • No 276 - Wish You Were Here
  • No 234 - High Hopes
  • No 121 - Another Brick In The Wall
  • No 80 - Arnold Layne
  • No 75 - Us And Them
  • No 54 - See Emily Play
  • No 29 - Money
  • No 12 - Shine On You Crazy Diamond
  • No 4 - Comfortably Numb

Roger Waters' "The Tide Is Turning" came in at a very respectable No 84. The top spot was won by the Moody Blues with "Nights In White Satin". Our thanks to Andrew White for his help.

We know that a number of you are interested in these polls; they can provide a barometer of public opinion and these have shown that Pink Floyd are still very well regarded!