Pink Floyd scored Zabriskie Point on DVD
Written by Matt   
Wednesday, 04 January 2006

Antonioni's classic Zabriskie Point, which famously enlisted the help of Pink Floyd to provide music for the score, is receiving its long-awaited release on DVD this month... but with a slight snag.

Zabriskie Point
Antonioni's classic film
Zabriskie Point
Stories from the recording sessions are legendary, with the band indulging in fine food and wines, before strolling down to the studios, producing music that was described by Antonioni as "beautiful...but too sad!"

Some excellent music was produced during the sessions, and many of the takes have since been released on an expanded edition of the soundtrack album. There are also some unofficial releases with further takes.

In the end, the most memorable track in the film is "Come In Number 51, Your Time Is Up" - a version of Careful With That Axe Eugene that is used to great effect at the explosive finale to the film.

For those who want to take (another) look at the film, it is being released in Italy on January 27th. It will be sold with that week's edition of L'Espresso, an Italian weekly magazine. This link to the L'Espresso website gives more details of the promotion.

"'68 e dintorni" is the name of the series, looking at classic movies, that Zabriskie Point will be released as part of. The DVD will NOT be available elsewhere.

Our thanks to our friend Nino Gatti, who runs an Italian Floyd fansite, for his help with this story.