Roger Waters changes Israeli concert venue
Written by Matt   
Sunday, 16 April 2006

Responding to Palestinian criticism over the choice of venue for his upcoming Israel concert, former Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters has announced that the location of the concert on June 22nd has moved from Hayarkon Park in Tel Aviv, to the grounds of Latrun Monastery, in Neve Shalom.

latrun Monastery
Latrun Monastery
Neve Shalom is on the road between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, and is a village of Israeli-Palestinian co-existence. It will be the first concert to be held in the village. Roger stated that he decided to move the show, in order to show solidarity with the voices of reason of Israelis and Palestinians seeking a non-violent way for a just peace between the two peoples.

Roger has been an outspoken critic of the massive wall that crosses Israel's West Bank, and commented that whilst he remains firm in his opposition to the barrier, he will not penalise Israeli fans with a boycott of the area.

Ticket sales for the concert in its original location have been very strong, with a reported 35,000 having been sold. Refunds have been offered to those who do not wish to see the show in the new location, and special buses and trains will be laid on from Tel Aviv for those who need them.

In the press release for the revised concert plans, Roger also quoted a new poem (or indeed, maybe song lyrics) that he felt appropriate for the occasion. "A few weeks ago I watched again Martin Scorsese's film which documented the last concert by The Band and I was inspired to write a few words I see fitting:

    The Last Waltz
    I just want that thing
    When voices join in harmony
    And in that fleeting moment,
    Meaning coalesces on the ear,
    All dark, dissolving, clouds the alleyways no more
    And fresh bread scent of home pervades the air
    No sandal soles
    In dust of broken homes
    Nor callused toes peep bloody from the garment hem,
    And all the big parades
    And shock and awe
    And swagger on the carrier decks and medals
    Jangle helpless in the face of what is fair
    I just want that thing
    When friends draw in, some living some begone,
    Some brittle, none forgotten
    All beloved everyone.
    Then dash the glass into the fire
    Then well up unashamed my heart
    Beyond the reach of fear
    Of faith, blind, bigoted and drear
    And then across the great divide
    Rise men and women unafraid
    To dash in loss their bracelets at the wall,
    And hearing them
    Hope holds me in its thrall.
    I just want that thing
    When empathy prevails
    When man evolves beyond the crass
    And reason comes of age
    When dogma, cant, and witchcraft
    All are banished to the past
    When voices join in harmony at last.
© Roger Waters Music Ltd.

Our thanks to Uri Breitman, Martin, Roy Gilgun and Yoni for their help in bringing you this information.