David Gilmour On An Island - packaging information
Written by Matt   
Monday, 06 February 2006

We posted a story recently which clarified the formats that David Gilmour's new album, On An Island, which hits the stores on March 6th in the UK and Europe, and March 7th in the US, would appear in. We spoke with David's management this afternoon, and details of the packaging have now been revealed.

On An Island cover
A number of retailers around the world are mentioning, and offering for sale alongside the 'standard' version, a 'Special Edition' of the 'On An Island' album. As we mentioned before, this isn't true as there is only going to be the 'standard' edition.

However, this does promise to actually be rather special in itself - better than many of the special editions that are released.

The packaging for the CD is designed like a book, with stiff card covers and 20 pages of full-colour lyrics, illustrations and photographs. The effect is topped off by an actual cloth spine, with silver foil lettering. This will be the packaging for every copy of the CD sold - so don't be tempted by the more expensive offerings out there... they simply don't exist.

The vinyl edition is a single LP, housed in a gatefold sleeve, designed, like the CD, by Steve Knee. Work on this is just being finished now, and the vinyl edition should be available around the same time, or shortly after, the CD arrives in the stores.

We suspect that a number of you have already placed an order for the limited edition double CD from the various retailers who are still offering this. We would suggest you cancel the order and get your orders in for the single disc editions, to ensure you are near the front of the queue for when they are despatched at the start of March!

If you wish to order the album from Amazon, for delivery upon release, you can do so through these special links: US/International, UK/Europe, Canada, France or Germany.

We know that a number of you will also want to buy the vinyl edition (or indeed, instead of the CD version!). Here's the links you need for this edition, which will be in a specially designed gatefold sleeve: Amazon UK, France, or Germany.