David Gilmour - special session on XM radio
Written by Matt   
Saturday, 03 June 2006

Back in April, we brought you news of a special recording session undertaken by David Gilmour whilst he was touring the US. The session was for XM Radio's Artist Confidential series, in front of just 30 people - friends, family and a handful of incredibly lucky fans (who must've thought they'd won a Wonka Golden Ticket!).

Sony Studios - Studio Z
Sony Studios - Studio Z
One of those fans present at Sony's Studio Z was a Brain Damage regular, and thanks to him, we've got a full report of what transpired, in the 2006 tour zone. A very special evening, and one that others will be able to enjoy from tomorrow, when it is first broadcast.

Here's where and when you can catch the show:

  • Monday, June 5th at 6pm - on Deep Tracks, XM channel 40
  • Wednesday, June 7th at 9am - on Fine Tuning, XM channel 76
  • Friday, June 9th at 2pm - on Deep Tracks, XM channel 40
  • Saturday, June 10th at 3pm - on The Loft, XM channel 50
  • Sunday, June 11th at 3am - on XM Cafe, XM channel 45

If you are not in the US, or not a subscriber to XM Radio, fear not - you can still listen in, once the show is scheduled! You will need to go to XMRadio.com where you will be able to sign up for a free, three-day trial to listen via their website. XM satellite radio programming can also be heard by subscribers to DirecTV.

Finally, the newest version of WinAmp comes with "AOL Radio with XM". Once Winamp 5.1 is installed, open up the Media Library, and start listening to XM. For your free player, go to Winamp.com.