Roger Waters talks about new re-recording of The Dark Side Of The Moon
Written by Matt   
Thursday, 09 February 2023

Pink Floyd - The Dark Side Of The MoonOn the same day that saw Roger Waters speaking to the United Nations on the invitation of Russia, Waters has also revealed details of a full re-recording he has done of The Dark Side Of The Moon, seemingly without the knowledge of Pink Floyd.

The re-recording, which he hopes will now be released in May (delayed from March), potentially due to be launched with a special concert, is revealed in a lengthy piece in the UK's Daily Telegraph (please note: full article potentially behind a paywall).

In the interview, Waters talks about subjects such as Russia, and Ukraine, and his ex-band, before allowing the reporter to listen to his re-recording in its entirety.

Waters notes that he has re-recorded the album as "not enough people recognised what it's about, what it was I was saying then." The interviewer notes that - to their ears - some of the new album is very good, with Breathe given a 'slow, acoustic groove' and Money being 'country-tinged [and] could be a late Johnny Cash cut'. He does note that: 'But, surprisingly, Waters seems to have decided that what was wrong with the original album’s beautiful instrumental tracks was that they didn’t have Waters talking all over them. Now they do.'

Once more confirmed details emerge of this recording, we will let you know. The full Daily Telegraph article can be found here.