Hipgnosis Studio: Pink Floyd And Beyond opens tonight in Italy
Written by Matt   
Tuesday, 25 July 2023

New exhibition in Italy - Hipgnosis Studio: Pink Floyd And BeyondOpening this evening at the Palazzo Mezzacapo, in Maiori, Salerno, Italy, is a new exhibition - Hipgnosis Studio: Pink Floyd And Beyond.

The exhibition runs until 27th August celebrating the 50th anniversary of The Dark Side Of The Moon. On display will be 55 large-format works, from the band's most iconic covers to their preparatory works and out-takes, and will tell the story of the collaboration between the Hipgnosis design studio and Pink Floyd.

In an interview for the opening of the exhibition, Aubrey 'Po' Powell said: "I met Pink Floyd at Abbey Road studios to listen to the recordings of the new album and talk about the cover. The keyboardist, Richard Wright, asked us not to do one of our usual surrealist works, but something simpler. A week later, while reading an American physics magazine, Storm noticed a prism which, when struck by a beam of light, created a rainbow. It’s perfect, he said. We didn’t have computers and software, so I took some crayons and made a drawing. When we showed it to Pink Floyd they chose it straight away".

Po, who is a designer, photographer and director, but above all co-founder with Storm Thorgerson of Hipgnosis, said that the exhibition in Maiori gave "an emotional contrast between the Baroque palace and my works. I would never have thought that half a century later that prism would have been an icon: on the street you see people wearing t-shirts with that logo, it’s the first thing that struck me even when I arrived in Naples. Of course the fact that Pink Floyd sold 50 million copies of that album didn't hurt."

The exhibition is open from Monday to Friday between 6pm - 9pm, and on Saturday and Sunday from 7.30pm - 11.30pm. For more information and booking, contact This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or +39 389 47 70 914 (WhatsApp).