Pink Floyd - Philadelphia 1968 and 1970

Recollections of their live appearances by George Manney

Our thanks to Geo (producer, archivist, composer & musician) for sharing these with Brain Damage; we recommend you check out his website at Over the years George has archived most of his posters, photos, illustrations, and recorded music representing the Philly Underground Scene. Amongst other things, you will find on the Archives page many ticket stubs, hand bills, pictures, posters & related items from The Beatles to The Nazz, and exclusive interviews with the likes of Bill Wyman and Sir George Martin.

1968 British Invasion show at JFK Stadium:

1968 British Invasion Show at JFK Stadium, including Pink FloydOn the bill for this show held at the JFK Stadium in Philadelphia, held on July 24th, was The Who, Pink Floyd (a late addition so not showing on the tickets), The Troggs, and Procol Harum. All for a princely sum of $1!

Geo recalls: "As Pink Floyd fought the rain that night, George Carnell & I went backstage, and saw [Pete] Townshend & [Roger] Daltry get into a fight - there's a photo of Townshend on The Who archive page...

"Then [Keith] Moon came in with a young girl and proceeded to throw her to the ground, and tear her clothes off. Just as this was starting, both George & I were thrown out of the dressing room by a bald headed road manager.

"Note: Syd Barrett was touring with the Floyd but not playing. He stood to the side of the stage as Dave Gilmour was playing guitar. Later that night we got to talk to Pink Floyd with Barrett on WMMR [Radio] live..."

Electric Factory, Philadelphia, 26th September 1970:

1970 Pink Floyd at Electric Factory -- Click on the picture to launch a larger, higher quality version in a new window...

Geo took this rare photo of Pink Floyd, during Careful With That Axe Eugene, at the Electric Factory, Philadelphia on September 26th, 1970. He also recorded the show on tape.

Geo recalls: "It was at this show that Rick Wright used a joystick to send footsteps & other effects around the Factory with a new Pink Floyd Quad PA system."

All images © 2003 George Manney, and used with permission.