Nick Mason recording sessions interview
Written by Matt   
Sunday, 05 February 2006

The January/February 2006 issue of TapeOp Magazine, which focuses on the nitty-gritty of recording technology and is published in the US, features an indepth interview with Nick Mason, with a focus on Pink Floyd sessions over the years.

TapeOp Magazine
TapeOp Magazine
The interview covers the gamut of recording sessions, right from the early days, with their initial work in Sound Techniques Studio in London - Nick's razor-sharp memory even recalling which tracks were used for which instruments - through to the late seventies and the use of Abbey Road, and then their own Britannia Row studios.

Along the way, Nick discusses how tracks such as "Saucerful Of Secrets" were created, by drawing up a chart of "what was going to happen" and at what stage. Interestingly, the track was worked on as three seperate pieces, and "assembled further down the line."

A lengthly segment talks of the Atom Heart Mother sessions, and the problems in recording and touring with a large bunch of musicians.

"It was bloody difficult. The whole logistics of travelling with them, and recording them, and mic'ing them up - frankly, I would have said we were pretty relieved when we got back to being a four piece."

Nick also talks of the future. With the forthcoming translations of his book, "Inside Out", into Czechoslovakian, Romanian and Bulgarian, he can forsee plenty of work around them.

He also reiterates a comment that he has made elsewhere, that he "really enjoyed writing and perhaps... will look to write something else."

More details of the magazine, including how to obtain it, can be found through Our thanks to TapeOp's Larry Crane, and also Todd Quade, for their help.