Roger Waters in Israel - radio broadcast update
Written by Matt   
Monday, 19 June 2006

Back on June 16th we brought you the news that the historic concert Roger Waters is holding on Thursday will be broadcast worldwide by local Israeli radio stations, bringing his live performance of Pink Floyd's classic Dark Side of the Moon album to fans across the planet.

Concert ad
Arabic version of concert poster
thanks to Neve Shalom
The show is being held at Neve Shalom at the foot of the Latrun monastery, on the road between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. It is a village of Israeli-Palestinian co-existence.

As we reported, the show is being broadcast live on local radio. It will be aired on 88FM and also Reshet Bet, which is part of the Israeli Broadcasting Authority. Both stations have internet streams, and both stations implied that they would be airing the show on these streams.

However, we heard last night from Neve Shalom's public relations, who told us that the show would NOT be aired via the internet streams, as if either station did this, it would break the conditions of the contract they have with Neve Shalom for the concert.

The contract allows them only to air the show on local airwaves.

However... it is not inconcievable that one or both of these stations might experience technical difficulties and accidentally put the concert on their stream, or indeed might "forget" to turn it off! Worth tuning in just in case, is our advice!

Our thanks to Howard at Neve Shalom for the update.