PULSE CD - 2006 reissue details
Written by Matt   
Wednesday, 23 August 2006
Last week saw EMI reissue Pink Floyd's 1995 PULSE double CD in Europe, and we have had a number of emails asking if there is any difference between this and the original version.

pulse06fThe differences on this new edition appear to be purely cosmetic. The 2006 version uses a standard modern double jewel case CD box instead of the lavish booklet/slipcase version we are used to (original copies of which featured a flashing red LED on the spine... until the battery ran out, that is).

The new edition comes with a 20 page booklet in the jewel case, and this booklet features a new layout with a few minor text edits. The tracklisting is now shown on both CDs, and there is a new eye design inside the "O" of Pink Floyd on the spine. For those interested in differing editions, the catalogue number of this new edition is 724349143623.

pulse06bThere are NO reports of any audible differences between the editions, however, the price of the double CD seems to be pegged at a very low level - below the standard price of a new release (at Amazon, anyway). With the track listing different to the recently released DVD (the CD includes Astronomy Domine which - going by our mailbox - was the number one thing that fans wanted to see on the DVD, but which didn't appear), this new edition should prove popular.

It can be ordered through the following special links: Amazon UK/Europe, France, or Germany. For those outside these countries, these branches of Amazon DO ship CDs to anywhere in the world. Also, please remember that any item bought through our links to Amazon (not just Floyd items) helps with the running costs of the site, and we really appreciate it.

Our thanks to Rob Deighton for his thorough help with this story.

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