Nick Mason's Apocalypse Jukebox detailed
Written by Matt   
Sunday, 12 February 2006

We know a number of you are avid collectors of Pink Floyd "paper goods", with magazines high on your agenda. The new issue (March 2006) of the UK's Q Magazine will be one for you to track down, as it has a few bits of interest in the issue.

Q Magazine
Q Magazine, March 2006
The prime item is Nick Mason, interviewed for their "Apocalypse Jukebox" feature. This lists the final ten songs that the artist would want to hear before the big bang happens.

Nick's selections here, all with his reasoning behind his choices, are typically interesting, and range from Cream, Robert Wyatt and Jimi Hendrix, through to jazz stars Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk and Art Blakey, and even Stravinsky's "Rite Of Spring".

His final selection is none other than... the sound of the BRM V16 engine!

Elsewhere in the issue, David Gilmour's new album "On An Island" is mentioned, alongside two small (and new) shots of David.

Also, DSOTM is number one within the category "Heart Of Darkness" in a Q promotional piece for the Audi RS4 car.

And finally, to tie in with the issue's look at the punk explosion of 1976, there is an "A - Z of 1976" which includes DSOTM (again), alongside Animals, in the "P is for Prog" section.

The magazine is on UK store shelves now, and is available in many countries as an import. Our thanks to Kevan Porter for his help bringing this story to you.