The Dark Side Of The Moon 50th Anniversary lights up New York
Written by Matt   
Friday, 24 March 2023

Happy release day!

As you are probably aware, today sees the release of Pink Floyd's The Dark Side Of The Moon 50th Anniversary deluxe box set, official book, and Live At Wembley 1974 standalone CD and vinyl and there's been plenty of coverage all over, celebrating this remarkable anniversary.

Some places have done special things to mark the 50th - Milan have recreated the iconic cover in Duomo Square, using carefully arranged lights to render the colours coming out of the prism. We'll hopefully have pictures of that shortly. Over in New York City, the Empire State Building have paid their own tribute, including the prism spectrum in their mast from sunset, which should be visible across Manhattan, and further afield, via their webcam. Here's a drone's eye look at it:

We hope those of you who have already bought items from the 50th Anniversary range - the box set, book, standalone items or even merchandise - are pleased with what you have, and we'd love to hear your thoughts on what has arrived today!