Pink Floyd PULSE DVD - another release delay
Written by Matt   
Thursday, 05 January 2006

Back in November 2005, we brought you a slight date shift for the long-awaited, and much delayed, 2DVD release of Pink Floyd's PULSE; today we spoke with EMI, where we received another update on the release date. It's not good news, with the release date having moved yet again!

Pink Floyd PULSE DVD
Pink Floyd's PULSE
coming on DVD...soon?
The worldwide release had been moved to hit the stores on/around 16th January 2006. However, there have been further, undisclosed delays which mean that this DVD has been put back again, and no date is currently available.

It is possible that it might appear in March/April, but indeed, could turn out to be later in the year.

Please don't email us for updates on this, or to ask why the DVD has been delayed, or for us to forward (in some cases) abusive emails to EMI or the Floyd's management. ALL WE KNOW to date is shown here, and any additional information that comes through will be added to the site promptly.

We are also aware that Amazon have been showing the release date as 2010. We believe that this is just a default, "dummy" date that Amazon use for items which will be coming out, but where the actual date is unconfirmed/in a state of flux. It has confused or worried a number of you, judging by our bulging email inbox!

Check out our previous news item from 21st October which gives the confirmed information on tracklisting, screen resolution, and so on.

PULSE can be ordered, with a discount, through the following special links, for delivery when it finally gets released: Amazon US/International, Canada, UK/Europe, France, or Germany. Any item bought through these links at Amazon (not just Floyd items) helps with the running costs of the site, and we really appreciate it.