Legendary Pink Floyd interviews - your help sought!
Written by Matt   
Saturday, 04 February 2006

A number of you will be aware of the set of six, hour-long interviews with Pink Floyd in 1976, and broadcast by London's Capital Radio at the end of 1976/start of 1977. "The Pink Floyd Story" lead up to the release of the Animals album, with the final hour premiering the album accompanied by Roger Waters' comments.

Nicky Horne
Nicky Horne
The interviews were conducted by the legendary DJ Nicky Horne, whose career at Capital started back in 1973. He recently returned to Capital Gold, where he has a regular Classic Album show. He also broadcasts a show on the digital Planet Rock station.

With the new generation of Floyd fans out there, and the upcoming David Gilmour solo shows, Nicky thought it a good time to consider a complete rebroadcast of these fascinating interviews. That's where you might be able to help!

The tapes themselves appear to have been lost when Capital Radio moved from Euston Tower to its current home in Leicester Square. They have searched high and low, but can't find them. Nicky got in contact with us to enlist your help. Do YOU have a recording of these interviews? Nicky is after all six parts complete, in as good quality as possible. Some technical wizardry will be used where necessary to clean up any problems with the sound.

If you are able to help out, please send us an email with full details! Thanks in advance for your help with this...

UPDATE: One of the BD readership has come up with an excellent quality set of the recordings, and it is hoped that these will be broadcast shortly. In the meantime, you can read the transcripts of the interviews over in our Pink Floyd interviews section...