New Wall book - don't miss out!
Written by Matt   
Monday, 16 October 2006

Since our news story and review, posted on August 17th, word has been spreading about the recently published book by respected historians Vernon Fitch and Richard Mahon. 'Comfortably Numb - A History of “The Wall”, 1978-1981', published on July 25th, is a beautifully illustrated yet richly detailed hardback tome that concerns itself solely with that album.

Comfortably Numb coverResearch for the book was done over the last ten years, and part of this involved approaching all those involved in the album and live show - from the band themselves, to designers, to sound engineers. Apart from rich textual detail, many of these people have also contributed their own, previously unseen pictures, and these are included within the pages. In total there are over 400 pictures in the book.

"Comfortably Numb" contains a staggering level of detail - with no stone (or should I say, brick?) unturned; the book has every detail you could potentially wish for, and plenty more besides.

As we know so many of you would greatly enjoy this book, we wouldn't want you to miss out. So, we contacted Vernon to find out how sales were going. Helped in part by our review, sales are strong with this book, and as word gets around from those who have received the book, available copies are diminishing. Vernon also tells us that reviews of the book will also be appearing in a number of key national and international publications.

As there are just 5000 copies of the book, each hand numbered and signed by the authors, and with a donation from the sale of each going to Amnesty International, the authors advise any BD readers who want to secure their copy to act quicky. This is particularly important if you want to make sure of receiving your copy in time to give it as a Christmas gift, and you are outside the US. And, just to remind you, it is not available in bookshops or elsewhere online.

More information on the book, with example pages, can be found at where you can also place your orders for this incredible book.

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