David Gilmour - On An Island BBC concert this weekend
Written by Matt   
Tuesday, 07 March 2006

Last night saw the recording of David Gilmour's very special, exclusive concert for the BBC, at London's Mermaid Theatre.

In front of an audience of competition winners, and a handful of David's family and friends, a full house had the pleasure of seeing a wonderful performance - which everyone will have a chance to hear on Saturday, with highlights of the show viewable online and on BBC Interactive TV.

Radio 2 concerts
David played a well-balanced set, combining tracks from his new album "On An Island", with a selection of Pink Floyd classics. We have no intention, though, of spoiling any surprises in terms of the set; you'll have to wait until Saturday! Suffice it to say, you will NOT want to miss the broadcast...!

The performances were superb - the touring band seemed tight and well-rehearsed, and worked well together.

A nice, subtle touch was Guy Pratt's t-shirt, with its "Didn't They Do Well?" message - many older fans will recall David having a t-shirt with the same slogan in the early 1970s!

To hear and see the concert on Saturday, this is what you need to do. BBC Radio 2 can be heard in a number of ways. Those in the UK and Europe can receive the station via FM or DAB radios, or via satellite, cable and freeview TV systems. However, listeners worldwide can tune in via the excellent Listen Live/Listen Again facilities at www.BBC.co.uk/radio2.

An hour-long audio recording of the concert will air at 8:30pm GMT on Radio 2. Once that has finished, you will then be able to WATCH highlights of the concerts!

Utilising the power of their interactive service, those with access to BBCi on their digital TV services, will be able to see 30 minutes of the concert by pushing their red button on their remote between March 11th and 14th. Broadband users will also be able to watch a 60-minute edit of the concert via the Radio 2 website. This is Radio 2's first interactive TV production.


Last night (Wednesday) saw the broadcast on Johnnie Walker's Drivetime show on BBC Radio 2, of one of the performances from the evening - the title track of the album, On An Island. Thanks to the Listen Again facility (details above), you can listen to this now. You need to select Johnnie's show for Wednesday, and then fast forward through to around 40-45 minutes into the show... enjoy!