Jokers Wild (with David Gilmour) tracks appear on Spotify
Written by Matt   
Saturday, 20 May 2023

An unusual pair of items have appeared today on Spotify and also Deezer (and maybe other streaming services too) - a pair of tracks from David Gilmour's early band Jokers Wild. You Don't Know Like I Know was one of a pair of songs, with That's How Strong My Love Is, that were recorded at Decca Studios in Hampstead in November 1965, and were produced by David and Dave Altham.

These two recordings are separate from the five track album (and 7" single) recorded shortly before, at Regent Sounds Studio in Denmark Street - that consisted of Why Do Fools Fall In Love?, Walk Like A Man, Don't Ask Me What I Say, Big Girls Don't Cry and Beautiful Delilah. All those tracks are fairly easy to find in various places, although originals (50 were pressed) are extremely scarce and pricey.

Here's both of the newly unearthed recordings:


We're not sure why there's so much blank space around each of the song players...which might only be on selected browsers anyway...